How To Answer Why Do You Love Me Question: 15 Best Answers

If you’ve ever wondered how to answer why do you love me question: this article is for you.

In real ways, it is difficult to say the ‘Three Words, Eight Letters’ directly to the one you love because some are terrified that the kinship will alter. This is one of the several dilemmas of saying those words.

Others, they can simply articulate it but there are people who rarely say it because they intend to speak it sincerely to the one they truly love.

What if someone asked the other way around? Like, “Why do you love me?” This one is added to those dilemmas. Written below resides 15 perfect answers to the question why do you love me.

How To Answer Why Do You Love Me Question:

1. Because of the way you make me smile.

Smiling gives a shiver of blush to anyone even after a small fight between lovers. Smiling gives an intensity of feeling and greatly affects their behavior.

2. Because of how you inspire me.

Having your loved one as your inspiration impinge on how you look at yourself and how to carry yourself.

3. I feel protected when I’m with you.

The feeling of being owned by someone and no one dares to step into your way is a fine thing but don’t go beyond possessiveness which will make your partner feel smothered.

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4. Because of the way we are together, no pretentions.

When you spend time with your partner (1), there’s no holding back. It’s as if you know each other entirely and accept the fact that both of you are permissible to mistakes and have to learn on your own. Be honest whenever there is a fault made in order to fix what’s broken.

5. Because of how you find a way to impress me.

Being with your partner doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things for him/her just because you already have each other. Never stop impressing and do surprising things. No one wants to be taken for granted or worse, suffer from boredom and initiate rupture.

6. Because of how sincere you are.

Sincerity is the key to make relationships last longer. It serves as a foundation in building and gaining the trust of your partner.

7. Because I feel my worst and my happiest moment when I’m with you.

It doesn’t matter how worst the humiliation is or how contented you are if you are experiencing satisfaction. What’s more important is that you’re able to share it with you partner and still be happy and settle with what you have.

8. Because you easily forgive me.

Mistakes and faults are made but unquestionably forgive and then, forget.

9. Because you’re like a best friend to me.

Your partner is your best friend, the best! You don’t have to start from scratch and you know that you’ll treat each other well. Having your partner as your best friend means you have someone to talk to, lean onto and depend on.

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10. Because you understand me for what I am.

In a relationship, discrepancies are always present. After all, he’s a he and she’s a she and all other things connected with being a boy and a girl respectively. It’s just the nature of being human.

Certainly, there are differences, but make way to recognize all the behaviors, needs, moods, attitudes and feelings of your partners thus, making the relationship protract.

11. Because I have felt as if I am needed.

Ever heard the phrases, “I love you because I need you” and “I need you because I love you.” That explains it. Everyone wants to feel like needed.

12. Because you respect me.

Respect not only comes in the form of courtesy but also in the way of carrying one’s self. In the way you dress up, the way you act or the tone of voice. It appears to be worshipping your partner (1) in a way that expresses admiration.

13. Because I want to share my life with you.

Growing and developing with your partner is the most precious thing because you get the chance of a lifetime, and that is to spend your life together with the one you love.

14. Because you help me improve for myself.

Relationships are taken to the next level when you experience the fact that both of you undergo personality development at a certain level of acceptance.

15. Because you put others first instead of yourself.

How humbling it is when people look at your partner as a modest person. A person who knows how to be superior and inferior at both times well, it’s a total package.

Thank you for reading this article about how to respond to why do you love me question and I really hope that you take action my advices.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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