How To Build Better Relationship With Others: 7 Things To Avoid

In this new article you’ll learn how to build better relationship with others.

Human is a social being. There is a need for us to communicate with others. We do not want to feel abandoned, excluded, lonely. We want proximity, we want to be part of a community, we need a relationship with others.

We need good and valuable relationships both in our private and professional lives. We will not be able to do much on our own in the long run. It is great to have friends and friendly people around us.

As a rule, we are happy to make contact and cooperate with people we like. Subconsciously we choose people who are nice, friendly, polite and sympathetic. Various studies show that people who are liked live better and are more successful.

The key to better understanding with others and building stronger ties with others is often NOT doing specific things. In this article I indicate a few such behaviours, which do not give us any sympathy. So let’s take a look at what the liked people don’t do.

How To Build Better Relationship With Others:

How to build better relations? What people who are liked do not do?

1. They don’t talk much

This may seem like a strange advice, because we associate liked people with open and sociable people. However, people who are liked prefer to listen and let others express themselves.

They know what they know and prefer to find out what others know. They actively listen and ask questions. They ask and show genuine interest in the person they are talking to. They are curious and care about what someone has to say, what they think and experience.

This makes the people they interact with feel important, appreciated and liked. This in turn makes them feel comfortable in the presence of such people.

2. They do not blame others

When something bad happens or things don’t go according to our wishes, sometimes we try to find the guilty ones for what happened. We want to pass the responsibility for the situation on to someone else. It is easy for us to blame others for our problems.

One of the leadership principles is that everything is your fault. This rule also applies to our lives. It’s not about taking on the role of a victim who always takes everything on.

The point is, if something goes wrong, you take responsibility instead of wasting energy and blaming others. You think about what you can do better next time to prevent a similar situation from happening.

You concentrate on finding solutions and improving. You draw conclusions to act better and smarter in the future. This approach is appreciated by others and makes us better received and liked.

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3. They don’t try to impress others

Few of us like arrogant and exalted people. People who think they are one of a kind. Boasting about our achievements, what we have or who we are doesn’t seem to have many followers.

People may like our things and what we have, but that doesn’t mean they like us. True relationships are based on something more important than material objects. If you want to build lasting relationships, don’t try to impress others (1).

4. They do not interrupt others

If someone says something, let them finish their speech. Interrupting others is simply rude. Besides, when we interrupt someone, we immediately send a signal that we are not really interested in what they want to tell us. We care more about what we want to say.

Even if you disagree with someone, instead of interrupting them, it is better to listen to them patiently and only then to respond to them. If you want to be more liked, listen to what others have to say and don’t interrupt them when they say something.

5. They do not try to control others

Some people have the tendency and willingness to control everyone else around them. In this way they sometimes want to create a more positive and powerful image of themselves.

Often, unfortunately, this excessive need to control others affects people who have some kind of power and hold different managerial positions. A boss who controls every step of his subordinates because he doesn’t trust them is only one example.

In fact, we should control ourselves first and foremost. People who try to tell others what to do, how to think, what to feel, show with their attitude that they think that their views and way of perceiving the world are more important and better than those of other people.

People don’t like to be controlled. They want to be able to influence decision making and make their own choices.

Do you want to be more liked? Instead of telling someone what to do, ask them how you can help them to do what they want to achieve.

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6. They do not instruct others

The more we know and have more experience, the more we tend to express our opinions and judgments. We recognize that we know each other better, we know more, and we try to say everything we know.

Some of us tend to criticize and teach others. Preaching and over-judgmenting (2). This is often said in a firm, objectionable tone.

You may have achieved a lot in your life, but if you want to be liked, don’t treat people from above. You will do better if they feel in your company as if they could do something great themselves, and you can help them to do it.

7. They do not remember the past

The past is valuable in that it can be learnt from it for the future. Probably all of us have had some mistakes or failures in our lives. It is worth learning from our failures, and then to let go and go on with your life.

If someone ever made a mistake, try to be forgiving and not to return to the past. It’s not about forgetting something that didn’t happen, but you can’t go on in the past.

If you want to build relationships and strengthen ties, don’t keep focusing on the mistakes of the past. Concert more on the present and plans for the future.

Here you have learned what not to do to be more liked. Of course, as usual it’s easier to say than to do something, but these few points can help you build better relationships with other people. In making more valuable and more numerous contacts. And that can happen when people like you more.

You can repeat that “it’s not worth worrying about the opinion of others”. There are many reasons for this, but to a certain extent. In life we need other people in different situations and although not everyone has to like us, it is worth building valuable relationships.

There is no good in being alone in the long run. It is better to have close and friendly people around you. Of course, it is also important to act in harmony with oneself when dealing with others. Do not try to forcefully pretend to be someone you are not, just because you want someone to like you.

In relationships with others, try to find out more about who they are, what is important to them, what values they guide them, what ambitions and needs they have.

See how much you think and feel similarly. On this basis it will be easier for you to decide whether you can help this person somehow and whether you want him/her to play a greater role in your life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to build better relationship with others. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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