How To Get Your Ex Back: 20 Top Strategies For Boys And Girls

If you’re looking for some strategies on how to get your ex back , then you’ll love this article.

Did you or she mess up really bad and in the heat of the moment you broke up? Maybe one of you got scared and ran. Whatever the case is you can get her back if it is meant to be. Again, if these things do not work do not go all stalker crazy, but learn to let go. If it is meant to be it will, and here are 10 tips that will give you the best chance at getting her back.

How To Get Your Ex Back:

1)Touch Her

Look, now is no time to play hard to get. If you are in her presence then touch her on the arm, hug her when you see her, smile and brush her hair from her face or whatever you can do naturally to make that contact.

2) Send Her Mail

If you don’t have an email address then make one. Send her email. Send her things that will make her laugh, that may “remind” her of how good the two of you are together. Send her love poems, songs and links you know she will be touched by. This will really go a long way. Even if you send her a link to an article, a simple note saying Hi or a picture, send her something.

3) Remain Committed to Her Until You are Absolutely Ready to Move on

A date and even a goodnight kiss is something that you may be able to get away with, but taking it to the next level with another female is just not a good idea.

Don’t try getting her back during the day and go out with Jane, Jill and Juliette at night. First of all this will push her to someone else and secondly if you do get back together this will be an issue. Remember, some words and actions can change the relationship forever and those are things that do irreparable damages. This is not your green light to play the field.

4) Anniversaries and Birthdays Still Count

Look, it will touch her if you remember anniversaries and birthdays. It will show that she really meant and means something to you. Women are emotional over logical most of the time. Target her emotional side of you really want to connect with her (without being sappy).

Too much of anything isn’t good. Just make her feel as if she is the only one, after all, thats really all any girl really wants. If you make her feel like a princess she will fall in love with you all over again, and if you don’t try to make her feel like the center of your world then some other guy may.

5) Call the Girl Already!

Stop being all hard and stuff. You have to humble yourself if you want to get her back, and if you are waiting on her to call you…You do want to give her time to wonder about what you are doing and provide enough time between calls for her to miss you, but call at least a couple of times a week just to talk. She wants to now you still have eyes for her whether she shows it or not.

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6) Take a Deeper Look at Her

Yeah, analyze her if that is how it needs to be put. Study what makes her tick. Be attentive to what she is saying, and don’t be planning your answer while she is talking. Really listen to her. If what she is saying couldn’t interest you a bit then pretend it does, because if it doesn’t matter to you thats ok, but it could mean the world to her. Don’t just listen to what she is saying, but listen also for what she isn’t saying.

7) Look Out but Don’t be Jealous

How is she acting with the other guys in her life? Watching her interactions with them may very well be your sign on whether or not you will be back together. If she stands up for you and uses them as a sounding board about your breakup then chances are good she still loves you. If she rants about how much she hates you and makes out with all of her guy friends then it is probably a wrap.

8) Tricks are For Kids; Don’t turn a Serious Matter into a Game

It can be tough not to play a few games in the midst of a break up, especially if you want her back. You have to be reserved, and send out the right signals. Playing games can cost you what you love, and that is hardly worth the risk to simply feel a moment of triumph. Ladies may eve do something hurtful after being hurt themselves, just to see if you still love her, but even then, don’t run out and do something that you can’t take back or send the wrong signal.

9) Keep Your Cards Close to Your Chest Guys

While this sounds contradictory it really isn’t. I am not saying play games, but do not allow games to be played on you either. This does come down to power in many cases, so if she ends up with all of the power then it can blind your judgment. Just as she should never settle neither should you. You don’t need anyone to be healthy and happy, and if your girl wants you to feel like you “need” her then maybe you should let her go.

10) Self Improvement Speaks Loud to a Woman

Hit the gym or those weights in the garage. Buy a couple of new shirts, buy some new cologne and clean up those sneakers. Get a trim up and wow her. Show her that you are ok, and make hints towards subtle change and self-improvement. That will drive her nuts. Secretly girls want you to be sad and miserable without her, but if you show her you care but can move on it will make her want you more. That guys is reverse psychology at its finest.

How to get him back:

Whether you had a misunderstanding, something truly hurtful happened or one of you just got scared a break up is tough when you really love your guy. The last thing you want to do is be a sniveling flunkie or seem like a fatal attraction, but you really want him back. It is tough to think straight when your heart is broken, but control those crazy impulses and set your emotions in a safe place.

Following these 10 steps will help you get him back, if it was ever really meant to be in the first place.

1) Let him know he has a Chance

He is watching you to see how you are reacting to other guys, how you are talking about him to other people and such. Send out hints that it is possible that the two of you can give it a shot again, but don’t be needy. A smile and a hug will get you a lot farther than anger, tears and desperation. You have to be ready to forgive and forget hoping he is willing to do the same thing.

2) Make him a Little Jealous, but don’t overdo it

Look, making him a little jealous is fine, but do not take it to the next level with any guys and do not make yourself look cheap just to get at him. Just go far enough to let him know if he don’t wise up there are other guys that want your attention.

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3) No One Wants to be With a Nitpicky Nag!

You simply cannot nitpick things to death. Begging him to get back together with you is not endearing or attractive at all, do not stalk him in person or online and don’t ignore him altogether. You have to find some middle ground to speak, send a random, lighthearted email or even call from time to time without coming across as a broken woman.

4) Stay on Top of The Way You Look

Maybe you feel crummy and could live in the same sweats and oversized bon-bon stained T Shirt forever, but you had better not let him see you like that. You do not want his sympathy or pity, which is not the same thing as his love. You just want him to see you and think how good you look while getting a whiff of your perfume.

The plan is to look even better than you once did, but not in an easy or trashy way. Clean, healthy and pretty is the ticket. At the end of the day all guys just want a decent and wholesome girl.

5) No matter How You Feel Inside Come Across as Being Happy and Relaxed

You see him and your heart drops, the world is snatched from under your feet and you want to bury your head in a pillow and cry, but don’t. Look him in the eyes, smile and say Hi, How are you doing” then give him a quick and friendly hug. That’s it, you go on with your conversation or whatever you were doing.

If he doesn’t approach, simply make eye contact, smile and go back to your business. You do not want him to know how much you really do miss him, but you do not want him to think you don’t care at all.

6) Do Something New

Pick up some new hobbies, buy a new shirt and get your hair done. You want him to know you are ok without him and capable of moving on if you want to. Go out and buy yourself a new wardrobe, get your nails done and buy some products to restore that fresh glow. Make sure you look great all the time.

The one time you go to the store looking shabby, you will find yourself running into him or his friends and be pegged a heartsick love junkie. You do not want him to think you need him.

7) Don’t call him first if you Don’t Have to

Try to hold out and make him call you first. I would not wait longer than 2 weeks to shoot a text or an email though. Silence can be beneficial sometimes, but prolonged silence can send him seeking comfort elsewhere.

8) Remain Nonchalant

When you see him be nonchalant even if you are so excited and your heart melted right out of your chest. Keep you cool. If you come off as needy that is a real turn off. Don’t be weepy because guys are just really freaked out by all of that. You do not want an unhealthy relationship, and this can all lead up to just that.

9) Do Talk to Him

Don’t put him off. Talk to him, or at least remain open to talking to him. If you’ve had a misunderstanding then clear it up, and communication is the only way to do that. If you were wrong then swallow your pride and ask him for attention, but don’t beg.

10) The Last Resort

Go out with someone else, and you can even go somewhere that you know he or his friends will be. However, this can go either way. While on your date, be friendly and smile a lot but do not hang all over the guy unless you really like him and you’re ready to move on.

More Tips that Work Both Ways for Getting Your Ex Back Quick!

There are some things that you can do if you just aren’t in the fight for the long haul. If you feel you have to get him back right now then try these tips to get him or her back usually within a week or two!

  • Enhance Your Appearance
  • Be Confident and Independent
  • Never Underestimate Each Other or Yourself
  • Nurture Your Relationship
  • Be Friends with her or his Friends
  • Be Sincere When You Approach Your Ex
  • Try to be innovative and Unique
  • Give the Relationship Time and Maintain it as a team
  • Understand Breakup psychology
  • Broaden your Personal Sphere

Life will have its own plans sometimes. You have to know when to continue the fight and when to throw in the towel. There is no rule books or set patterns that you can predict your future with. You will simply have to follow your heart while not taking leave of your senses.

It is also important to remember that nothing and no one in life is ever going to be perfect. Don’t look for people without faults but look for people whose faults you can handle. The Eagles said it best in their hit song Lyin’ Eyes when they sang the lyrics “Every point of refuge has its price”.

Be confident in yourself and in your abilities. However, this is a race against the clock. Think things through carefully. Plan out your strategy and proceed carefully. Make sure you are paying special attention to your appearance, and do new things. You can even change your look just a little, and keep your ex wondering. Don’t get too close to members of the opposite sex, but do make sure that he or she knows you could move on if you wanted to.

Never come across as needy, obsessive, jealous or desperate. Show your independence, strength and personality. You may even ask your ex to give it a week before making up his or her mind. If he or she gives you that chance make the most of it through nurturing the relationship,. and have fun, Try to reconnect to the people you were when you got together.

Do not try to change one another as that was not something we were put here to do. Try new and more exciting things and spice things up a little. Avoid the blame game at all costs, and don’t ask questions that you truly do not want to know the answers to.

Last but certainly not least, one sided relationships are not healthy and hardly ever workout. If you are in a one sided relationship then let it go. You will get over it and find a way to move on.

Thank you for reading this article about how to get your ex back and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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