What Are The Good Habits To Have In Life: 26 Great Habits

If you’ve ever wondered what are the good habits to have in life, this article is for you.

Humans as we all know are creatures of habit and it is for that reason that trying out new things could end up being a pain in the neck.

Basically, a habit is something that you do regularly that has even in a way turned out to be part of your nature. Therefore, you will not even plan for it. You just find yourself doing it even without anyone reminding you to do so.

If you are honestly looking to improve your life in general and have the ability to achieve success, there are several areas in your life that you will have to change.

At first, these every day habits may seem difficult but if you take it one day at a time you will realize that they will have integrated into your life sooner rather than later.

In fact, what you need to do is just make an effort and try out these habits even for just a single day. Trust me, at the end of the day, you will find that your life has already started changing into a more productive and a more fulfilling life.

Below are a number of suggestions which when you incorporate in your life, you will definitely be able to achieve the success that you are always looking for. Apart from that, you will be a much happier individual leading a more satisfactory lifestyle!

What Are The Good Habits To Have In Life?

1. Be Realistic

Now that you are open and have your struggles on the table, this is the next biggest step you can take.

Be realistic!

No intense change will take place instantaneously. Today’s society has the tendency of being FAST in everything.

Fast life, fast foods, accessibility, swift this, swift that… it is unrealistic to have thoughts that that changes that are deeply rooted will occur overnight.

At some point, you will fall, you have to dust yourself off and you must to get up. You may possibly fail, but you must try again and again!

What matters is that you not give up. Being patient and realistic when setting your goals and creating changes in your daily habits matters.

2. Focus on Opportunity

Problems are a part of life as we know it. Our life will not always be smooth. We will always face bumps on the journey now and then.

In order for you to achieve success in your life do not always focus on the problem and how bad it is.

You need to look at both sides of the coin.

Remember, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ therefore, in every problem, there is always an underlying opportunity.

Being so focused on the opportunity that problems in life give always keeps life energizing. A problem is always an opportunity to learn, build your strengths and test your ability to adapt.

As much as problems could bring some suffering into our lives, they always come with an opportunity of something good, so, focus on that opportunity and see how well your life is going to change.

3. Build the Right Mind-Set

We need to fully believe our ability to accomplish the objectives that we have set in life. You need to be able to see yourself in your mind’s eye having achieved your objective in the precise frame of time that you chose at the beginning of the task.

Nonetheless, it is also acceptable to complete your task earlier than the set deadline. You need to consider any of the failures that could possibly occur along the way.

You need to think to yourself that success is inevitable. Never let the negativity of other individuals affect the progress of yourself and in fact, never let yourself be one of them!

Always keep in mind the wise words of Henry Ford which say: “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

4. Take Risks

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to learn from experience. Taking risks is also among the finest ways to make quick progress.

If you are searching for some fresh ideas, being afraid of taking risks in your life will never help.

Risking requires a lot of self-awareness on your part.

You should always try to be aware of any the times that fear ends up holding you back. Take courage and push yourself out of fear, and make sure that you take next step towards the achievement of your goals.

In fact, without taking of risks, it will be very difficult for us to realize some of our hidden strengths. Try to think about something you have ever wanted to accomplish but fear got the better of you, then take courage and try it out.

5. Guard Yourself Against Assumptions

You need to be careful about making way too many assumptions about your life. Instead of making assumptions, make effort and be thorough.

Always learn to pay attention to detail. Sometimes you may miss a lot of things after rushing through stuff. As the old adage goes, ‘ignorance is no defense’.

If you want to be successful, you need to practice this attentiveness with respect to the tasks that you are going to undertake.

However, attentiveness does not only apply to tasks, it also applies to people. Be keen and avoid assuming individuals and what they are telling you. You might miss crucial information.

In addition, not assuming people will even enable you to foster a strong relationship with others.

6. Refrain from Outright Generalizations

You refrain from mentioning things like: “You NEVER show appreciation.” Or “You’re ALWAYS late!” You need to be very cautious of making these types of across-the-board statements.

As a successful individual or someone who plans to lead a successful life you have to pay attention to the words that you use. Accusations should not be thrown around carelessly.

Using sweeping statements carelessly is not a good habit. It is a form of looking down upon individuals who are around you.

You should do unto others what you wish others would do unto you. Outright generalizations should also be avoided since they are a clear display of an attitude of negativity.

7. Don’t Make Judgments According to your Feelings

As a human being, it is very simple to make decisions out of certain emotions and even depending on our moods. The end result of emotional judgments has is rarely beneficial.

As a person looking to achieve success, you need to understand that feelings are very real and are relevant majority of the time. But this does not mean that they should influence the decisions that we make in our lives. Instead, decisions are the ones, which should drive your feelings.

You need to learn to control your feelings and emotions at any time. Sometimes they lead to catastrophic decisions that we can never come back from. Always get a hold of your emotional state and before you make any choice, ask yourself whether it is a decision out of emotions or out of critical thinking.

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8. Learn to be Constructively Social

There is always an assumption that successful people were naturally born social.

On the contrary, this is just a misconception. The only fact is that successful individuals fully understand the significance of interactive communication and relations with other individuals.

Practicing positive social interaction should be one of the habits that you should start forming if you want to be successful in your life.

On the other hand, being socially interactive does not mean that you should waste your time with social interactions that do not bring value into your life. You have to understand how critical value of time is.

For that reason, you should never waste time in social situations, which is going to bring you down.

Instead, invest your time with individuals who can help you as well as individuals who you can help.

9. Learn to Listen to your Gut

Your gut feeling is among the most important senses that you may have in your life. Usually a gut feeling comes to you at random, intermittent times when you expect it the least, up till when you need it the most.

There is actually no way of turning this instinct either off or on; nonetheless, the moment you feel that you are in a tough spot or a hard situation, the feeling in your gut should be the most reliable way to go.

Listening to your gut feeling is especially helpful when it concerns reading individuals who you are interacting with. Gut feelings give you feel that something is either right or wrong and they will never lead you in the wrong direction.

10. Be Open Minded

A lot of individuals love being in their comfort zones. You should refrain from sticking to a particular way of doing things. This will make you become very hesitant to change the way you operate.

Times change and it is very important that you keep an open mind the moment it comes to new ways of thinking and new ideas.

This also applies to how you live your life. Never force your beliefs on other people. Simply because something always works for you is not a guarantee that it is going to work for another individual.

Stay open minded to the thoughts of other people since your way may not work as you expected and you may possibly have to adopt a different way of doing something.

11. Embrace New Technologies

It is very important for us to keep up with the changing times. Don’t be the old hag that is left behind as a result of ignoring of new technology.

Surviving without an inkling of pop culture is very possible, but it will be quite hard for you to last long without making an effort to keep up with the modern technology.

Challenge yourself and find out how up-to-the-minute technologies function; this will also help you in keeping up with the pace of the changing times.

If you do not embrace the currently trending technologies, you will end up being considered an old had simply for the reason that you cannot keep up.

You will also find that technology makes your life much easier especially when it comes to communication and learning as a whole.

12. Give Back When You Can

Great success comes with great responsibility. Never take the success that you have had for granted.

As much as you may have worked your ass off for what you accomplished so far in your life, you should realize that this puts you position to assist individuals who are in less fortunate position.

This however, does not mean that you must give away all your possessions to the less fortunate.

Lending out a helping hand would never hurt you.

There are some individuals who will never be able to get similar chances as you. You should be a part of opening of doors for such individuals. With very little effort you could make tangible difference in an individual’s life.

13. Treat Others with Respect

All the beliefs, leisure pursuits and your entire reputation are a few of the personal things that you may have as an individual. There is no one in this world who desires to associate with a self-important prick whose only interest is their own self.

Any given relationship is based on the value that it brings to your own life. Treat others with the respect they deserve rather than as means to an end.

This will end up being useful in the end, since most people tend to remember all the evil that has ever been done to them.

Just because you feel that you do not need someone’s help now, it does not mean that the status quo will remain the same. You may possibly need the same person’s help in the near future.

14. Avoid Wasting Too Much Time on Social Media

You only need to sign in to your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, once every day so that you can catch up with whatever or whoever it is that you want.

Social media sites are such great tools when it comes to communication, but then again, they can still be massive wasters of time.

It is very easy for you to easily get caught up with reading every other person’s status updates, looking at the links and photos they share.

If something really critical takes place I am sure you will still find out about it in any case. Trust me your life will still go on smoothly without you having to check Tweets and Facebook updates every single hour.

The time wasted on these social media sites (1) could easily be spent more productively elsewhere

15. Be Solutions-Oriented

The moment you are faced with a problem no matter how big or how small it is, start searching for a way to fix it rather than complaining about it.

Think about the solution and you will save more time. If you keep complaining, you will not get anything accomplished.

In the end, even after complaining you will still have to fix the problem, so why waste your time and energy complaining?

Think about how to solve a problem every time you encounter one and you will be pleased with how first you will solve it.

Developing a solutions oriented habit also enables you to be more productive and reduces the chances of the problem affecting you.

16. Get Out and Connect With Nature

Never let cabin fever get the best of you!

Try spending just a little bit of time every day, whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening doing some activity outside your house. There is a lot that you can do out of the house.

For instance, you can simply take some time to go see a movie, meet up with some of your friends, watch a live band or even just indulge yourself in a novel in a cafeteria down the street.

Look for ways to connect with nature. Spending your time outdoors in the beauty of nature is excellent for your sense of well-being. Even during your working days, you can take a short walk during your lunch hours.

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17. Stop the Blame Game

Never play the blame game! Stop blaming other individuals for your own actions. Instead, try to figure out what it is that you did that got you into the problem in the first place.

Instead of finding someone to blame, try to fix whatever damage you have caused the best way that you possibly can, and vow to never repeat the same mistake again.

Develop a habit of owning up to things that you have ever done before.

Never try to look for an excuse so that you can lift the blame off yourself. This way you will have the opportunity of learning and you will find a way in which you can avoid the exact same mistake in future

18. Pass Time with Something Productive

Develop the habit of doing something productive that will build you up whenever you have nothing to do.

Avid killing time with gossip magazines or with your phone browsing through online gossip while you are in commuter train or in a waiting room. Instead, spend that time learning something worth your while

Make it a priority to read about a something that is related to your career every day for just a single hour. Visiting the nearest library and borrowing a book about your career or something that you would like to venture into is also wise.

19. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Make effort to do something kind to a random stranger every day before the day ends.

For instance, you can pay the toll of a stranger, buy the person coffee if they are behind you in line, hold the door for someone or even simply give them a smile. This will totally surprise them in a good way and who knows, you may even end up making their day.

Try to make someone you do not know completely smile. Make it a point every single day to compliment three random individuals.

Doing this to friends, acquaintances or co-workers is also fine but even better, complement a random stranger. If someone was having a bad day, you will immediately contribute to their happiness.

20. Restore Communication If You Have Lost Touch

Form a habit of calling a single friend or member of your family every single day so that you can build up a relationship that may have faded off over the past years.

The people you call will be very surprised and happy that you are concerned about them.

Having strong relationships (2) with people you know especially your family members and friends if significant since they can even provide you with moral support whenever you feel like you are losing hope.

As human beings, the connections that we have with others influence a big part of our lives and should not be taken for granted.

21. Show Some Love

If you are married, dating or courting someone, make just one romantic gesture towards your better half every day.

People easily take these things for granted and it could lead to slowly breaking down of your relationship even without you knowing.

Give your romantic relationship the attention it deserves and keep the fire burning. It is very easy to lose your love and it may even interfere with how you handle everything else in your life.

As it is always said, behind every successful man, there is a woman. The inverse is also true, therefore do not forget to show some love!

22. Wind Down

At the end of a stressful day, you need to have a routine of slowly winding down before you go to bed every night.

For example, you can keep off any stimulating activity such as using your computer or laptop so that you can prepare your body to relax. This will greatly improve your sleeping patterns.

You can wind down by praying or doing something that you feel is spiritual enough such as meditating. This will enable you let go of any residual stress you may have carried throughout the day and you will slowly ease into sleep.

Come morning, you will be ready to start up your day towards achieving your goals!

23. Ask Questions

Make a point of always asking relevant questions on everything.

Develop an urge of asking for more information about anything that you come across. This will give you a better understanding of everything that is around you and you may also get a learning opportunity from the questions you ask.

For instance, if you are asked to do an important project at your work, you need find the reason why it has been termed as ‘important’.

Even when you are out of work, in your day-to-day encounters keep question how things work and why they are the way they are.

In addition, questioning yourself is also productive. Before you do something, ask yourself whether you have to do it and whether it is of importance to you.

24. Spend Quality Time with Those You Love

Quality time means that you give somebody your undivided attention. You can spend the quality time with your close friends, kids, spouse or even your parents.

This involves talking to them and listening to what they are saying. They in turn listen to you and this strengthens the bond and allows you to know each other even better.

Bonding during this quality time unites you and brings lots of happiness into your life. This does not have to be done for a long time, even for just a few minutes during breakfast or over dinner, which will be enough.

You will feel connected with those who matter most and this will even empower you to be more successful

25. Say the Magic Words

No matter how much time you spend with your spouse or the person you are dating, it will never be enough unless you always keep reminding them that you love them.

Always say ‘I Love You’ to your better half no matter how bad things are in your relationship. These three words are possibly the strands which are going to pull you back together in the long run.

Say the magic words and mean them! It also does not help if you say the words and you don’t feel them. They will lose their purpose!

26. Take Time to Look Good

Whether you like it or not, it is a reality of life that will always be judged by your appearance.

Before you leave home, take a few minutes every morning and make sure that you go out into the world looking the best that you possibly can

Whether you are putting on a full office outfit like a suit for bankers and lawyers, casual outfits such as jeans for shop attendants or comfy pajamas for workers at home, what you put on tends to matter a lot.

Wearing clean and proper outfit each morning gives you the proper mind-set and helps facilitate the productivity for your day ahead.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about good habits to develop. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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