Created in 2017, Perfect24Hours discusses all things related to personal development. It also includes life hacks and self-development tips.

We focus on publishing tips that will increase your personal productivity, improve your interpersonal skills, and equip you with leadership skills, whether you manage a company or your own life.

On Perfect24Hours, you will find valuable guidance articles with interesting examples of how to use our strategies.

The Visionary

Hi, my name is Przemkas Mosky. I created this website in July 2017 as a place to share my strategies, ideas and tips for increasing personal productivity. I am a graduate of the NLP Coaching Institute and the Time Line Therapy Association.

I’m proud that the blog has been around for so many years.

As the creator of this blog, I have already published many articles, posted many strategies and life hacks that I first tested on myself. All the information is completely free and I will always be ready to help you with the problems you are looking for solutions to.