How To Talk To Women So That They Like You: 10 Successful Ways

If you’re looking for some strategies on how to talk to women, then you’ll love this article.

You will find that speaking to women is as easy as speaking to your guy friends. Even if you are an anxious person, your anxiety will lower if you follow the steps. I had a lot of trouble in this area myself. When I wanted to speak to women, I would get so nervous. I think most of my nervousness came from, not knowing what to say when I would approach a female.

How To Talk To Women:

#1. Before speaking to a female, clear your perverted or wicked intentions for engaging with her.

It’s not good to have intentions like this anyway. This will add to your nervousness, and make you hesitate a lot more. Most women have strong intuition. They can easily find out if you are trying to talk to them because of sex or some other type of manipulative reason. If you want to speak to women, speak to them just to have a fun conversation. In truth, some women, not all, want to be respected. They want people to be interested in their personality, not so much for their sexual organs.

#2. Don’t speak to women to please a certain agenda you have in mind.

This will also cause a lot of nervousness. You are nervous because you are so focused on the outcome. Clear your mind. Talk to women as if you are talking to a male family member, with no agenda. Don’t talk to women because you want a wife, girlfriend or a sexual mate that instance. Focus on all of that later. Focus on enjoying your time with women, getting to know them, piece by piece. You will find that this is the best way.

#3. Don’t speak to women drunk or while you are on any type of drug.

Most women don’t like this. I know you think these things calm you down. As stated before, you aren’t calm because you are too focused on the outcome of the situation. Stop caring what happens if you attempt to talk to a female.

If your intentions are pure and you have no agenda, most women wouldn’t mind chatting with you. A lot of the time, your intentions seep through your words and mannerisms. Besides, drugs and alcohol makes you a “slave.” You have no control. It illustrates to women that you are weak. Think about it. You aren’t relying on your own strength to chat with women. You rely on substances to obtain something you should already have. I am not trying to be offensive at all.

If you choose to get drunk or use drugs, stay away from women you don’t know. Yes, some women may do drugs and alcohol. Some don’t. So by doing them, you are separating yourself from a certain tier of women. You should be willing to open yourself up to a vast amount of women other than a lower percentage of them. For instance: if I know that 70% of women hate smoking.

My plan is to interact with more women and I smoke. I would either quit smoking or smoke when I am not around women. Does this make sense? I really hope it does.

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#4. This might sound a bit silly, but it is very necessary. Check your hygiene.

Make sure you bathe, brush your teeth, shave, get a haircut, and dress a little decent. Most women don’t really want to talk to a male with awful hygiene. Think about it, would you like to speak to someone with bad breath and horrible body odor? Not me. How can a woman have a pleasant conversation with you while you stink.

She will be focused on leaving other than speaking. With bad hygiene, you are alienating yourself from a particular tier of women. Myself, I would want to be open to every “category of women” as possible. Does this make sense? It should.

#5. Just be yourself.

What do I mean by this? Don’t change your personality, trying to please someone. Media has conditioned us to be like little sheep and zombies. We are taught that women are interested in “the knight in shining armor.” personality This is so far from the truth. The majority of women hate undue compliments. First, they know that you aren’t being genuine.

Second, they know that you are trying to manipulate them. Also, imagine if you are a decent looking woman. Having guys give you false compliments all day, everyday. Wouldn’t this annoy you? I have been around men who would give woman many false compliments. It annoys me and I feel embarrassed for the guy. A lot of false compliments shows women desperation.

As stated above, I told you to clear your mind and speak to women without an agenda. You may say, “but I love this woman.” How do you love a woman who you don’t know? You are just infatuated, not love. This is how women find some males creepy. How? By all the false compliments and the selfish agendas. Just stop it all.

#6. Be careful of your language.

Don’t curse or talk perverted. Even if the woman you talk to do it, I advise against it. Women with filthy mouths tend to be not respectable. Using a lot of foul language and talking perverted will disgust most women. I am sure you will be called a “creep.” “Well Kevin, I can’t stop doing it.” Well, in order to get what you want in life, change must happen.

Think about it, why would you want to harass women with perverted speech? If your objective is for women to like you. Why would you do something that will make them be disgusted? Doesn’t make any sense. Yes, there are some women who talk perverted as well. How do you know if it isn’t a test? How do you know if she is doing it only for attention? How do you know if she is serious about doing what she say? You don’t know.

Since you don’t know, talk to her as a human being, not like a sexual object. A lot of the time, women will talk sexual to guys for attention. Is this worth your time? Not me. After she gets bored with you, she will chat with a different guy. You are just being used. Don’t fall for it. Talking to someone should be enjoyable to both parties. Also, since you chose to talk to this woman, don’t you want her to respect you a bit?

By choosing not to talk to her sexually, she will respect you more than the other males she manipulate. She will either choose to stop talking with you or want to develop a friendship with you. If things persist well, the relationship may progress. A woman may be testing you to see if you are like every other guy. Yes, this does happen. Why would a particular woman want to talk to another “simple-minded” guy?

So some women have many ways to rout out “the average-type of guy.” Never, ever “pillow talk.” What satisfaction is there to be gained? If you think about it, it is kind of weird. Telling someone what you are going to do to them. The majority of the time, it never happens. Some type of nerdy, fantasy type of way of speaking. If a woman is openly talking sexual to you, it shows you many things.

If a woman is speaking to you sexually when you first meet, it could be that she is a manipulator. No normal woman will do this. It could be that she is trying to get your money or possessions. You can see that sexual talking is not as enjoyable as you may think. It may be a huge trap for you. Personally, a woman who uses curse words is so unattractive. No matter how rich or poor the woman is, it shows no class. Can you imagine being around a woman who curse often? Wow.

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#7. Let’s talk on how to form and continue conversations.

This part is extremely easy. Media conditions us in thinking that you must have some type of stupid “pick up line.” No. Just be genuine. Begin a conversation by asking a woman a question.

Women love to talk, so they don’t really mind talking to you if you are earnest about your questions. Don’t ask questions while your mannerisms are showing her that you are bored. This will offend her, then she may walk off. With the five questions I have listed, imagine the responses she will give. This is how you can have very long conversations with women and actually enjoy them with her. Of course you don’t always have to ask questions. You can make statements.

You can mix your statements and questions as you like. She will do the same as well. If you run out of questions or she doesn’t respond much on a particular subject, just change the subject. You can change the subject to fruit, vegetables, cars, weather, etc… It doesn’t matter what you talk about.

There is no special subject that a man has to speak with a woman. Get this socially conditioned ideal out of your head. To a woman, any subject is interesting. As long as you are interested, she will be interested also.

#8. Remember the “20, 80” rule.

What is the “20, 80” rule. Let the woman talk 80% of the time while you only talk 20% . Why do I say this? Most women like to talk more than they listen, not all. This might sound harsh, but it is so true. Some women will begin to be interested in what you say, after they find out that you are truly interested in what they say. Yeah, this might sound unfair. What in life is actually fair?

Once a woman begin to be familiar with you, then you can raise the percentage a bit higher. Always, always make sure that the woman speaks more than you. I know it sounds silly, but it is factual.

#9. Be relaxed when you talk with women.

You will find women will mimic your behavior. What do I mean? If you are nervous, anxious and uncomfortable. The woman will be also. She won’t like talking with you. She will think you are weird or something. “If I am perverted, will she mimic this too?” No, I am not saying that. Women have strong intuition. They can sense how you are feeling. Of course you may be a little nervous when you approach a female.

Don’t let it show in your mannerisms though. When you are nervous, people like to speed everything up. That is no good. Slow everything down. Let things go your pace. If the woman wants to talk fast while you are nervous. Slow the pace down when you speak.

Take deep breaths, don’t tense anything. Make everything look calm and natural. Soon she will mimic this. Then she will become relaxed and more focused on you.

#10. Don’t be afraid to joke around with women. A lot of women love to laugh. Combine this with a good conversation, she will be willing to talk to you more and more. If you are attempting to get close to a woman, good conversations and laughter is key. If you are able, playfully tease her.

If you are bad at teasing, don’t do it. You may offend her. Women love being tease playfully. Don’t do it too much though. See it as seasoning meat. If you season meat too much, it will be awful. Likewise, teasing a woman too much or too harshly, it may turn her off.

So in conclusion, talking to women should be as easy as tying your shoe. Not difficult at all. Approach a woman without caring about the outcome. Yes, some women may ignore you. Why? They may think you are like every other man that is trying to have sex with her. So don’t stress about the outcome over things of this matter.

The more you approach women, the easier it will become. You will begin to see what mistakes you are making. You can critique yourself and fix your mistakes. You will find that women are very interesting people. People may see them as “meat.” They are much more than that. You can learn a lot about life from women. Just open your mind.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to talk to women. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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