How To Be Organized In Life: 10 Hacks To Organize Your Life In 7 Days

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to be organized in life.

Organized people are never born like that but they have to cultivate the healthy habits which help them a lot in staying organized. Below you will find the essential habits which they are using for keeping their lives in organized order:

How To Be Organized In Life:

1. Write down Things

We all have that one person in our life who knows everything about you either our birthday or the cards which we have sent on holiday. It is not a magic and doesn’t require any memorization too. Remembering the things is not call as an organized but you should have to write down all the work to do and then you should try.

Writing a paper with the pen externally is very important. Now a day you can write everything on your computer and the smartphone. You will be complicating your life if you try to remember all the important dates in your head and try to add reminders for them.

And it is not a feasible solution also. Everything you need to write it down like shopping lists, groceries, home décor, holiday gifts and many important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and the meetings.

Try to write the people name in short when your meetings are over with them. It is sure that you will remember a lot when you start writing the things.

2. Scheduled for achieving the Deadlines

These people are not wasting any of the time. They are fully recognizing the things that keeping all the things in hand will make you more and more productive. They are making the full schedule of the day and then for a week. They are also making the deadlines and are setting up the goals.

And the most important thing about them is that they stick very well to all the plans. If you are living a cluttered life it is not possible to utilize your time fully and there you will not be able to achieve your deadlines and goals.

You can do the experiment by making a good bucket list and writing down the things which you want to achieve in your life. Finally, write down what actually you want to do for achieving them.

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3. Never procrastinate longer

The longer you wait; it will become more difficult to do it. If you want to be less stressful in your life and doesn’t want any demands on your life, then be organized as well as possible. Efforts which you are making in order to get the things done will help you in lifting yourself the weight for doing the
things later.

As an experiment just thinks about organizing the small things in your life. Write every important thing which you need should be getting done. If you are able to get it done immediately and right in the moment, then go and of course do it.

4. Everything is a home

If you are not having a home, then it is possible that you might just get lost. If you want to keep your life organized means keeping all of your things in a proper place. Organized people are always labelling the things and then store it in a proper storage place. The storage location is also written down.

The easy to access storage space can be used for the things which you are requiring all day long. Never allow cluttered in the storage spaces. Always be creative in finding different places. Never label any storage space as a ‘miscellaneous’.

You have to choose one place for sure in which you can reorganize the things. All the scattered items should be grouped well together. Once you have sorted everything then find a home and label them ‘homes’ and put all of them in a proper place. As an example, the pens and pencil should be kept at a place where it would be very easily accessible. The craft materials can be rarely used out of the sight.

5. Regularly Declutter

Take out a time every week for organizing the things. Highly organized people are finding a time every weekend to organize there all things. All the stuff need to be reorganized regularly and consistently. This thing is not going to declutter on their own.

Find out a proper time by looking at your schedule and then organize it.

6. Things should have kept only which is needed

As more stuff you have, there would be more clutter. People who are living an organized life they are keeping only the things which they are needed and the things which they really wanted. In fewer things also you can enjoy a lot and feel better. You will never need all of the things at once. Half of the things which your awns will always collect the dust.

Storage space issue is always we are facing. However big space you have it always be less. Instead of storing and renting a storage space for usually rare use it is always better to get rid of all the unrequired things.

Always write down the things which you actually in need. Then make a list of all the things which you are owning and exceed the ideal need list. Then start to reorganize soon.

7. Whereabouts of Discarded Items

Always do whatever for getting rid of the stuff. Less clutter means less stuff. Donate all the unwanted stuff to the needy. Sell on the eBay. Recycling center trip would also be worth. Start a sale for the unwanted things. Find a proper place for these things.

Choose one place in your house and purge all the unwanted things over there. Go through all the shelves, boxes and the drawers. Set aside the things which you not require. Pile up the things, and then go through all of them later and then discard them now. Find a proper way to kick that thing out of the house immediately.

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8. Bargains are not good

Replace some of the things which you do not need. And buy the new things only after a proper planning. Never give up on the false advertising.
Write down in a proper way what exactly you need and buy those items only.

9. Delegate Responsibilities

Organized life doesn’t mean to be overly filled with responsibilities. It is actually less stressful because things are getting very faster organized now.

10. Work Hard

When required put all the effort but never panic. As you have already organized the things then you always know that what and when to do. It requires a hard work and you have to stay calm and composed in this process.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to be organized in life. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you. You will really enjoy the organized life.

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