How To Improve Communication In a Relationship: 10 Effective Techniques

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to improve communication in a relationship.

Sometimes, there is love, partners are really very emotional about each other, but things are not just right. The love has not reduced, neither is there a side chick making it all complicated, but the fun is no more there.

Then what is happening? Definitely, it has to be your communication.

Probably one, or both of the partners don’t know the magic of communication, and how easily it can strengthen or weaken a relationship. There is no reason to be scared anyway. Communication is a skill. It is not inborn, so, you can learn it.

To improve communication in your relationship, simply take the following 10 steps.

How To Improve Communication In a Relationship:

1. Display full attention

Well, you may not know, but it is very rude to handle discussions like you are not into it. Even if your partner is not complaining, he is definitely not enjoying it. He is only coping with you. Drop your phone or any other technology! You can’t use a headphone (even if you are not listening to any music).

Try to somehow lean into your partner so that the setting will send a signal of emotional connection. Again, don’t talk to your partner in the room, and your friends on Whatsapp (1), at the same time. Your friends may take it, your partner may opt out.

2. Be locked on looks

There is a deep sense of connection that is felt when partners sit very close face to face and get locked looking straight into their eyes. Do not give the suggestion that you are not free with your partner, or that you are too shy by looking away.

Even when your eyes wander off, do well to restore it. It may be difficult at start, but when you perfect this, your communication will get better.

3. Listen up

As easy as this sounds, you will only know how difficult it is in an argument. Everyone wants to be heard. The voice is raised regardless of the closeness of the partner, and no one is really ready to give in.

You know what is best for your relationship? Just listen!

Do not be too fast to show you are right, it is not a blame game. Try to see what your partner is actually trying to communicate which you are not hearing. The truth is that the more you shout to be heard, the less your chances of being heard.

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4. Master the nonverbal trick

Maybe I should have told you earlier that communication is not just about speaking. It also has a lot of nonverbal skills which you must take note.

The reason is because in relationship, it is not just about what is said, it is how it is said. A partner can use a very offensive statement but the manner of delivery can make the other partner start laughing. So, when your partner is avoiding eye contact, folding the arms, turning away from you, etc., don’t just continue talking. Try finding out what’s wrong.

5. Openness

Hey! To tell you the truth, your partner is not a magician. He/she will never be so sure of what is wrong with you until you find it right to speak up. Don’t just keep your emotions or displeasure inside of you and get so heavy. Speak up and get so free. If your partner has done something you don’t like, don’t assume it is wrong because you don’t like it.

Simply speak up and let him tell his version of the story. Also, when he does something so amazing, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell him!

6. Don’t change topics

Stick to the topic of discussion. If you have not spoken well enough on a topic to the satisfaction of your partner before you pick up another one, you come across as being selfish. Even in arguments, stay in the “now”.

If the argument is about whose program is to be seen on TV, stick to it. Don’t refer to the person who ate the more yesterday, or a person who spent more time outside. Arguments can grow and grow too big before you notice.

7. Collaborative use of language

Every time you are talking, never forget you are not the only one in a relationship. Put this into your words and it will strengthen the existing connection. Use words like “we”, “us”, “our”, “together”, etc often. For example, “Trust me baby, we will get better.

Our love will grow so much that the whole universe would be jealous.” Sounds quite better than “Trust me baby, I will get better. My love for you will grow so much that the whole universe would be jealous.”

8. Don’t cut in

This is very important but partners hardly take it serious. Don’t interrupt (2). Let your partner finish his/her statement. Don’t cut in because asides that it might offend your partner, you have lost the chance to hear something.

Listen attentively and actively follow your partner’s words. Don’t just sit down waiting for him to be done so you can start yours. It is not healthy for your relationship.

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9. Get comfortable

You are talking to your partner here, so don’t find discussing any topic inconvenient. Get so comfortable with the discussion and wherever it is heading towards. Sit well, talk freely without being pressed or begged to.

10. Keep the communication going

That is the one that sounds the easiest, but it may turn out to be the most difficult. Don’t let discussions end even before they start. Let the discussion grow gradually as you are into it. Listen, hear, reply, answer a question, ask yours. Laugh when you are supposed to laugh, get closer when you feel the contact isn’t enough.

Even when you are literally in his arms, if you still feel it’s not close enough, get closer. We are talking about your partner and no one else. When discussion becomes one of the things you do when you want to have fun, then definitely, communication is already strengthening your relationship.

There is no one that does not like to talk. It only takes the right partner to find their favorite topics and know how to get them to spill their words. Communicating partners are strong partners.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to improve communication in relationship. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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