How To Make Strong Relationship With Your Partner: 34 Essential Tips

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to make strong relationship with your partner.

Relationships are connections between two people. Humans are made for relationships- we crave that closeness with another person. Regardless of the kind of relationship it is, relationships are based on communication, bonding, trust, kindness, patience, and compromise.

Relationships can be fun, but also challenging because it is made up of two imperfect human beings trying to relate to each other. You each have your own thoughts and feelings that you want to look out for, but in a relationship, it’s no longer about just yourself- it’s about someone else too.

Deep down, everyone has the desire to strengthen their relationship. Maybe it’s a new relationship and you want to develop it into “the one”, your “happily ever after”. Or perhaps it’s an older relationship that has gotten a little “predictable”, and you just want to get the spark back. Either way, what follows is 34 tips that will help you to strengthen that special relationship in your life.

How To Make Strong Relationship

1. Spend Time Together

In your relationship, it is obviously important to spend time together. You can cultivate your relationship by doing things together that you both enjoy. You can also check out some of each other’s hobbies and interests. Spending time together will help the relationship to flourish.

2. Spend Time Apart

You’ve heard the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, it’s true. While it’s important to spend time together, it is also important to spend time apart. Spend time pursuing your own interests and hobbies- they are what make you who you are. Don’t lose own identities in the pursuit of making your relationship work.

3. Learn To Let Go

Let go of any attachments to positions, judgments, and outcomes. Know that what is going to be, will be. Don’t force your will on each other. Practice sacrificing, releasing, and being flexible so that you can maintain harmony.

4. Be Spontaneous

No one likes to do the same thing day in and day out- especially in a relationship. That will cause things to turn stale really quickly. There’s a difference between being comfortable with each other and just being boring. Keep things new and fresh by creating new opportunities, adventures, and surprises.

5. Pay Attention

Pay attention to the little things. Notice the little details in your partner’s appearance and actions. Listen to all parts of conversations and discussions. Notice little changes and things that are new about your partner’s appearance or the way the house looks. People love to be noticed, whether they admit it or not.

6. Say Nice Things Daily

Find something nice to say about your partner every day. Find ways to give compliments, to express love, gratitude, appreciation, and admiration as often as possible. Saying nice things every day will benefit you when you boost your partner’s self-esteem. They will feel better about themselves and will in return do more nice things and say more nice things to you.

7. Learn About Each Other

Sit down and talk. Learn each other’s likes and dislikes. Learn about favorites. Figure out who your partner is and where they are coming from. This way, you can learn to compromise and meet each other in the middle. You won’t have to guess and you’ll fight less.

8. Ditch Distractions

The more time you spend pursuing other things, the less time you’ll have for each other. While it is important to have a little distraction every now and then, too much of it can be a bad thing. Turn off the TV, computer, video games, whatever and spend time with each other- even if it’s just sitting quietly together.

9. Do Nice Things Daily

Find something nice to do for your partner every day. Men, when you go places, be a gentleman and open her door. Ladies, when your man gets home from a long, hot day at work, make him a cold drink. Find ways to be of service to each other every day. Don’t take each other for granted.

10. Express Affection Often

Express your affection for each other by nurturing with physical touch. Give each other massages, back rubs, foot rubs, and scalp, hand, and arm massages. When you physically nurture each other, then you are nurturing our relationship and creating a stronger bond. You are building positive chemistry between you and your partner. Every night before we go to bed, I get out the bottle of lotion and my partner and I rub each other’s backs. It makes for a much more restful sleep and it gives us that time quietly alone to either just be or to talk about things.

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11. Take Time To Communicate

When you communicate your wants and needs, you can better be understood. When you listen to your partner communicate his or her wants and needs, then you can better understand him or her. Sitting down and communicating helps you to be there for each other and fulfill the wants and needs of both of you.

12. Have Patience

Patience tends to disappear in a tense moment and once it’s been lost, it can be impossible to regain. Patience means you love your partner so much that you are willing to delay anger. Focus on the happy things in your relationship to hold on to your patience.

13. Fight Fair

Know that fights are going to happen. They are a natural part of any relationship. When they do, remember to fight fair. Don’t attack. Don’t throw stones. Once you say something hurtful, you can’t erase it. The wound is there. Remember to breathe when you fight and not lose your cool.

14. Have Fun Together

Draw or color in a coloring book together. Have a water balloon fight. Whatever you do, find something absolutely silly- and even childish- to do to have fun together. This will get you laughing. Laughter will relieve some of the stress of life and help you to enjoy each other much more. My partner and I recently found some window markers on one of our shopping excursions. We bought them, came home and proceeded to draw pictures all over the windows. We laughed and drew pictures for about half an hour- we had fun!

15. Take A Vacation Together

Okay- so you don’t have vacation time at work, so you can’t plan a whole week out of town. However, you can take a weekend and just go away for a bit. Life gets busy and hectic and can really wear on your relationships. If you don’t take time away from it all to reconnect, then you might just end up losing that relationship. You could even take a mini-vacation at home- turn off all electronics and just be together.

16. Have Respect For Each Other

One thing that will kill a relationship is blatant disrespect. In order to create and cultivate a strong, long-lasting relationship, you must love and respect your partner for who and what they are- and are becoming. Your partner is going to want to grow- sometimes in ways that you may not like- you must let them grow and not stifle them. This will help your relationship to grow and flourish.

17. Accept Imperfections

Let’s face it- we are all humans and not one of us is perfect. We all have annoying habits and quirks that get on our partner’s nerves. We must learn to accept our partner’s imperfections if we are to expect them to accept ours.

18. Get Out Of The Routine

As humans, we tend to crave consistency and routine, but when it comes to relationships, routine can be deadly. Boredom sets in when life and the relationship becomes so predictable. Change things up from time to time to keep your partner guessing.

19. Don’t Be Afraid To Disagree

Guess what? You’re going to disagree with your partner from time to time. There’s absolutely no way that two people can agree 100% of the time. One of you is lying if you say that you do. Things are going to come up that you are going to have totally opposite opinions about. However, when that does come up, you must express your opinions thoughtfully and rationally- don’t explode.

20. Make Plans Together

This is especially important with couples who are seriously dating or considering marriage. You need to make sure that your goals in life match up. You don’t want to marry someone and suddenly realize that your lives are going in totally different directions. Take time to make short and long term plans together. You can have your own separate plans, but it is very important to have mutual plans as well.

21. Respect Each Other’s Space

Everyone needs some time alone from time to time. You or your partner may have some issues that you need to work out on your own, or you may just need time to engage in your own hobbies. Just because you are in a relationship, you don’t have to spend every bit of spare time together. Don’t feel like your partner is abandoning you because they need to be alone.

22. Forget Duties

When you make “you must” statements to your partner, they can be interpreted as violent because you are violating their will. If you feel they should behave or speak a certain way, you can politely suggest it, but don’t demand it. Let them act and speak the way they feel is best.

23. Realize Ups And Downs

The stresses of life are going to crop up from time to time. Realize that they are probably going to make you short-tempered. You’re not always going to be on the same page emotionally as your partner is. Realize that everyone is different and has different ways of coping. If you don’t understand and accept this fact, then it will very quickly turn into frustration and anger.

24. Forgive The Small Stuff

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes from time to time. So, he forgot to take the trash out to the road on trash day. So, she forgot to drop that letter in the mail for you when she was at the post office. If you let these little things pile up, you will become frustrated and angry and eventually blow up. Forgive your partner for these little mistakes- know that it was not done out of spite or to harm you.

25. Take Time To Celebrate Each Other

Life gets hectic and busy sometimes. Birthdays and anniversaries may slip by unnoticed. Don’t let that happen! Take time to honor those special occasions. On your anniversary, take the time to remember your vows and recommit yourself to them.

26. Get Physical

Physical intimacy is a natural part of a relationship. However, this is not just referring to intercourse. Physical touch is a very important part of human existence. There are many other ways you can express physical intimacy- holding hands, hugging, kissing. People tell my partnet and I all the time that they can tell we are in love because we are always touching. We are constantly holding hands, or he has his arm around me, or I have my arm linked through his. We kiss a lot- just simple little pecks on the cheek or the lips. A lot of times, we don’t even realize we’re doing it- it is such a natural part of our relationship.

27. Stay Connected

Spend quality time with each other every day, if possible. No TV ,phones, computers, or other people around. Just be with your partner fully. Take the time out of your busy schedule to have a date night once a week- even if it’s just to have ice cream together- it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Every day, take at least 30 minutes to have a meaningful conversation together.

28. Recommit Daily

You take the time to work on your car, house, or your garden. Why not take the time to work on your relationship? Relationships need regular routine maintenance just like anything else to keep them working and going strong. Take the time to comfort, cherish, and just be there for your partner in both the good times and the bad.

29. Learn (And Do) What Makes Your Partner Feel Loved

Any expression of love is a great thing. However, we all have our own unique ways that we express our love and feel loved by others. Take the time to learn your own love language as well as that of your partner. You can find books on the topic, take a seminar, or even find resources online.

30. Don’t Try To Fix Your Partner

People cannot be changed- they are who they are. The more you nag your partner about what you see as a bad thing in them, the more likely it is that they are tuning you out and the more the resentment on both ends will build. Your time would better be spent on examining yourself and considering what positive changes you can make- after all, none of us is perfect.

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31. Use Humor

When you get the chance, make your partner laugh. Find some jokes to share on a lazy, rainy afternoon. At dinner, share a funny work story. Show your humorous side and share laughter daily. Do not, however, use humor to avoid seriousness- there does come a time when you must put the humor aside and be more serious.

32. Set Boundaries

While you don’t need to box yourself in and lock your partner out, you do need to set some boundaries. Do not let your partner- or anyone else- take advantage of you. If your partner asks you to do something that you’re not at all comfortable with, it is okay to say no. If they truly love, you, then they will accept your answer and let it go.

33. Don’t Be Needy

Yes, there will be times in your life where you need to lean on someone. However, your partner should not be your crutch. You should not constantly whine and complain about things. You should learn and grow on your own. You should be able to stand on you own, but be willing to ask for the help when it’s needed.

34. Be Your Partner’s Biggest Fan

Your partner should always know that you are for them. You should always know that your partner is for you. Encouraging your partner is very important- after all, if you don’t encourage them, who will? When your partner is up for a big promotion at work, cheer them on. When it’s all said and done, celebrate them- whether they got the
promotion or not. Let them know that they are still most important in your eyes.

Thank you for reading this article about how to make strong relationship with your partnerand I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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