How To Get Your Life Back On Track After You Messed Up

Today you’re going to learn how to get your life back on track. Have you felt stuck, insecure and left behind? Have you felt like a full time looser, having tons of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs?

What to do in such moments, when it is not really clear what exactly is going on with your life? Have you asked yourself this question? I have. I know what it is like. I’ve been there.

A certain worrying starts to arise and if you don’t act accordingly, which means right away, it will most probably suck you up and put you even into a deeper cloud of limiting thoughts.

Here are some useful tips on how to bring your life back on track:

How To Get Your Life Back On Track

1. Stop and observe the situation

You’ve probably heard this one before. Soldiers, marines and special forces do it when they are not really sure what’s going on in the current situation. There is one very important thing they do as well. They act fast.

They get out of the moment the fastest way possible by taking actions. Their life depends on it. We, people living a normal, civilian life are very similar. If we don’t react immediately, we are loosing something even more precious.

Our emotional freedom. We become prisoners of our own minds. Anyway, if you don’t react on time, it is very likely to end with big trouble. Do you want that? If the answer comes out to be “no”, you need to act. You need to act Fast.

2. Observe

Observation leads most of the time to many positive outcomes. First of all you are most likely to find out what you are doing wrong. Or what you are missing. We are all humans at the end and sometimes we make mistakes.

Mistakes usually may be transformed into great opportunities to learn, especially if we catch them on time. If not, the lesson will be hard. I’ve had many of these lessons. You don’t need them, believe me.

Follow simple strategy and you’ll be able to spot what’s wrong almost right away.

Just self observe yourself. Every day. Are you getting better at it? Did you manage to find out what’s you are not doing right? If not, ask questions. Simple questions. They are easier to answer. What am I not doing right? Then go ahead and start re observing the situation.

Yeah, I know, it sucks. But you need to find out the reason why, otherwise you can’t do anything really meaningful. Imagine you’re a doctor in a hospital, looking for the reason why a patient has a certain disease. First you need to find the reasons for it in order to find the exact cure. You don’t want to cure only the symptoms, as later on the disease will spread and it will get even worst.

So it is obvious that the reasons are inside of you. I’m not sorry to say it. I’ve said it to myself so many times, that I’m not sorry anymore. I’m just trying to give you some helpful advises, so no need to be sorry.

Too many “sorry” put you to a dead end. Back to questioning.

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3. Is your personal life in a good stand?

You haven’t stopped seeing all your friends, right? Or all of them are sucking your energy up and putting you down when it comes up to your dreams and achieving your freedom?

Well, cut them off and find new friends. Unless you don’t have something really valuable to share with them (latest horror movie doesn’t count) It is very important to have at least few people in your life who share your passion.

I found out with time, that I anyway can’t see often more than five friends of mine. It just doesn’t happen with the lifestyle I have. So you better spend quality time with friends that inspire you and give you a boost to what you’re doing. These are the friends you need.

Same thing with the love of your life. If she/he doesn’t resonate with your own dreams, why spending time together? If the relationship is not supportive, why having one then?

Food for thought. My last relationship was like that. There was a lot of love, great sex and beautiful moments, but we were heading in different directions.

After we decided to continue being friends only (something that amazingly happens with all the women I’ve been with), my creative power tripled. No, I lied. It went up to the sky and I rocked. You need a quality relationships with people in your life. Period.

4. Are you in a good physical shape?

You need to feel good in your body in order to have a good life. That means having enough energy and mental clearness. I work out every day. Seven days a week. No excuses.

I’ve designed my own program that fits perfectly my lifestyle. You should do the same. You need to keep your blood flowing. Cardio training works the best. Try it. Go jogging, rope jumping, bicycling, swimming or mountain running. They are all great for you.

If you don’t have the time (which is not a valid excuse) do some push ups or, sit ups or pull ups. Do 3 to 5 series of push ups, sit ups, pull ups and ab exercises with no brake in between. 30 minutes total.

When I am really in the flow of inspiration (like I am now), I do this every morning. Priceless.

5. Do you eat good or you go for a junk food?

I’ve been vegan for more than five years now and I’ve been on a raw food diet for about 90 days. Days of fasting are in my routine as well, but this Is a topic for another book coming soon.

I can’t even express good enough what a huge difference food makes to your life. After becoming vegan, I’ve started meditating a lot more and my visualization process became a lot easier. My mind was a lot more calm and clear and it was a lot easier to concentrate on every task after during the day.

When I went on the raw side, my energy and creative power didn’t double. It multiplied at least by ten. Food is Life. Food is energy. Food will make you scream a huge “Yeah”, if you go ahead and give yourself a permission to change your diet.

Not to mention all the synchronicity in my life that started to flow in like crazy. Food is important. Very, very important part of the whole equation.

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6. Do you sleep well?

If your mind is stuffed with too much “staff” it is most likely that you are not experiencing good sleep at all. Are you having some shallow, non sense making dreams?

A good sleep is when you sleep for 5 hours or less and wake up before your alarm goes on. It may sounds crazy for most of you but it’s true.

A lot of people think that 8 hours is not enough. Well, for me 8 hours are too much. Unless I’ve been training like crazy or mountaineering for 12-14 hours a day, few days in a roll.

I am in good shape. And I would like you to be able to say the same thing soon enough. That is why I am writing these words and sharing my thoughts now.

Calm the mind before you go to bed. Counting sheep is an old style trick that doesn’t really help these days. Your mind is way too much overfilled with crappy thoughts. Sheep don’t help. You need a different approach.

Meditate. We’ll get there in the next chapter in details. Simply follow your breathing for a few minutes. Put your intention into how your breath goes in and out of your body. Try it. You’ll be amazed of the results.

7. Do you meditate?

Are you being in the present moment of now long enough during the day? There are thousands of different meditation techniques that may put you in that state if you are really willing to do so. One of them we’ve just mentioned.

Use your senses to be here and now. Yet most of the time we are unaware of what is going on in the exact moment of now, if you concentrate on using your senses consciously, you’ll experience a major shift in your awareness.

Eat consciously. Drink consciously. Smoke consciously (if you haven’t dumped that awful habit yet). Walk and exercise consciously, etc.

Listen and speak actively. Be in the now.

It’s easy to say but hard to do, I know. It took me years to learn how to get to the point to calm down my mind and clear all my thoughts whenever I want. Maybe it will take you a lifetime, maybe it will take you a month. You can’t be sure by the time you start doing it. Action, remember? Conscious action.

I know I am being a little bit too harsh sometimes but it is for your own good. If you can’t realize it now, you’ll understand what I mean later on. It’s all good.

Go ahead and answer all the above questions, but really, be honest with yourself. There is no one else you can lie to, but yourself. Then start from the first one, work on it until it feels more and more clear and jump to the next one.

As one of the greatest men that have ever lived on this planet said once, “A long journey begins with a single step”

Do the first step. And keep walking…

Przemkas Mosky
Przemkas Mosky started Perfect 24 Hours in 2017. He is a Personal Productivity Specialist, blogger and entrepreneur. He also works as a coach assisting people to increase their motivation, social skills or leadership abilities. Read more here