Best 13 Daily Habits To Improve Life And Energize Your Day

If you want to know what are some daily habits to improve life, you’ll love this article.

In this article, you will learn the secrets to successful and happy living, you will find 13 ways in which your heart, mind and soul come together to create a happier and more meaningful life.

Reading it will recharge your mind, boost your self-motivation and give you courage to live life more fully and on your own terms.

13 Daily Habits To Improve Life

1. Practise gratitude

Gratitude is a ‘feel good’ emotion. The more we have of it, the better we feel about ourselves.

The better we feel, the more energised and motivated we are. As a result we perform better. The better we perform the more successful we are and the more grateful we feel; resulting in a self-fulfilling cycle.

How do we cultivate an attitude of gratitude?

The key is to view life as a series of moments. In each moment, observe the things in your life that you are grateful for.

Put your life in perspective and see the joy in all things. Look back at the times when you were happy or had achieved a goal in your life for which you are immensely grateful.

For example, when you met the love of your life, graduated from university, first met your closest friends; or read an inspiring book. Be grateful for these. Add them to a gratitude list.

Be thankful for the things in your present; your current job, your wonderful home, the food that you get to eat and experience every day, your health, your family, your friends, holidays, your skills and abilities.

Add these to your gratitude list. Read this gratitude list every morning. It will help you start the day with the right mindset.

Try it. You will be surprised at the results.

2. Establish a habit of learning and reading

Successful people are constantly educating themselves through reading books, undertaking courses and attending seminars.

They are acquiring new skills every day and using this knowledge to constantly improve and make themselves more valuable.

If finding time to read is difficult, listen to audiobooks. Just spending 15 – 30 minutes listening to these everyday can be uplifting and can get you truly motivated to perform at your peak.

3. Spend time with loved ones

A recent Harvard study demonstrated that relationships are the single biggest enabler of happiness.

The 75-year old study titled the ‘Grant and Glueck study’ confirmed that the single biggest guarantee of happiness was giving and receiving love, and spending time with loved ones.

The study tracked the physical and emotional wellbeing of 456 poor men living in Boston (the Grant study) vs 268 bright Harwarv male graduates (the Glueck study).

It concluded that those with healthy relationships were happier and healthier; whilst those who had faced some sort of loss either in the form of a bereavement or divorce, and who were unable to recover from the impact of this, experienced chronic illness including depression.

Accordingly building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships is vital for our health and happiness.

If you have faced a loss or a death of a close relationship it is important to seek counselling or coaching to process these emotions so that we can move forward otherwise the impact of these could poison our health and lead us into depression.

Work hard and commit to creating positive, healthy relationships – in the end that’s what matters.

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4. Design your life

Focus on how you could live the life of your dreams now and start creating a list of goals to achieve this now – not in the future.

If you only had 2 years to live, what are the things that you want to achieve now and experience now? Live these.

Do not wait for tomorrow or when you have more money or more status.

Quality living has to happen in the present moment. Visualise your ideal life and start planning it over the next 4 weeks (for example, places you want to see, charity work that you want to do, that business you want to start or a book that you want to read).

Create the opportunities to do these over the next 2 years.

5. Take a break from the internet

Right after reading this article, of course :) Today we are so wired and connected at all times to the online world that our mind is constantly on overdrive with the number of distractions and preoccupations that prevent us from recharging and relaxing.

Instead disconnect for a few hours or day.

Focus on being present in the real world – the sense of freedom it will give you will allow you to rejuvenate and take stock of priorities rather than being distracted by random emails (1), text messages and other unhelpful app notifications.

Go for a walk, meditate, take up a hobby, paint or go for a meal with a friend. It will leave you feeling refreshed.

6. Stay away from negative news

Whilst TV and newspapers can help you feel sane and connected to the world, the negativity can subconsciously leave you feeling drained and depressed.

It may leave you pessimistic about the world on a whole. These days you can create notifications and alerts for positive news through curation apps or search engine alerts.

This will definitely leave you feeling more energised, uplifted and optimistic about the world.

7. Push yourself outside your comfort zone.

We all have goals that scare us – we may want to ask for that promotion or be assertive in a particular situation or walkaway from a negative relationship or apply for the role of our dreams but feel that we are not good enough.

The biggest regret in life is not pursuing these things. It is better to have pursued and have been rejected than to not have pursued at all and have regrets.

Accordingly call that number, ask for that promotion or apply for that role. Life is too short. Remember debating about whether to doing something is more painful than the actual process of doing it.

If you’re not going to die then is it really that bad?? Doing things outside your comfort zone does not mean that it is unsafe!

8. Sleep

Sleep is important to our physical and mental state of mind and often the most compromised when we are busy or have other things going on in our lives.

A lack of sleep costs the economy billions in productivity and creates a huge number of health problems.

Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours is vital to how we feel, our energy levels and as a result it is a major factor in how happy we feel in our every day lives.

The benefits of sleeping cannot be underestimated: sleeping promotes a stronger memory, longer life and better creative abilities.

It is stress-reducing as well as a prevention mechanism for depression and other physical illnesses.

9. Learn to say no

Saying no is hard. It is painful and most of all it comes from our desire not to let another person down.

However we have to put ourselves first. If we want to live a more happy, fulfilling life, prioritising where we spend our time and energy is key. As we prioritise, we ultimately decide that some things are not important and not worth attending or doing.

Accordingly we have to be brave and say no to these even if we risk upsetting somebody else.

Do not feel obliged. In fact some people will actually respect you more for standing up for yourself.

10. Remember to say “I love you” to the people who matter the most

Ironically when you tell loved ones how much you love them, they automatically increase the amount of love they feel for you.

As a result expressing your love not only makes you feel great, it is reciprocated and that is a great feeling! After all love and relationships make the world go round.

Remember unsaid words can leave you with regrets. Start expressing your love today – you will be amazed at how happy it makes you feel.

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11. Eliminate the unnecessary

A vast amount of things in life are overrated and irrelevant to our overall purpose and goals. Physical possessions to out-dated friendships clutter our lives, add distractions and push us further away from our goals.

Unused items can be sold online and monetised. There’s also an element of getting rid of the old and clearing the way for new to unfold.

12. Have a sense of purpose

Your purpose is what motivates you to get out of bed every day, what drives you to go that extra mile and what allows you to smile in the face of adversity.

Living your purpose every day means living your values; it ultimately means being true to yourself.

Having a sense of purpose (2) accelerates your motivation and self-esteem a thousand fold. Whatever it is, find it, honour it and do it. It will change your perspective on life.

13. Prioritise spending time with the five people who are closest aligned to your goals

They say you are a product of the five people that you spend most of your time with.

Accordingly it is crucial to audit who you are spending time with the most and whether they are helpful to you in meeting your goals and dreams. Are the people you spend time with happy, successful and smart or are they lazy, uninspiring and annoying?

Remember emotions are contagious – even misery and unhappiness so be mindful of who you choose to spend your time with.

Thank you for reading this article about daily habits to improve life and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
Przemkas Mosky started Perfect 24 Hours in 2017. He is a Personal Productivity Specialist, blogger and entrepreneur. He also works as a coach assisting people to increase their motivation, social skills or leadership abilities. Read more here