How To Be Successful Person In Life: 6 [Awesome] Strategies

If you’ve ever wondered how to be successsful person in life: this article is for you.

The aim of this post is to show you what you need to do but the text can only go that far; it cannot do those things for you. The onus is on you to implement what you read.

There are many people in the world who are just interested in success because they do not do much to be successful. They look at other people being successful and going up the ladder of life while they remain where they were ten years previously, or even get worse.

Everyone wants some level of success in their lives.

The hope to be someone great or to do something great keeps many people going. One’s measure of success is determined by that individual, some set their bars too high, some too low and some just right.

But the key to being successful is not really about what one determines as success in their life, or even about the success one wants for oneself.

To achieve success one has to act, something has to be done otherwise achieving success will remain in dreams and plans.

How many books, articles and what not have you read about ways in which to achieve success, some very good ones at that? And how much of that information you took in did you implement?

Maybe one or two ideas for a short while then you went back to your good old comfortable life of moving along with the current. It is a comfortable life until something happens to seriously jerk you awake.

So long as you are not prepared to really sacrifice some things in your life and tell yourself that enough is enough, books can be written and the message can come in whatever media form but you will not succeed.

You success will only come after you make that decision and you follow it through. Without acting on it, success is never coming to you because it has no legs. Success does not come to you, you go for it.

I do not judge success by gambling but even those who win the lottery, have at least bought the ticket! You have to get out of your comfort zone otherwise life will overtake you and you will be fifty, or sixty, or whatever and then you wonder where the time went.

It would have gone into all the unimportant things which you allowed to prevent you from doing the important things. It is up to you, after all.

Well, you have taken a step in the right direction just by reading this article. You have done something towards achieving your success.

However, you still need to implement what you read, because reading or knowing with no action will not work. Prepare now to act. Here we go…

What is success?

You want it, you aspire to have it, you are prepared to slave your way to get it; you are even reading an article about realistic ways to get it. But, have you ever really paused to consider what success really means?

For some it might mean the ability to buy a small house in a respectable area, for others it is a mansion with a hundred rooms.

Success might mean a Bugatti, yet for others a second hand Toyota Corolla would do. It might even mean just being able to pay school fees for their children.

The one person to effectively define success is you, therefore only you can define what exactly it is that you relate to success. It should not, like we see in many societies; depend on the people surrounding you.

You will be the one to live with your success so it has to be something of value to you.

Most of us desire whatever type of success we want because we want to impress others. Your level of success is linked to what others would do or say or think when they see you behind the wheel of that car! It is therefore not about you but about them!

You have to do away with this kind of thinking because at the end you are the one struggling to get there, but where is it you really are struggling to get to?

I believe the number one reason that people do not stick to their plans about the level of success or their ideals for success is because they are doing it for other people.

The aspiration is linked to the community, the friends, the society… and has little or nothing to do with the individual’s hopes and yearnings.

If you live someone’s dream, you do not really feel the impact in your life, you do not really care either way.

If you want success only because you want them to see your success you are likely to act lackadaisically because you lack the natural verve that comes with aspiring to achieve something for yourself.

Consider your success yard-stick and evaluate if the success you want is for you or for others. If it is for others, reconsider your preferences. Your success should be something that thrills you from the core of your being even if no one but you knew about your achievement.

The minute you say, “Wait until I show the world,” then it is not yours but the world’s aims.

Endeavor to achieve success based on your personal values, not adopted or societal values and you will find it much easier and be determined enough to follow through the given ideas to get to your desired level of success.

How To Be Successful Person In Life

1. Take the initiative

It is quite unfortunate because most people wait to be handed success on a silver platter. You do not look at the opportunities around you, let alone move fifty miles away to find them.

You look forward to the day you would graduate with that degree but you never register at the university or college, how then will you attain that degree?

Are you aspiring for a three month doctorate like Grace Mugabe? Where in the world would you get that?

You have to be prepared to act to get what you want. You have no excuse: you am blessed by all the right faculties and a fully able body, but even with some disabilities; there is no excuse to be docile.

There are millions of people in the world with various disabilities who are doing extremely well for themselves for you to have any excuses.

The world is bursting at the seams with resources which await anyone with the right attitude to take on, why can’t that anyone be you? No reason.

There are genuine cases where you cannot help what comes your way but if tragedy happens and you are pro-active, you do not wait for handouts but take the bull by the horns and move on. Your life is what you make of it.

Hellen Keller was blind and deaf but she rose through that. She learnt to read and write and to this day we enjoy her extremely inspiring messages more than thirty-five years after her death.

If she did not sit and feel sorry for herself but rose against all odds who are you to despair?

You mind is amazing and can surprise you with what it comes up with, all you have to do is push it. Imagine what would happen if you could really put your mind to it.

Everything starts in your mind, even the failure to act. Program your mind to think and do with success in mind and you will see it respond positively. Where you want to go is created by you and your mind and only you can work hard to get there.

What you want to achieve in life is possible once you get a grip on your life and take control of your destiny. Work hard; think hard and you will see yourself start moving in the direction you desire.

2. Face you fears

The devil does not have to be some spiritual force causing havoc in the lives of Christians. The devil is that which you fear. Is it failure that prevents you from taking action for your success? Then failure is your devil.

Some would prefer driving across many states and several time zones just because they fear flying-as long as that fear is not faced and overcome, or as James wrote, ‘resisted’; then it will keep wrecking-havoc in your life. Learn to overcome your fears if your success is to become a reality.

You might be asking me right now how you can overcome a fear that might have been with you for many years. My answer is for you to identify, acknowledge then challenge your fear.

In most cases what we fear is not scary. At least if your fear is genuine, like you are afraid of a physical thing, a lion maybe; you can enjoy your fear without ever thinking of challenging it.

After all, everyone is afraid of lions only that we do not expect to find them in the street!

We do not live with that kind of fear everyday of our lives and, as I said, you can live with that fear because it will not affect your desire to achieve success; unless if your idea of success is owning a lion or game park or maybe working for one.

In most cases, we fear for what will happen if we fail to do something. We fear to act against or for something.

Imagine if Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King had feared, how much would not have been achieved? For anyone to become a president or congressman, they first face their fears.

They have no guarantee that they will get any vote; they also fear the embarrassment but their desire for success is greater than the fear of failure. As long as your fear is greater, you will not lift a finger. That devil will toy around with your life and your future.

Get up and stare that fear in the face (if it has one) and in most cases you will find out that it was nothing but a mirage, or that you were afraid of your own thoughts.

Confrontation works for most people, try confronting your fear and avoid giving negative thoughts the power to make you deviate from what you desire; success.

Do not ignore the fears, but face them as something ignored might grow in intensity to a stage where facing it becomes an impossible task.

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3. Do not see risk in every opportunity

Opportunities are everywhere around us and if you dare look, you will find them. But, so are risks. Every opportunity you see is carrying a risk. What matters is what you do after you see that opportunity and recognize the risk that might go with it.

Are you going to let the opportunity pass you by because you do not want to take the risk? How many risks do you take every day? What guarantee do you have that the air you are breathing in right now has not been laced with lethal chemicals that will kill you within five minutes? None!

Such is life. Remember life is full of risks but life goes on anyways. Grab that opportunity you find and deal with the risks as they arise.

Every opportunity you find has difficulties it will carry with it, focus on the difficulties and you lose out, ignore the difficulties and you lose out. The key is to learn to deal with the opportunity and the difficulties it might bring along.

Most unsuccessful people are unsuccessful not because they found no opportunities, but because they could not face up to the risk that went with the opportunity.

There are many risks in starting businesses, if all people did not risk it there would be no businesses in the world.

Why, if I did not risk you would not be reading this article, as I write it, what guarantee do I have that it will be bought? Would you be alive if your mother had not risked pregnancy?

To ride on the waves of success you need the waves; and you do not find waves in the sand but in water. You have to risk being in the ocean or sea to ride on that wave.

There is no way of going around the problem other than taking no risks and opting to maintain your unsuccessful life, risk it and you will see things starting to happen.

All it takes is for you to take the bull by the horns and everything else will take care of itself!

4. Make careful plans (and follow them through)

If you do not make a plan for your success you are like someone who goes into a labyrinth in darkness hoping to find something they lost. The success will be equally evasive.

By planning, you clearly map all that you want to do and you can then follow your plan to succeed because; making a plan is designing your life for the success you want to achieve.

You need to clearly indicate what you want to achieve, the level of success you want to reach then highlight how you will know you have arrived. You also have to put in place ways to get there and what you will do if a part of your plan does not go the way you expect it to.

Your plan also needs a time frame during which, after which or before which you would have achieved your goals, in case you keep struggling, and struggling to get where you want to only because it is part of the plan.

Planning should be followed by action and one thing that turns action away is mere idleness.

If you are idle you will not achieve success because you just never get up to do what should be done, rather you keep thinking up excuses and vain reasons why you should not do what you are supposed to do. Plan to act and ensure you do not entertain laziness.

Making plans will help you to get organized (1) and you cannot imagine how organization helps to achieve success. When you are organized you know exactly where you are, how you got there, where you are going and how.

You know what prevented you from achieving a, b and c and you plan on alleviating that and with organization comes preservation of time through effectively managing the time you have.

When you plan, you do not make sudden decisions like the decisions you make based on emotions, but you carefully consider situations. This aspect would assuage the occurrence of disasters in your life.

If you make a business decision based on emotion and not on facts you might end up regretting that decision and if you make careful plans for your life, such careless emotion based decisions are unlikely to happen.

You cannot succeed without planning on proper ways of managing your finances.

The popular Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mutukudzi says your success depends on what you do with that money when you get it. You will not succeed in buying that hotel if you carelessly use the money you get. Investing money is a planned way of ensuring you do not misuse finances.

After making plans and you are following them through, then be patient. Impatience will derail all your plans when you do something contrary to your plans because you feel what you want is not happening as quickly as you would want it to.

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5. Keep yourself inspired

Intrinsic motivation is a necessity if you are to succeed. This is one of the best qualities a person can possess.

Self-inspiration keeps you going when no one else believes in what you are doing. It keeps you on track and prevents you from comparing yourself to anyone.

You come to know that you will achieve your success in time and that is dependent on no one but you and that no matter how fast someone achieves the same dream, yours will be achieved when the right time comes as long as you keep at it.

Be sure to maintain a positive attitude about your aspirations for success as this will make you surround yourself with the right kind of people; people who will have positive influences in your life, or those on whose lives you will impact positively.

Without being self-inspired, you can become like a reed in water or as if you are being carried by a strong current. You will become very comfortable as you go with the flow without bothering to follow your dreams, or feel too drained to.

You should not hang onto anything anyone says to you nor bend to whichever side the voice is coming from because if the voice praises you, you are inspired to do better and if the voice discourages you on the other hand, you also become discouraged and start feeling sorry for yourself.

You will be like someone trying desperately to hang onto something which is also flowing in the same current.

With self-inspiration this would not be the case as you can stand against any opposing voice because your inspiration is not from without, but your own and you realize that there could be pitfalls ahead which are best avoided by not resigning your fate to external forces.

You can only learn to swim against the current if you are motivated from within, and swimming against the flow gets you to where you want your dreams to take you and not where the world wants you to go.

6. Keep learning

Gaining knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and at the same time it allows you to achieve success. Get as much knowledge as you can and also get all the information you can about what you want to achieve.

Listen when people with the know-how talk (2) and when inspiring people talk, learn what you can on your own. The information era brought knowledge to the world and there is no reason for you to deny yourself the chance to benefit from knowledge freely available.

Get info online, teach yourself what you can, read as much as you can and if you can; get formal qualifications. This will propel you towards the success you desire. Be on the look-out for whatever knowledge you might benefit from.

Choose the best way to go about getting what you desire but be sure to do the best that you can in any situation.

Learn from what others do. Attend meetings where successful people are meeting and listen to their ideas. Mingle with them and let them know you; some might remember you some other time and help you along.

You cannot do without positive people if you want to succeed.

That you have learnt something should show in a change of behavior. What you do with the knowledge gained is more important than the gaining of the knowledge.

You can be sure that the change in your behavior for the better brings your success closer and closer.


Thank you for reading this article about how to be a successful person in life and I really hope that you take action my advice.

Success is determined by how much you put in.

Never forget to work hard in all you do as you strive to achieve success. You can plan, you can learn and you can do all that needs to be done but if you do not follow that up with the action, then you will not see that success.

It is the action that counts and it is through action that you will eventually see all that you have been waiting, aspiring and hoping for.

Act on these ideas and I assure you that you will see your desired success in no time.

You will soon be enjoying the fruit of the hard work. Even with the success eventually attained, maintain what made you reach for and grab the stars because if you relax, time will pass you by.

But for now, go on and reach for those stars!

Przemkas Mosky
Przemkas Mosky started Perfect 24 Hours in 2017. He is a Personal Productivity Specialist, blogger and entrepreneur. He also works as a coach assisting people to increase their motivation, social skills or leadership abilities. Read more here