How To Express Love To Someone You Love: [Top 24 Ways]

If you’ve ever wondered how to express love to someone you love, this article is for you.

Are you in a relationship where you noticed you two are drifting apart? Have a difficult time? Or just want to improve what you have?

I noticed that showing your love to your partner without expecting a response right away will greatly improve the relationship and your partner will surly notice the gestures sooner rather than later.

Thus building a much more powerful relationship.

How To Express Love To Someone You Love

1: Give Your Partner a Few Compliments

Giving your special someone sincere compliments shows that you notice their efforts and strengths.

They may have gone through the entire day or week without being complimented so it is important to show them that they still impress you.

Your romantic partner wants to impress you when they have the chance to do so. As a good wife or girlfriend, you have to appreciate their efforts.

However, be careful in choosing your words.

You may mean no harm, but they may interpret it the other way around and be insulted instead. Men are more sensitive to words that will hurt their male ego.

2: Try New Things Together

Emotional bond between two people, regardless of gender, occurs through shared experiences that involve intense, positive emotions.

That is how people make good friendships. In your relationship, you can show your love by trying new things together.

This does not just mean eating in an exciting new restaurant, although it counts as one. You need to show that you’re not willing to get stuck in a boring, monotonous routine.

Doing something adventurous with your romantic partner displays that you consider them as your first choice if you want to have fun.

If you two are busy professionals, you can always find time in a week to do something adventurous together.

It can be as simple as checking out a museum of weird things, hiking or cycling. Do you like to do something adventurous with someone you’re emotionally distant?

Trying something new with your partner shows that you’re not emotionally distant from them.

3: Be Romantic

Being romantic seems like an obvious part of a relationship, but believe it or not most couples fail to be romantic once they are a few months deep into their relationship.

It is a sad fact that drives “committed” men and women to cheat in order to feel appreciated or loved again.

Many couples are also busy with their careers so it can be hard to squeeze a romantic time into their schedules.

But is your busy schedule really worth losing your partner to other people who are starting to appreciate your partner more than you do?

If not, do a few romantic gestures.

How did you feel when you and your romantic partner first started dating?

Recall the feeling of infatuation and imagine how you always tried to look your best. Have a candle light dinner as a surprise. If your partner loves you, they will appreciate it.

4: Basic Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and kisses are the best way to show your love to your romantic partner every day.

You’re free to kiss and hug them whenever they’re around. Kiss and hug your partner before they go to bed and before they leave for work.

Greet them good morning and good night everyday and seal your greetings with a kiss and a hug.

Unlike compliments, hugs and kisses can never be misinterpreted because they are universal expressions of affection.

Whether you’re at home or on the streets, you can always sneak a kiss for your special someone.

If you romantic partner is not comfortable with public display of affection, you can simply hold hands.

You can also wrap your hands across their waist to show affection even more. When you’re at home, never fail to hug and kiss them.

5: Surprise, Surprise!

Earlier, it was mentioned that giving your romantic partner surprise presents from time to time is a healthy way to show your love.

Showing your romantic partner random surprise should not end in random presents. You can make a surprise breakfast in bed for them with their favorite breakfast.

You could also trail Post It’s with short notes leading to a final surprise.

This could lead to a sultry bath with candle lights and champagne or a romantic candle light dinner with music.

It would only be a pleasant surprise if you know what they want. Of the many months you’ve been together, remembering what they want shows that you pay attention to them.

Maybe you’ve noticed them stopping by at the grocery to pick up their comfort food (ice cream, chocolate bar, etc).

Whatever your surprise is, it should be something you know they’d like.

6: Make Their Life a Bit Easier

Nobody wants to see their loved one having a hard time.

Likewise, you don’t want to see your romantic partner going through his day with a lot of difficulty, especially if they are the breadwinner.

Show your love to them by offering your help.

You don’t have to volunteer about something you’re not really knowledgeable about, like for example, offering to fix their car or do some serious work-related help.

But you can help them by offering what you’re good at, but this does not mean doing everything for them.

It can be simple things like laying out their clothes for work tomorrow or sorting the mail.

If both of you have your own busy careers, then it’s just fair that he or she would also do something to make your life a little bit easier.

Your partner can offer a help in the kitchen, wash the dishes, do the laundry so you can relax a little bit.

7: Learn to Cook for Them

There is probably no person in the planet who does not love a good meal cooked by his wife or girlfriend.

The saying goes that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; this won’t be a saying for no reason.

Most people cook something special only on certain occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Why not cook something special for your romantic partner even if there is no occasion? You can either cook them a special breakfast or dinner.

They will love coming home to you after a very stressful day knowing that something special is prepared on the table.

To make it even more special, prepare desserts.

If you don’t have time to prepare a sumptuous dinner, you can opt to bake a cake instead or make some cookies.

8: Show Your Support

Most adults are under a lot of pressure to prove that they are worthy and successful.

Moreover, they don’t like appearing like a failure to you and of course, their parents. Plus there could be a silent competition among your partner’s siblings.

If they’re the eldest, they could even be in a lot deeper pressure to be successful.

If you’re more successful than them in your respective field or if you earn more than they do, their ego can be hurt a bit, especially if you’re with a man.

Show your love for your partner by supporting them in their endeavors and dreams. Someone who loves you will talk about their dreams with you because they are not afraid to open up.

Don’t betray their trust in you by belittling his dreams and goals.

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9: They Hate It? Don’t Force Them

It is OK for your partner to help you with something (chores, work load, etc.).

But to be honest, they like doing none of these things. They only do them for you. It’s also totally fine for you to help them even if you don’t really like doing those things.

However, if your romantic partner hates doing something, don’t force them to do it.

Don’t even think about blackmailing them to do it as a proof that he loves you. If they volunteer to do the a few tasks, why not?

But don’t shun of their efforts by saying “I can do it better.”

Guide them through it and they will slowly learn, although not as perfect as you do.

Teaching them how to do something can also serve as a bonding time for the two of you. Remember to thank them for making an effort and kiss them afterwards.

10: Try to Learn What They Love

You will be with your romantic partner for quite a long time, provided that both of you genuinely love each other.

With that said, it is impossible for the two of you not to be involved with each other’s hobbies and activities.

When you love someone, you will become curious about what they do.

In this case, it will be natural and even automatic for you to become curious about what your romantic partner loves.

A person who loves you truly would be flattered by your gesture of taking interest with what they love to do.

If your romantic partner is into sports, try to learn about their favorite team.

Ask them questions (just not during the game) such as what made him prefer that team. If they’re into arts and crafts, schedule a craft session together.

11: Be Crazy Together

Doing crazy things together brings back your youthful days.

Subconsciously, both you and your romantic partner have a silent but deep longing to be young again.

When men and women feel bored in their relationships, no matter how committed they appear to be, they will seek ways in order to feel refreshed and revived.

Cheating on a younger woman, for example, is part of a person’s way to find their youthful self back.

Once in a while, do something fun but harmless such as dedicating songs to each other on the radio, hide a love note in their luggage when they’re leaving for a business trip, have a t-shirt or pillow customized with your personalized message for them, go have a footspa, manicure and pedicure together, etc.

There are countless of new and crazy things to do for couples online so make sure to search for them.

12: Communicate Well

You have probably already learned that they are not great when decoding women’s verbal signals.

Women, on the other hand, tend to exaggerate something when it’s unclear to them.

A good communication is one of the building blocks of a good relationship. Without this, you cannot reach into each other.

Show your love to your romantic partner by honing good communication skills.

Sure, this step may not be so romantic, but it will help clear your relationship of any hidden resentment or problems.

This may be difficult but as much as possible, avoid the silent treatment (1).

If you don’t feel like talking to your partner, tell them you need a while to clear your thoughts and let your anger dissipate.

Talk about how their actions make you feel, not about what they should do.

13: Be Honest

There are good lies and bad lies.

In a romantic relationship, it’s important to keep everything true because sooner or later, the other party will uncover the lies, even if you reason that it’s for their own good.

Being honest may cause temporary pains and problems, but it will save you from feeling guilty.

As we all know, guilt becomes obvious through body language.

Another benefit of being honest to your romantic partner is that you would never have to memorize any lies therefore allowing you to be consistent with what you say to them.

If you dislike something they did, tell them honestly but thoughtfully.

In the end, suggest an alternative but leave the options open so they won’t feel being dictated.

14: Compromise Once in a While

You and your romantic partner are not carbon copies of each other; therefore there would be differences in your preferences, abilities and attitudes.

Show your love to your romantic partner by learning how to compromise once in a while.

However, your partner should pick up on your efforts and should also compromise for you, too, when you need it.

Compromising shows that you factor your romantic partner in your decisions.

When you’re deciding about something that doesn’t quite fit both of you, sit and discuss matters with them. List all the pros and cons of your options.

If you have children, factor them in your decision making as well. Both of you should compromise to show respect for one another.

Respect their female friends no matter how insecure they may make you feel.

15: Don’t Judge Their Friends

Your romantic partner chose their friends.

Judging them would hurt your partner’s feelings because in a way, they care for them, too.

They have a silent but deep bond with among their close peers. If you judge one of them, your partner may not only feel hurt but also dislike you gradually.

Don’t prohibit them to hang out with their friends. This will create an impression that you’re a suffocating, possessive girlfriend that won’t let him have any fun outside of your relationship.

Your time together is important.

Likewise, their time with their friends is important, too. Their friends are a source of companionship and network.

Don’t blatantly say anything negative about them.

Friendships that last for years are rare so let your partner have it.

16: Be Positive

There is something very attractive with positive people.

It’s as if they have a radiant, glowing aura around them. Positive people make other people feel hopeful about the future.

Simply put, positive people are not toxic to be with.

In a serious relationship, it is often inevitable to encounter serious problems especially if you’re married.

Avoid whining and nagging.

If your partner constantly hears you nagging and whining, they would assume that they are doing terrible in everything.

The two of you should be a team. Team members have a common goal and they don’t let each other down.

Smile as much as possible.

Show off your sense of humor (only when appropriate) to keep things light. Be a shoulder to lean on when your partner is feeling emotionally down.

17: Give Them Some Private Time

The quality of time spend together contributes to your bond as a couple.

The more time you have known each other before you started dating, the higher the chances your relationship is going to last.

However, your romantic partner will need some time for themselves occasionally.

They love you, but it does not mean that you have to be there every second of their lives. They would love to go home to you, but you don’t have to check on their whereabouts.

Give your partner some time for himself.

Let them play his favorite video games, watch his favorite movies and spend a night out with their friends. When they truly love you, cheating would meet their mind with disgust so don’t be alarmed.

Just have them inform you what time he’d be home for their own safety.

18: Be Considerate

There will be times in your relationship with your romantic partner that he would fail to please you.

There will also be times where they don’t feel like getting intimate and may want to be alone for a while.

This usually happens when they are facing problems at work.

Don’t press them to talk if they’re not yet ready. Just be there and prepare yourself emotionally.

In today’s unstable and almost unpredictable economy, it’s hard to say that one would be financially secured through employment.

Be considerate with your romantic partner if they’re having difficulties at work. If they have health problems, help them to find a cure instead of blaming them.

They look at you as someone they can trust so show your love to them by being considerate.

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19: Speak With Your Eyes

Words may convey meaning, but eyes express what your words might have missed.

Couples who have been together for several months have the habit of communicating to each other without looking into each other’s eyes.

They are so used to each other’s presence that they are starting to take it for granted.

When you first started dating, you may recall that you can’t stop looking at each other and your attention is always directed to him when they’re speaking and vice versa.

Show your love to your romantic partner by rekindling this kind of attention.

When you’re happy to see them, show your joy through your eyes and look at their eyes and smile.

When you’re feeling sensual, give a seductive look with your eyes. When they’re telling how their day went, look them in the eye and show your interest.

20: Touch Them Sincerely

Nothing indicates that you’re intimate more than physical touches.

Unlike kind words and compliments, touching them elicits their attention automatically because instinctively, people are conscious about their personal space for their protection.

The normal spacing between two casual people when talking to each other is usually 1.5 to 2 feet. Break this casual status by touching your partner.

According to David Givens, the director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington, “If seeing is believing, touching is knowing.”

The brain processes touching faster than words and as a result, your partner feels more comforted with light caresses than kind words. Adults are considered as “touch deprived.”

They would feel comforted when special loved one touches them, whether it is in the form of hugs and pats.

To show your love better, add physical touches.

21: Pamper Each Other

Adults nowadays are busier than ever.

Technology has also contributed with the decline of personal communication.

At the end of the day, this keeps most people feeling exhausted and even unloved. Show your love to your romantic partner by pampering him.

To make the experience better and more meaningful, let him pamper you, too.

People are drawn to something (or someone) that makes them feel comfortable and happy. If you make your partner feel happy, you’d be irresistible.

22: Treasure Your Memories Together

As sad as it sounds, nobody is promised tomorrow.

Yet, people go on with their lives as if they’re super sure that they’ll live for another year.

It may sound inappropriate but one day, you and your romantic partner will have to rest.

Show your love to your partner by treasuring the moments you had together.

Take lots of pictures (don’t post everything online), print them and craft them into scrap books or cards. You can even make a collage and frame a few of your favorite pictures.

Write the date at the back or in the corner.

Record family occasions on video.

Make personalized mementos (keychains, bracelets, pendants, etc) and keep it inside a special “memories box”.

Write down special dates (your first attempts together, etc).

On your anniversary or on Valentine’s, open this box and see how far you’ve come in your relationship.

23: Thank Them

People often forget to thank others when they become accustomed to them.

It is as if they are ought to do favors without being recognized.

As your partner’s special someone, you must show them appreciation more than anybody else (2).

Make it a habit in your romantic relationship to always thank each other.

If your romantic partner brought home dinner, thank them with a smile and a kiss. Show that you really appreciate it. If you two have children, set an example of being grateful.

Before going to sleep, write the things that you’re grateful for that day. This will help you feel more satisfied and fulfilled in your relationship.

If you want to get creative, you can make or buy a card and list the things you want to thank them for.

24: Say “I Love You”

Say “I love you” rather than “love ya.” There is a big difference between the two.

Omitting the personal pronoun “I” makes it sound insincere.

These three words should be special, so avoid saying them when you don’t really mean it.

If you have been together for several months or years now, you may find it unnecessary to tell your romantic partner that you love them.

Why should you when your efforts already “speak” that you love them? Ask yourself, are you really doing those out of love or routine?

They may not immediately interpret your efforts as love so it’s still important to tell them how much you love them.

Look into their eyes as you do so and then touch and kiss them. He should feel a deep connection to you as you do this.

Thank you for reading this article about how to express love to someone you love and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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