10 Mental Health Hacks That Give You Awesome Brain Powers

If you’re looking for some mental health hacks to boost your brain power, then you’ll love this article.

The mind knows a lot of tricks you’ve probably never heard of before. You will be surprised how easy and pleasant it is to explore its extraordinary possibilities. Are you interested?

Here are the 10 most interesting mental health hacks:

1. Start playing some calm, slow music in your head.

Have you ever been so tired of going to bed with a lively and energetic song, endlessly rumbling in your head and not letting you fall asleep? There is a way to do that.

It’s very difficult to just turn off the song and leave the silence in your mind, but you can replace it with another song. Start playing some calm, slow music in your head, which you like a lot and which will put you to sleep. Just for about a minute, you’ll have to consciously focus on playing this new song in your head instead of the old one, then it will fly by itself, automatically, and the old one will disappear. Thanks to that you will fall asleep quickly and easily.

2. In order to concentrate effectively, do a small visualisation exercise.

Imagine that you are on the beach. Look at the sea and see how the rough sea creates the big waves that flow to the beach. Concentration is a state where you focus on one thing only, and all your other thoughts don’t bother you. Imagine that the waves take your thoughts one by one. Create a representation of each thought – symbol, association, image. Arrange your thoughts (one at a time) close to the water and observe how they are taken by the waves.

3. Change the tone of your internal voice

Perhaps you have such moments in your life that you speak to yourself through inner dialogue, not necessarily positive things. Unfortunately, such dialogue has the power to make people feel bad, lack of self-confidence and stress.

If you want negative inner dialogue to have power, its tone and character must be sure and decisive. Take it away definitely by changing the tone of his speech to that of the questioner. Add a question mark at the end of each sentence he says in your head. Now let him say everything, as if he were asking you for your opinion. Do his words still have a negative impact on you? If you want to intensify the effect, change his voice to the voice of some funny fairy tale character. Fun guaranteed :)

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4. Program yourself a specific dream.

Once you’ve gone to bed, start imagining the dream you’d like to have. Visualize exactly what you want to see – with every detail. Pay attention to the sounds that are there, hear them all. Feel the touch of the objects there and the emotions that accompany it. Continue to imagine the scenery of the dream for about 10 minutes. It is very likely that at night you will dream about what you have just programmed.

5. If you want to make a difficult decision or find a solution to a specific problem, play a character from a movie or fairy tale for a while.

Think about what he/she would do in this situation? This will give you access to different points of view so you will have a wider range of possibilities. You will often come across the answer you were looking for, which you would not otherwise have found. So when solving a problem, ask yourself: “What would Superman do?”, “What would Alfred Hitchcock do?”, “What would Donald the Duck do?”, “What would Mr. Bean do?”, “What would Forrest Gump do?”. In NLP, it’s called second perceptual position, which means looking at the problem from the perspective of another person. Apart from finding very useful solutions, it’s also great fun.

6. Warm up your mind.

When you are going to learn or do another mental activity, first take a moment for a couple of mental push-ups. The principle is very simple – you are doing some simple mathematical calculations in your head. For example, you can add the number 123 to yourself endlessly, or multiply the selected number with x3 as long as you can. At first it will be easy, then this task will be a big challenge. Continue for 5 minutes. During this time you can change tasks if you are stuck in one. This warm-up will make it easier for you to think later and focus on a specific activity.

7. Use hypnagogic states as a source of creativity

Do you know what a hypnagogic state is? It’s the state between wakefulness and sleep, the moment you sail to the land of dreams. Hypnagogues are images, sounds, associations and symbols that appear then, completely randomly, without any logical connections. It is said that some inventors used this phenomenon as a source of creativity. There is a way in which you can see for yourself what interesting things are created in your mind when you fall asleep.

When you go to bed ( you should be very tired), lie down on your back. Lift the forearm of one hand so that it is perpendicular to the bed. Lift only part of the arm from elbow to hand, the rest on the bed. While lying there, let yourself fall asleep. When a person falls asleep, all the muscles become flaccid. Therefore, when you go to sleep, your forearm will fall on the bed, which will probably awaken you and restore your consciousness. This will help you remember the contents of your hypnagogues.

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8. Take a piece of paper and write your thoughts on it for 10 minutes.

Word for word, write down exactly what you say to yourself through the inner dialogue. Do not try to focus on anything concrete during this exercise. Let your thoughts flow where they want to go. Your task is only to put it on paper. When you’re done, put the paper down and don’t read it. Go back to what you did before. Only after at least an hour of time has passed, take it and read everything you wrote. You will see your amazement at the chaos that can reign in your mind. Thanks to this exercise you will realize how your thoughts behave when you do not control them.

9. When you are going to meet a friend or a friend, imagine before the meeting that you haven’t seen him/her in a very long time.

Convince your mind that this is a meeting after years and that you can’t wait to find out what’s going on with this person. This trick will cause you a great emotional and behavioural state at the moment of the meeting, which will define your meeting in advance. The other person, seeing such enthusiasm and interest from you, will feel great on their own, so your interaction will explode with energy.

10. When you listen to your favorite music, close your eyes. If you turn off your eyesight, your hearing will become more acute.

This way, your music will be much more intense and your enjoyment will be greater. You can do the same with a meal. In this case, you will sharpen your sense of taste and experience a completely different experience.

And how do you like this mental gymnastics?

Thank you for reading this article about mental health hacks and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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