How To Unleash Your Creativity: 14 Tips To Unlock Potential

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to unleash your creativity.

Creativity is inherent to man. It is characterized by a creative process which includes imagination, curiosity, knowledge and evaluation or application.

If you think you are not creative because you are born that way, you are definitely wrong. Each one of us possesses talents and these talents are creative springs that we can utilize to achieve our goals and contribute in making the world a better place to live in.

While talents can be cultivated and discovered at a very young age, many people were not able to find their strengths because they were not given the opportunity and learning they need to cultivate them.

We need to unleash our creativity and by doing so, we can change the world through our innovative and significant creations.

How then can we unleash our creativity?

Here are tips and strategies on how we can effectively tap on our creative instincts…

A. Start with your way of thinking:

1. Inquisitiveness is the key:

According to studies and research, most creative people are naturally curious about a lot of things.

During his younger years, Albert Einstein devoted his time observing things and studying how things came to be. He was always curious about motion, gravity, the space, nature and chemical compositions of things. He also wondered about traveling at the speed of light.

Just like Einstein, if we follow our curiosity, we can certainly tap on our creativity. The things we are curious about are things that always interest us. It is where our passion lies and when we pursue our passion, we can get significant results because if we are passionate, we work hard.

Curiosity can lead us to roads less traveled. When you have a lot of questions going on in your mind, curiosity will help you find the answers.

It will lead you to many interesting and new discoveries just like our genius Einstein who believed that curiosity is the start of all great inventions and discovery.

2. Motivation should be intrinsic:

Creativity is a process and so it cannot happen in just a blink of an eye. In order to be able to tap on the creative well inside us, we need to learn how to motivate ourselves. It is in the condition of our minds.

We can motivate ourselves by listening to classical music, reading good books, watching creative programs on TV and playing some creative games and sport. Everything becomes easier when you know how to motivate yourself.

3. Be confident:

No matter how good you are, or how much people think your talent is amazing, if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be able to execute well.

Confidence is when you believe in yourself that you can do anything you intend to do. When you have confidence in your craft, people will appreciate it more. It helps you become more motivated when people recognize what you are doing.

Don’t be insecure. It will only suppress your creative power.

4. Follow where your heart leads you:

Expect criticism and skepticism from people and take it on a positive note. Do not be affected by what other people say. It is not surprising that they might say negative things towards your work if it is something new to them.

People are not generally comfortable with change. Ask for feedbacks for the purpose of improving your craft. Follow what your heart tells you. If you’re instinct tells you that you are on to something worthwhile, just go on.

Don’t stop midway just because some people don’t understand your work. Expect that people may not be objective at all times. They might lead you somewhere more beneficial to them than for you. Be careful and do not take all feedbacks too seriously.

Try to select constructive criticisms to negative biases. Do not let other people tell you what you have to do. You have your own freedom to think so you can follow your own path.

5. Mind mapping and brainstorming:

Creative thinking is enhanced through mind-mapping and brainstorming. These are two techniques which we can utilize to tap into our creative instincts and formulate solutions.

What we need to do is to write down the whole concept and think of other ideas that are related to the general concept. For example, when faced with a problem, we can place the problem at the center and generate possible solutions through brainstorming and mind-mapping.

Among the possible solutions you came up with; select the best method to use. Do not be afraid to think of many ways. Problems can be solved using different methods. Leave no room for doubt and never settle with just one solution.

Through brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques, your problem-solving skills will surely be improved.

6. Be committed:

If you want to achieve your goal, you should be committed. Devote some of your precious time in developing your creativity and enhancing your talents and skills.

Read more, research more and you will be able to learn many things. Expertise springs from your knowledge about something.

As the saying goes, “it is better to know something about everything than to know everything about something.” If you know a lot of things, experimentation, invention and innovation will naturally come to you.

7. Be brave and take the risks:

There are times when we have to bend or break some rules if we need to create something new and worthwhile. Products of creativity are often the results of breaking the norms and breaking in to some unknown territories.

Learn to take some risks and be brave to face any responsibility. If you follow the crowd, you can’t go any further than the crowd. But if you take the risks and initiate on something, you will find yourself outside your boundaries into the unknown where no one else have been.

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8. Be your own critic:

Don’t hesitate to criticize yourself. Acceptance and open-mindedness about your limitations and strengths can help you push yourself towards success. You’re human after all and you are prone to committing mistakes.

Even Albert Einstein and other creative geniuses failed so many times before they became successful. The secret is not on doing it right the first time but it is on not giving up. Your limitations can tell you what you are capable of.

By finding faults in your work, you are able to pin point what was wrong and how you can correct it. Don’t be afraid to fail. Greatest discoveries were once stupid mistakes.

B. Develop Creative Output

9. Start writing on your creativity journal:

Creativity journals are a great way to track your creative progress. It helps you discover your hidden talents and unleash your creativity.

Writing a creativity journal (1) is recommended for people who want to develop their creative instincts especially in problem-solving. Take time to write any idea or thought that you can think of including those that pop out of nowhere.

No matter how insignificant and unrelated these ideas seem to be, they may be useful in the future. Document your goals and write about your achievements and progress.

Enumerate solutions to a problem and choose the best method by jotting it all down in your journal. Reward yourself with compliments whenever you achieve your goal and keep track of your discoveries as well.

10. Be original and don’t conform to popular culture:

Contemporary trends and culture limit the creativity you can exhibit. Don’t conform to the popular trends and culture; instead, create your own design.

What’s popular now may no longer be in tomorrow. Make your designs timeless so it can withstand the waves of time. Be practical and innovative in your designs.

People generally appreciate minimalist creations. It will be used longer than contemporary designs because time and space will continue to be precious as time goes by.

If you want to make a difference, then you should dare to be different. Do not conform to what’s in now but instead use the trend to make your work better and more convenient.

Experiment is good. Creative people think differently than most people because they see the world in a different light. It is the reason why trends change every now and then. People change their standards from time to time and they usually look for a more innovative and advanced creations.

Being different is always in, so be original.

11. Make it a habit to be creative:

Creativity is a way of thinking. Most creative people are driven by their creative routines and habit and this is the reason why most of the time creative people are weird.

For example, Ray Bradbury only writes when he is in the library. Stephen King hates all kinds of noises when he’s writing so he always shuts himself out from the rest of the world. Friedrich Schiller, loves soaking his feet in ice-cold water while looking at a rotten tomato on his table when he’s writing.

To be creative, you need to find ways to get you in the mood because your mind will not always work as you want it to. You can start with common small routines like listening to music or walking or stretching before writing.

Find a place where your mind can be relaxed and find the best time of the day where your mind is most active. If you want, you can also go out where you can be one with nature.

Develop routines and habits that suit your moods and tendencies. Learn a creative ritual that works for you.

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12. Follow your passion:

Your passion is where your heart is. It is very important if you want to unleash your creativity. If there’s no passion, there’s no success. Creative people are passionate about the things they do.

Oftentimes, they are too focused and engrossed while doing their own thing and they forget to eat and live their life the normal way. When we are passionate about something, we will do everything to accomplish it. We feel happy and contented.

13. Use your alone time wisely:

Some people believe that creative people are lonely. While it is true that they want to be alone, it does not mean that they are lonely. Creative people spend time with themselves because they feel more productive when they do their own thing alone.

It is the best time when they can be more focused on their work. If you want to unleash your creativity, make use of your alone time wisely (2). Do not spend it gossiping or slouching.

Do some creative and worthwhile activities to pass the time. Read books, complete a jigsaw puzzle, play word and board games and answer crossword puzzles. Observe yourself and find out what time of the day are you most productive.

Is it before you sleep at night or is it right after you wake early in the morning? Whatever it is, do your own thing during those times and you’ll be surprised on what you can accomplish.

14. Indulge in creative activities:

Just like talent, creativity is cultivated and it can be rotten. It needs to be constantly monitored and enriched so it will improve and be more sustained.

One of the best ways to cultivate creativity is through creative activities. Make sure to regularly indulge in these creative activities to refresh your mind and hone your creative skills.

Try to set some goals and record your progress regularly. This will help you realize how far you have gone and what else you can do. Be progressive on the manner you challenge yourself.

Make it more difficult than the last time. Tabulate and compare the results as often as possible. If methods can be changed, use a different method each time.

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