“Why I Am Unhappy With My Life?”: 16 Biggest Causes Of Unhappiness

If you’ve ever wondered “why i am unhappy with my life”, this article is for you.

Ultimately happiness is a choice but at times takes effort. I fully believe it’s worth it not to choose something else over being happy. So below are some reasons and possible ideas to help when dealing with unhappiness.

Why I Am Unhappy With My life? Here Are The Reasons

1. Putting things off

We tend to leave many things unfinished in our daily lives. This not only drains us of our energy but leads to nothing but stress. People who procrastinate essentially self destructs and sabotages their personal happiness.

Personal gratification is detoured by placing obstacles in the way that serves as a roadblock to their overall happiness. People tend to just make the choice to fail whether they realize it or not!

I realize the enormous task of just dealing with everyday responsibilities tends to overwhelm. So desperately needing a moment to take a breath we just relax instead of taking action. Personally I like watching movies when I know I should be doing something else. However before I even realize it the deadline is here and I begin to stress even more.

What to do

You must make the conscious decision to move forward and stop putting things off. Try to figure out why you are procrastinating in the first place. Doing so will lead to happiness. It can be done!

2. Working all the time

Given the way bills tend pile up in the mailbox people have to work hard and long hours just to pay them. Many have to work numerous jobs just to make ends meet. However taking the time to have fun is an important component to happiness. I realize some things can’t wait and must be done but others can.

What to do

This is a easy one. Have some fun. You know what to do so go out and do it. You can wait til next weekend to cut the grass. You have my permission!

3. Not believing in yourself

You can’t let other be make you feel bad about yourself! You can’t feel bad about yourself! All of us has had some accomplishments no matter how small they may seem. Be proud of them. Everyone also people tend to have a number of personal traits and//or qualities that are admirable. Focus on those and slowly begin to confront what you want to change and do it one step at a time.

What to do

I believe your self esteem is a choice so choose to believe in yourself. Make a habit out of it and you will be on the path to happiness.

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4. Not taking responsibility

You must take responsibility for your own life. Some of you might think if you don’t nobody else will but that’s not always the case. Our lack of taking responsibility leads to following others beliefs and ideas instead of following our own. You can see why that can cause unhappiness.

What to do

Take control of your life even though it will not always if ever easy. It must be done to be happy so again make the choice to do it!

5. Be yourself

When you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone else stop! Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Look only at and be grateful for the good things in your life. You don’t have to have a big house, nice car, or make as much money as others to be happy.

What to do

Enjoy where you are right now as an individual. I’m not saying improve if you want but enjoy the ride along the way.

6. Remembering only the past or thinking only of the future

Remember we are living in the here and now.Focus on the present day and not the past or the future.

We often have the tendency to fixate on the way things use to be, should be, or will be someday.

However life must be lived right now!

What to do

You can’t change the past and do not know what the future holds. So take time and enjoy life now. Be Happy!

7. Feeling unwanted and irrelevant

A stated previously we get caught up in the mundane everyday life. The constant grind of work and nothing else or children growing up and not needing you can make you feel like your life has no meaning.

What to do

Do something that is meaning to you personally for example write a book or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Whatever will make yourself feel good and gives your life a sense of purpose.

8. Feeling tired, old, and worn down

Ultimately your health is your life. Just trying to survive in the world today can make us feel broken.

Our bodies are meant to be a temple and must be protected.

What to do

Eat healthy, exercise, and get in the right frame of mind. Remember making a healthy lifestyle last will take turning living right into a habit. A habit can last.

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9. No positive reinforcement

You can control how you react to things that happen in life and the key is to not be negative. I remember when my stock market savings went down. Instead of being negative I said to myself it would come back up in the long term. And besides I was fortunate enough to be able to invest when many people are barely making ends meet.

What to do

So I think you get the idea. Almost everything in life has a way to put a positive spin on it. Focusing on the positives allows happiness into your life.

10. Fear of failure

If you do your best and then condemn yourself placing a roadblock and sabotaging your happiness. If your fear of failure has caused you to take the safe path you have already failed. Perfection can be the enemy of good if it’s the only way you will accept it.

What to do

Don’t be afraid to fail just take a deep breath, and make an educated guess on the next logical step and go for it. Nine times out of ten even if you get it wrong it is better than doing nothing at all.

11. Not making enough money

Most of us has the ongoing problem.

What to do

Find out why you’re in debt in the first place. The truth is the ability to save money has little to do with the amount of money you have in most cases. You will only start to save money when saving becomes a habit. Make it a habit. It is possible to manage your money wisely so your money does not manage you.

12. Avoiding relationships

The quality of our relationships correlates directly with happiness. Sometimes in the midst of life chaos takes over and we forget to do the things that remind us we’re part of something greater than ourselves. I think we need to be around people at least to some extent to truly be happy. Alive.

What to do

Try and make time for people especially friends and family. It’s worth the time.

13. Worrying to much

When you tend to worry too much you create a negative situation for the future while dealing with all the negative emotions now. Basically you are torturing yourself and it’s not doing you one bit of good.

What to do

Like the late 80’s song by Bobby McFerrin says Don’t worry Be happy. There is absolutely no good reason whatsoever to worry. Take action if there is one to take but worrying will not bring happiness.

14. Losing Control

It’s hard to be happy when life feels out of control and is totally against you. But people who play the role of a victim are never happy.

What to do

Take by control in the area you feel you lost it. Ultimate control does not have anything to do with external factors even though it may seem that way. Also remember as stated above to never give this power to anyone else or you will never be happy.

15. Having ill will towards others

It’s no secret that anytime you hold a grudge the only person that is harmed is you. The person you are upset with often has no idea what hateful thoughts you’re throwing at them. Meanwhile you’re unhappy, angry and frustrated. What are you doing?

What to do

Just forgive and forget if at all possible. I know it is not easy with many people that’s hurt you but you are only hurting yourself. If you don’t forget then you’re not really forgiving. Do this as soon as possible You’ll be much happier this way.

16. Unflexibility

The easiest way to be unhappy is to believe that everyone else in the world should play by your standards. I want you to think about the last time you were angry. Did it happen to be because someone broke one of your rules?

What to do

You need to understand that your set of beliefs are just that, yours. No one else has to live by them. You need to accept that your rules are not other people’s rules. Do this and I promise you many things that used to bother you simply won’t anymore.


Even our constitution says we have the right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! So it must be important. I hope these possible reasons for your unhappiness will assist you in making the necessary changes so you no longer geel that way.

Przemkas Mosky
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