15 Signs Of Selfish Person: Characteristics Of Selfish Person

If you’ve ever wondered what are the signs of a selfish person?, this article is for you.

Selfish persons are those who take benefits from others when they are in need and do not intentionally help that person who helped them in crisis. You always find such persons around you in the present era when the people have little moral values and less sensitivity to help others.

In this scenario, when you look around you for someone to help you in odd hours, you hardly have any reliable person or friend to help you to overcome the situations. It is significant to know those persons who are selfish lest you may remain alone at odd times.

Let us discuss about identifying the selfish persons or signs of selfish people.

15 Signs Of Selfish Person

1. Selfish persons do not keep their promises

Selfish persons do not keep their promises. They promise many things but do not keep. Their commitments are of no use. They convince you in such a manner that you keep on relying them and later they deceive you. Then you are in awkward situation as to what has happened with you.

You tell others that no one can be as reliable as that person is but when you look around in difficulty that person who promised to help you in every situation do not spare even few minutes caring for you.

Leaders who are elected sometimes behave like a selfish person who visit your house and work-place everyday till elections and promise you about many reforms in the society but when you tell them your problems after they got elected, they hardly lend an ear to your complaints and entangle you in the official procedure and formalities.

2. Selfish persons make self-contradictory statements

Selfish persons make self-contradictory statements. Whatever Selfish persons say, they back-out from that statement and do not do that work what they say to accomplish.

Whatever they say and do; are entirely different. Their actions are different from what they say. They make plan for you and then change such plans.

3. Selfish persons use you for their benefit

Selfish persons always use others for their own benefits. Selfish persons may pretend to be your close friend or relative but they actually oft times plan as to how to use you for their benefits. If you are of no use to them, they do not continue relationship with you for long.

In marital relationship this has become a common problem, where girl or boy prefers to select a person to be a life partner who is rich, affluent and powerful, so that they can exploit such things.

If selfish people find other options where the girl/boy is more rich, affluent and powerful than the previous one; they do not hesitate to play with others sentiments and move to other relationship.

This has developed extra marital affairs in the society that leads to destruction of marital institution. In youngsters exchange of expensive gifts in affairs has become very prevalent, where relationships are broken up in lack of exchange of such expensive gifts.

Many dowry cases in the courts are pending due to selfish nature of selfish persons.

4. Selfish persons are expert liars

Selfish persons are expert liars. They have excuses for everything. They easily tell a lie to others about their relationships, education, friends and contacts with authorities.

Irrespective of the fact whether or not, they have connections with higher authorities in political parties or leaders, they pretend as if they are very close to such political leaders to impress and dominate people and take benefits from them.

5. Selfish persons disappear when you are in need

Selfish persons assure you that they will take care of everything when you are in need, but actually they slip from that place, when needed. Selfish persons disappear when you seek for their help by giving lame excuses over phone or sometimes they do not even pick up the phone or tell their family members that they are not at home when you want to see them personally.

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6. Selfish persons are not helpful

Selfish persons do not help anyone easily. They are not kind, generous or helpful by nature. They just think as to how to make the most of any relationship. Instead of giving anything in any relationship they believe in taking things and benefits from others.

7. Selfish persons believe in pomposity

Selfish persons believes in pomposity and they show-off a lot with a view to impress other persons so that benefits can be derived from such new contacts and relationships.

Selfish people give plenty of money and dowry at the wedding of their daughters, it is not because they love their daughters but to impress others and derive benefit of all these things at the time of wedding of their sons.

Selfish persons are always calculative and business minded even in very close relationships.

8. Selfish persons seek respect from others but they do not respect others

Selfish persons seek respect from others but they do not respect others.

Sometimes in the events of the marriage functions paternal uncle, son in-law, brother-in-law create nuisance at the time of fixing any wedding or rituals related thereto.

If conditions of such relatives are not accepted, they create nuisance and disturb the function without thinking about others emotions and the expenditure since they just want to establish their dominance over others without caring about others.

9. Selfish persons always maintain relationships where they find their own benefit

Selfish persons make and break relationships according to their requirements. When they find someone important for their help and resolving issues, they maintain relationships.

In case, they do not find anyone important for resolving their problems and helping them, they maintain distance.

10. Selfish persons do not assume responsibilities

Selfish persons talk exaggeratedly but they do not work accordingly. They never assume responsibilities.

They use other people and procrastinate when any responsibility is given to them. They delegate it to others and they want to avoid being responsible for anything (1).

If anything important is expected from them, they forward it to others while they prefer to take credit of accomplishing those tasks which they never do.

11. Selfish persons always try to please you and say only those things what you want to listen

Selfish persons are flatterers and say whatever you want to listen in your favour. Such people can never be your well-wishers since they accept every statement made by you as correct before you and make fun of your decisions in front of others.

By flattering you, they derive benefits from you and you feel that such persons are your well-wishers while they enjoy their life by fulfilling their desires by befooling you.

Selfish persons always try to please other people so that they can use them whenever required but selfish persons actually do not respect such people.

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12 Selfish persons are not well-wishers

Selfish persons are never well-wishers of anyone since they are expert liars and flatterers. They appreciate those persons who fulfil their demands.

When their demands are not fulfilled they start criticising. They are never well-wishers of anyone since they never speak the truth.

According to their need they tell a lie or start flattering. Even though you are looking ugly in a dress, selfish persons will appreciate you by doing this they will please you and take whatever their demands or expectations are from you.

Selfish persons enjoy promotions, bonus and more incentives by pleasing their boss in such a manner.

13. Selfish persons are envious on your success

Selfish persons pretend to be a happy person in all circumstances and they know how to please others. Even then selfish persons are envious of others success.

They cannot tolerate progress of others. The persons who are flourishing, they are sore in the eyes of the selfish persons. Selfish persons cannot even tolerate the success of their friends and close ones.

Selfish persons do not make efforts to get success and look for shortcuts.

14. Selfish persons condemn others before you and condemn you before others

Selfish persons criticise others before you and condemn you before others. Selfish persons are always changing. They never stand-by a person for long term.

Selfish persons do not maintain long term relationships (2) if they do not find them beneficial. Selfish persons never hesitate to expose your negatives before others and vice-versa.

15. Selfish persons always think about their own priorities and not about others

Selfish persons always think about their own priorities and not about others. If they find someone else is in difficulty they won’t help but start thinking as to how to take benefit from others even in their odd circumstances.

Selfish persons do not take care of their parents and close ones but at the death bed of their parents, selfish persons reach first, not because they love their parents but to take signatures on documents of properties and other assets prior to their other siblings.

If Selfish persons spend money on the medical treatment or cremation of their parents or close ones, they take double amount from their siblings showing fake bills.


It is important to know the salient features of the selfish persons. It is pragmatic to keep yourself away from selfish persons. You can never grow honestly with the help of selfish persons.

If you wish to enjoy success based on your honesty and your dedication towards work, you should maintain distance with the selfish persons.

If you find anything negative in you as stated above, which encompasses you in the ambit of selfish persons. Remove those demerits and tread on the path to success honestly.

Thank you for reading this article about signs of selfish people and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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