15 Stupid Things to Stop Doing If You Want To Be Really Happy

Today you’re going to learn what are some things to stop doing if you want to be happy.

Happiness is a choice. That is a fact. When a person wants to be happier, he or she can certainly be. The key to that higher dose of happiness is stopping some things that could hinder that.

As some people say, addition and subtraction could be applied to a person’s life. Subtract life’s stressful actions to add the level of happiness in your life. Be happier and stop doing these following 15 things right now:

15 Things to Stop Doing If You Want To Be Happy

1. Impressing.

Making an impressive reputation is not a bad thing.

Too much impressing, however, could give you stress and pressure rather than a euphoric feeling. Try to stop impressing all the people around you. Better yet, stop impressing anyone if it is not necessary.

Not all people will like you as yourself but there will always be those who will like you for what you really are.

2. Blaming.

We all make mistakes. When your employee or someone working for you makes one, stop blaming that person. When something goes wrong, try to refrain yourself from pointing fingers to someone or something.

Blaming someone will not only make your mood darken but it will also do a lot of negative effects to the person taking all the blame.

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3. Clinging.

Holding on to someone or something is not a healthy habit. When you are too clingy, you could easily get depressed when that person you cling on to disappears.

What else?

Clinging is a great indicator that you do not practice independence. Believe me, being on your own and achieving something by yourself brings ecstatic feelings.

4. Whining.

Whining is a total happiness-wrecker. Think at the time when you continuously grumble about something. Does it make you feel better? Does it make you look good? No.

Instead of whining about a situation or a problem, think of a solution immediately. Your grumbles will do you no good. It will only make you more depressed and annoyed.

5. Controlling.

Some people have bossy nature. Some people try to act like a boss. However, keep in mind that you cannot control everything.

When a thing or a person refuse to be under your control, you normally get angry, annoyed, or depressed. If you stop controlling everything, you will avoid facing those nasty feeling.

6. Interrupting.

Interrupting is rude.

It shows a lack of respect toward others. If you stop interrupting, you give others a chance to finish what they are saying or doing. In return, they will do the same to you.

They might also have a high regard about you as a person. That alone will make you feel good about yourself.

7. Criticizing.

You might be MORE than others – more beautiful, more intelligent, more famous, more successful, etc. It does not give you any right to criticize people just because you are superior to them. When you criticize, you are degrading others. That is a big NO to the road of happiness.

8. Preaching.

Preaching is like announcing that you are a know-it-all. It is like having a neon light flashing on your forehead that says you more knowledgeable than others.

The finality in your words may let you feel good at some point in time but the reaction you will be getting from others will definitely not make you feel any happier.

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9. Dwelling.

Dwelling in the past hinders your sight to the future. Learn to let go. It is not an easy task. It could not be done overnight. But, at the end, the result will be rewarding.

10. Fearing.

Fear is an evil stepsister of happiness. Usually, we fear for the unexpected. It also blocks our way to Happy Ville. How? Fear holds a person back to do things that could probably make a happier person.

11. Comparing.

Comparisons could be used in good things. Too much, however, could be poisonous to a person’s personality. You will not feel happy if every now and then there is someone they compare you with. The same goes to other person so give it up.

12. Competing.

Some competition is healthy. Some are not.

Avoid competing as much as possible. As they say, life is too short to waste on things that are not worthy of attention. Your life would be easy. Thus, you would be happier than ever.

13. Procrastinating.

When you procrastinate, you will end up cramming. Everything will be done in the last minutes. This will give you stress and pressure not to mention a poor quality of your work. This will end to frustration. Stop procrastinating and feel a good and relaxed environment.

14. Discontentment.

Happiness in life could be measured by the contentment level of a person. If you want something every now and then or if you want to upgrade everything to another level, happiness will never be at its highest level.

15. Discouraging.

Encouraging someone is nice.

Discouraging someone, especially for personal motives, is devious. Discouragement will not only affect other people but the one doing the act as well. So, to be happier, stop giving discouragement when not needed.

Thank you for reading this article about things to stop doing if you want to be happy and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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