How To Make Woman Addicted To You: [New In-Depth Guide]

If you want to know how to make woman addicted to you, you’ll love this article.

The first thing to understand is that there is two very distinct phases when talking about relationships.

The attraction phase is obviously where you are just chatting to a woman that you find attractive and dating women. Then of course comes the relationship stage.

How To Make Woman Addicted To You

So firstly you need to meet a woman and get some chemistry going between the two of you, then the relationship stage follows on from this.

As long as everything goes well in the attraction stage of course. So, let’s start at the beginning. What is it that attracts women to certain men?

If you’re thinking its looks then you’re wrong. Women are far more attracted to personality than looks.

Of course being good looking helps when you first approach a woman but as soon as you open your mouth, she will be basing her opinion of you on your personality.

If you are confident and you make her laugh then she will like you even if you’re not the best looking guy in the world, or even the best looking guy in the room for that matter.

The reason women are more attracted to personalities than looks is because women thrive on emotion.

Men are logical and we have about 4 emotions (okay, maybe a few more) so we can find it hard to understand this.

Women love the feeling of emotions and if you can make them feel something, whether it’s happy because you’re making them laugh, inspired because you’re telling them about your creative talents or even sad because you’re telling them a sad story, they will respond to you and be interested in you.

This isn’t an instant process, you can’t just tell them a quick joke and have them be putty in your hands. You need to keep at it and gradually make them feel these emotions.

If you can get a whole range in then that’s even better. The more you talk to them and let your personality come through and make them feel something, the more interested they will become.

Imagine a women’s interest in you as a gauge instead of a switch that just suddenly flicks on.

I think this is a problem for a lot of guys, they will talk to a girl and she won’t seem overly keen and they will just give up on her.

Well actually it’s because the dial is still pretty low, you have to work on bringing that dial up and raising her interest levels. The first bit is the hard bit, but as that dial rises then it gets easier and easier.

So by walking up to a girl and just giving up within 2 minutes before moving onto the next one, you’re actually doing the hardest part over and over again.

Obviously if a girl tells you flat out that she isn’t interested or you find out that she’s incredibly boring then by all means, move on to the next girl that you find attractive and talk to her.

But if this is something that you do often, try not to give up so easily in future.

So, we need to get that gauge rising by making her feel emotions and feeding off of your personality.

Now the ideal way to do this is not just to tell her a load of jokes so she’s constantly feeling happy the whole time, nor should you tell her a load of sob stories and make her feel bummed out for the duration of your conversation.

What you should be doing is both, mix it up.

Women love to feel like they’re on an emotional roller coaster, with highs and lows. If you make your conversation lead from some jokes and making her laugh into, “no but on a serious note” and then you tell her about how you volunteer at an animal shelter before going back to more jokes, she will be enthralled in your conversation.

You can even say offensive things to women and have them respond positively. This is actually pretty common.

Even being offended will provoke emotions. It’s best to do this in a joking kind of way so she doesn’t take it too seriously.

Unless you’re going for the super confident cocky image of course, which also works because it provokes emotions like anger and frustration mixed with happiness at the humor of the situation.

So you see, it’s all about emotional responses. Looks can’t compare to that.

In fact, if a girls is getting hit on by a really good looking guy who is boring her to death and a really average looking guy comes up to her and gives her this great conversation where she’s feeling all kinds of emotions, she’s obviously going to choose the interesting guy to talk to.

Getting Her on Board

Ok bit of a weird sub-headline name but it’s appropriate.

A good way to think about men and women is that women who are single are waiting at a dock and men are the ships. Most of these women at the docks would prefer to be off on a voyage somewhere.

Thing is, these women have so many ships to pick from and they’re all offering different things.

All of the ships look different but they aren’t just going to get on a random ship because it looks nice, they want to know where you’re going and get some information on the journey before they board.

They are going to be looking for adventure and excitement. If you just plan on sailing her down the coast a bit and into a dark cave then dropping her back off at the dock then that isn’t going to be very appealing no matter how nice looking the ship is.

Then again a lot of women aren’t going to want to be on some smelly old trawler that hasn’t been cleaned in a while either, even if it’s going on the most exciting voyage in the world.

So clean up the ship best you can, make it nice and presentable (have a wash). Then offer them the voyage of a lifetime.

Women like ships that are exciting, spontaneous and even a little bit dangerous and risky. They also want to know that the ship will guide them and anchor them in rough seas.

Of course it’s all very well being able to offer this, but you have to pitch the voyage to her and get her to want to board.

She’s getting pitched to all the time by guys who want to trick her into getting on their ship so they can take her back to their cave for the evening.

This makes your job a lot harder unfortunately. She may have been tricked into boarding one of these ships in the past and now she is weary and untrusting about getting on board a ship again, although she does still want to.

So when you meet a woman that you want to take on your voyage with you, you need to pitch to her impeccably well.

You need to make her feel like by choosing your ship she will be going on the greatest adventure of her life.

You do this by making her experience some of the emotions you will be giving her on the voyage to give her a preview of things to come.

If you go up to a girl and just say, “Hi, I’m Peter. I write blog and I watch football” etc. She’s going to be bored.

If you talk to women like that then you’re thinking about things on the logical level, whereas women tune in to the emotional level of a conversation.

You need to get on the emotional level too, so say things that will evoke an emotional response from her, not just the boring, “Where do you work? Where do you live?” questions.

If you’re telling a girl about how you went to college or university and got a degree, you have a good job, you have a nice car etc. then on a logical level you could definitely be presenting yourself as a great guy who has his life together.

Which is all well and good, women will still see that as a good thing. But is good really good enough? Not if you want her to see you as being something special.

She’s a girl, she doesn’t want a boring every day guy. She want’s excitement and romance, someone who can show her new things and sweep her off her feet.

The emotional level of a conversation about how you have your life organized with your steady job is pretty much the equivalent of a flat line.

This is why those guys who go in with some crazy, arrogant, funny or even slighting insulting line that will push her buttons and spark her interest will always do better than the typical guy who goes in asking if they can buy them a drink.

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The Voyage

Once you have a girl interested in you and she has chosen your ship out of all the others because of the promise of excitement and something different, don’t do what all of the other guys do and let her down.

There’s three main types of guy, guy number one will promise her the world and tell her how beautiful she is before sailing her straight into his man cave and dropping her off again the next morning.

Guy number two will be honestly meaning to live up to his promises but then once he has her on his ship for a while, he starts to get bored and can’t really be bothered anymore. Both of these guys will lose girls continuously.

To get a woman to become completely addicted to you, you need to be guy number three. You need to make good on the promise of excitement and adventure.

I’m not saying you need to travel round the world with her non-stop, but you should be keeping her on her toes.

Plan fun spontaneous dates every now and again (1). You should challenge her to do things she has never done before and take her to places she’s never been. It’s all about the new experiences.

Women love this stuff. If you can give her that bit of extra effort and do those things that most guys don’t do then you will be her knight in shining armor compared to the other guys she has dated.

This means she is not going to want to risk losing you and she will be much happier and be a better girlfriend to you as a result.

Now, a very important part of the voyage is taking her below deck to the captains quarters if you catch my drift.

This is something I will never fail to mention when talking about relationships because it’s so vital to keeping a woman happy and getting her completely addicted to you.

To keep a woman around for the long haul guaranteed, other than keeping her interested you need to also give her amazing sex. It all leads back to the same point, emotions.

Women can experience super strong emotions easily during sex, this is far more powerful than you might think. This can be where they form a really deep emotional connection, which is the essence of love.

To be amazing in bed, it’s really not that hard. I think people put too much emphasis on techniques and doing crazy positions.

I’m not saying that stuff doesn’t help because anything that spices things up when you have been with someone a while is helpful but, all you really need to do if you want to be incredible in the bedroom is to be considerate.

I say this because a lot of guys will just want to get in there and have their fun before going to sleep. These same guys then wonder why their girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex with them all the time.

Unfortunately for us, women take longer to get in the zone and generally require sex to last for a decent amount of time before they really get large amounts of pleasure from it.

Whereas with men, we can see a girl in underwear and be ready to get started in seconds. It would be great if women were like this too but it’s just not how it works, so be considerate and remember that it’s not just about what you want.

You should also remember that just because you’re in a relationship with a woman, that doesn’t mean she owes you sex or has to give it to you.

A lot of women will give men sex even if they’re not really feeling it just to please the man and keep him happy.

But do you really want to be having sex with someone just because they feel like they should? Or do you want them to crave you and want you?

If you give a woman consideration and make sure she is satisfied before you finish up yourself, not only will she feel super lucky to have a guy like you but she will also be far more enthusiastic in future if you catch my drift. So it’s definitely worth it.

So that’s too low to begin with but the main problem is that they don’t seem sure or to even really care that much about it.

Which is absolutely ridiculous! If they don’t even know, considering the fact that they are probably exaggerating to make themselves sound better in bed, we can safely say that it’s probably one at most.

I used to have situations where I would sleep with a woman and she wouldn’t seem too bothered about having sex with me again.

I would think to myself, well maybe she was just super horny that one time, or she was kind of drunk so that’s probably why she wanted to do it and doesn’t want to again.

Well neither of those things should matter.

If you have had sex with a woman once and she then isn’t bothered about doing it again and again, then you’re not doing it right.

Once you have had sex with a girl you want her coming back for more every single time, even if you don’t want to sleep with her again, you want her coming back so you know that you’re doing it right at least.

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Have Your Own Life

So you have charmed her, you’re showing her a good time by both taking her places and in the bedroom.

There’s one more major factor that is vital to making women crave you. You need to have your own life.

Women absolutely hate it when men are needy and reliant on them. You need to be your own man and have things going on in your life that she isn’t a part of. Especially if that thing is your job or profession.

This is because women like to see their man being strong and sure of himself, being the man and doing well for himself in whatever it is he does.

This makes them feel like you are someone who they can rely on and is dependable. After all, if you can’t get your own life in order properly, how are they supposed to trust you to be an influence in theirs?

If you rely too heavily on your girlfriend to help you out she will start to see you as being a bit of a loser to put it bluntly.

If she is lending you money, or if she is telling you how to do your job better than you can do it then you need to buck your ideas up fast because she will start to see you as being a failure.

This process will make you seem like less of a real man in her eyes and she will lose faith in you. It’s ok to have her help out once in a while however.

For example, I used to have a physical product business and I had hundreds of items to post, my girlfriend at the time would help me pack the items.

This kind of thing is fine and she actually found it exciting seeing all of these products I was selling, because it made her feel like I was doing something worthwhile and being successful.

However, I started letting her into the business and things took a turn for the worse in our relationship because of it.

I needed a photographer and models for some of the items I was selling. As sales rose she started to think she was responsible because she sourced the models and did the photography for me.

So she was seeing herself as basically doing a large part of my job for me and without her I wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

This really caused a lot of tension and she started to say things during arguments like, “get a real job” and, “without me you wouldn’t even have a business”. When before she got involved I was doing just fine without her.

This is just one example, but things like this happen all the time. It’s a very slippery slope. You need to keep some part of your life, especially your professional life separate and be successful at something so that she can see you’re not dependent on her.

We are living in a strange time where women still hold on to the notions of the man being the primary bread winner and if they’re not then they’re not a real man. But then women also want to work and earn the same wages as men.

This makes it difficult for us to keep our masculinity completely intact sometimes. But even if you aren’t earning as much, it doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you are passionate about what you do.

Women love men who show passion (2). I had an ex who loved it when I watched football because I got so passionate about it, I should have kept hold of her I know! But the point is, if you’re super passionate about your work then women love that.

Or even if you hate your job and are just doing it for money, having a hobby you are really passionate about will be another aspect of your life that you care about that doesn’t involve her.

Really you need to just show her that everything you do isn’t dependent on her and you are still your own man. It’s really about having a sense of direction that isn’t changed through her being in your life.

They want to be proud of us for doing things of our own, they want to see our achievements and respect us for them. If they don’t respect you then you have a real problem on your hands.

The number one way to lose a woman’s respect is to make her the center of your life. They absolutely hate it, which is funny because most women claim to love having all of your attention.

But don’t believe it. They may like it for a day or even months, but they will grow tired of it eventually and end up thinking you’re weak and reliant on them.

So, a sense of direction in something that you are passionate about will make her trust and rely on you.

Whether she admits it or not, she wants to let you take care of things for her and she wants to know that you could look after her if things went wrong in her life.

If you don’t give her this and you rely on her, you will be making her the man in the relationship. I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT make her the man in the relationship.

If you let her make all of the decisions, or plan dates and generally be a bit of a wet blanket around her, you’re going to lose her.

The same thing goes with if you’re always asking to see her and being needy. This is a sure fire way to put a woman off you and make her lose respect for you.

Women like to ask us to give them attention and to see them a lot, but if we actually do what they ask we will be putting them off us.

So it can be hard, but if you have been seeing her a lot and she’s asking to see you, you have to say no once in a while and make her realize that she’s not the only thing in your life.

That way she will see that you’re independent and not reliant on her.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about ow to make woman addicted to you. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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