How To Enhance Your Brain Performance To Think (Almost) Like a Genius

In this new article you’ll learn how to enhance your brain performance.

You might have privately experienced, or just heard from others, of the psychological boost that they get from smoking.

Maybe, for a short period of time such boost might be true, nevertheless in the long run, the effect of the tobacco consumption might be more dangerous to your brain than what you have anticipated. If you would like to greater your brain’s well-being, you have to worry about what affects your IQ.

How To Enhance Your Brain Performance

An Addiction Research Center conducted a research regarding the long-term effects of alcohol on an alcoholic’s brain functioning. As anticipated, alcohol was found to be associated with mental difficulties and lower IQ scores.

And as an addition to their findings, they additionally found out that long-term smoking has an effect on decreased brain power.

The results showed that alcohol has more severe effects on the thinking skills of alcoholic men who have been smoking for quite many time already. It has an adverse effect on memory, problem-solving skills and even the IQ of these men.

Among these alcoholic subjects, cigarette smoking was seen to be connected to decreased mental functioning.

Nevertheless, even though the cause and effect relationship between smoking and the decreased mental performance was not plainly proven, there are still quite a few things which point out to the very fact that cigs are the cause to such effect.

To be able to prove this point, more reports will have to be conducted.

Aside from these bad vices, there are still other things which might cause the reduction of your brain power.

Other Short-term Causes for Poor Thinking Performance

According to a few more reports, foods which involve artificial food coloring and sweeteners might be bad for the brain, more particularly if they are consumed in huge quantities.

Normally, the children are the ones more affected negatively by these artificial flavorings and colorings. Examples of these sorts of foods are colas, white bread and hydrogenated oils.

The hydrogenated oils might cause the clogging of the arteries, and thus might result to heart diseases. Since of the clogs, it would be harder for the blood to flow to the brain.

Artificially sweetened foods are unhealthy as well since they could cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. These fluctuations might cause short-term brain fogging and even diabetes. Thus, it would be wiser for you to stay away from excessive sugar products.

Aside from these foods, other intangible things are believed to cause decrease of brain power. Individual difficulties such as egotism might be a factor. Since of egotism, a person might limit his ideas into just one view, which is his own.

Simply because of egotism, he becomes settled with just his original thought and he would think that since his thoughts are more essential than others then there is no more need to look at the ideas that come from others.

As you might have observed, the effects of the bad eating habits as well as the individual difficulties might just be momentary. Thus, if you stop eating all those junk foods and start eating healthful; and likewise stop being so egocentric, then your brain functioning might just return to its normal performance.

Fortunately, these factors affect the brain efficiency temporarily; unlike with alcoholism and smoking wherein the effects truly do affect the IQ.

Nonetheless, despite the effects’ permanence, the very fact still remains that you ought to take care of your brain. You ought to keep it healthful all the time by doing things beneficial to your mental health.

Whether or not the efficiency of your brain is affected temporarily or permanently, the truth is that it’s still harmed for a specific period of time. You ought to know greater, your brain performance should always be at its prime.

Six Steps to Thinking Better

Most people, particularly those who’re not as intelligent as Einstein, would want to have a boost of their brain power. If you are one of those people who want to think greater, your brain power boost may be just a few steps away.

These six steps may help you in your quest to keep your brain working perfectly fine.

1. Engage your self in a Regular Exercise

Do basic exercises like a basic walk or jog. It might not be as intense as a full-blown work-out. You just have to keep your body bodily fit and active.

Basic work-outs might trigger the release of neurochemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for making us feel joyful and by feeling happier, a more positive effect on the brain could be observed.

2. Supplement your Diet

Natural supplements are believed to have a good effect on the brain. These supplements not only keep your body healthier, they additionally maintain the fitness of your brain; thus resulting to greater brain power!

These supplements are so well-liked that they could be found anywhere, from your local health and food shop up to the web pages of the internet.

3. Use your Brain

If you are to exercise your body, you ought to exercise your brain as well. Use your brain muscles more usually – think and learn. You might read, talk with other people or even play educational games.

Any activity that could keep your brain working efficiently might be tried out.

4. Play Games

Select games that will certainly have a good effect on your brain. Refrain from playing games which are “no-brainer.” These days, most computer games are created to exercise your brain, so all you have to do would be to select well the games that you will play.

Gaming consoles are additionally following the fad into increasing brain function. So, do your part in boosting your brain power, play games that will increase your brain power.

5. Appreciate an Educational Hobby

Select a hobby that will give you a few lessons at the end of the activity. This won’t be such a challenging job since most of the time, we learn something from our experiences.

Just be sure to do stuff that aren’t monotonous. Your hobby ought to be something that will help you learn new things every time you perform it. This way, you will be capable to use a few parts of your brain which are left unused before.

6. Sleep Well

Sleeping is the time when your body rebuilds and recharges itself. Most professionals believe that you ought to sleep for at the least six to eight hours a day. Aside from these hours, you ought to additionally try to take ten-minute power naps.

After these refreshing sleeps and naps, you will surely feel energized to take on more activities for the day. Don’t deprive your self of sleep, and you will then comprehend that your brain will function greater with more hours of sleep.

Healthier Body Comes Whenever you Greater Your Brain’s Power!

The human brain is a multifaceted organization of cells and around fifty million neurons that work with utmost complexity to be able to keep you going healthful and strong.

It is believed to be five times bigger than an average brain of a mammal with the same body size. In people, the frontal lobes and the forebrain are
specifically expanded since these parts are the ones responsible for sel control, planning and reasoning.

Thus, in order for you to have a stronger and healthier body, try to greater you brain. Healthier mind means healthier body.

It is throughout our childhood, or the early stage of our lifespan that the development of the brain and the central nervous system is critical. As we grow older, the body’s capability to absorb nutrients is weakened.

Thus, it becomes more challenging for us to protect our self from illnesses, injuries and stresses. Simultaneously with our aging procedure, we additionally lose neurons, or commonly called as the brain cells.

Unlike the other body cells, the neurons don’t regenerate nor do they replicate; and they don’t have the capability to repair them selves. Simply because of this, our brain is not capable to perform as well as when we were younger.

Thus, to be able to keep our brains performing well, we have to follow a few do’s and don’ts. This way we could help our brain maintain its fitness and strength.

What to do:

See to it that you exercise consistently and that you engage your self in physical activities that could help you maintain your vitality.

Your brain is exercised more if you participate in active learning. Try new experiences so that you could learn from such experiences firsthand.

Maintain your social life as well. Don’t isolate your self from your social groups; instead, you ought to stay in touch with everyone of them. A happier life would mean a healthier life.

You ought to always be in control of your life. Don’t feel as in case you have no power over things.

Maintain a positive self-image and a positive outlook on life.

Don’t be overwhelmed by stress. You ought to know how to handle them all.

A well-balanced diet will certainly keep you healthful. So, as much as feasible, you ought to eat a well-balanced meal and foods which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

You ought to get enough rest and sleep. Professionals believe that you ought to sleep for at the least six to eight hours a day.

In case you have any health challenges, you ought to give focus to them as early as potential. Never take your health for granted.

What not to do:

Steer clear of drinking excessive alcohol and smoking too much cigarette. Additionally, don’t do illegal drugs!

Never forget to inform your medical doctor of your mental condition. Essential changes should always be reported.

Don’t miss a visit to your physician when these changes occur.

Never self-medicate since many drugs might interact negatively with your mental status, specifically if you are taking more than one drug.

Don’t live alone by isolating your self from the others.

Never stop your self from experiencing new things.

Most important is the very fact that in order for you to have a healthful mind, you have to always have a positive attitude. Be ready to face all the challenges that life might bring, and never lose hope! Be in command of your life. Greater your brain by having a greater attitude about life.

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If You Feel Greater, Your Brain Performs Greater

It’s been stated that through meditation, you are capable to calm not only your body but your brain as well. It might sound too challenging to try,
nevertheless, there are ways to make meditation as basic as potential.

This article for those who’re hesitant to meditate since of the perception that meditation is a challenging procedure.

It might be true that to be able to perfect your meditation skills you have to practice it for years, nonetheless, you could still begin with the simplest relaxation techniques. This will surely make you feel greater, your brain relaxed a bit and your whole being is rejuvenated.

Meditation is a good way to decrease stress; and as you all know, we could think greater if we aren’t stressed out. As many researches have pointed out, you could suffer from brain damage if you are exposed to continual stress. Now, isn’t meditation just the right boost to your brain power?

Through mediation, your focus will be strengthened, thus you could fully concentrate on any mental activity that you are working on.

So you ought to learn to control your brain and use it effectively for your very own goals, do this by starting with breath techniques moving further to basic meditation.

Breath Watching

Find a spot where you could sit and calm down comfortably. There, give close focus to your breathing for a few seconds (1). Primarily, you just have to clear your brain for a moment and have a quiet time on your very own. Here are a few tips to assist you.

1) Find your spot

Since you are only a beginner, you might want to find a quiet place where you could meditate. As you become more expert in meditation, you will note that you could already meditate anywhere you want to. For the mean time, find a spot where you could feel at peace.

2) Be comfy

Look for your position which will keep you at ease but not asleep. For most people, crossing their legs is their meditation position. If you are the kind of person who could lie down without falling asleep, you might additionally try lying down for this might be your most comfy position.

Just keep your self perfectly still and comfy but not asleep – this needs to be your meditation position.

3) Let Go of the Strain

Observe which portion of your body is most tensed. You ought to learn to tense up those parts and then release the strain in such part. You might experience the release as your body begins to be drained from all the strain.

If you repeat the procedure, you will later on learn to calm down effortlessly.

4) Breathe correctly

Breathe appropriately through your nose. In doing so, the air could effortlessly pass through your lungs. You might note that your diaphragm, abdomen and chest expand more whenever you breathe through your nose. This is how you ought to breathe.

5) Pay focus

There might be instances when your brain might be disturbed by other thoughts, but you ought to always remind your self to go back into paying particular focus to your breathing. With continual reminder, the thoughts that might disturb you will soon fade away.

You might want to perform this meditation for at the least five minutes. And then as you practice it more and more each day, you might want to perform it for a longer time.

You ought to then be capable to comprehend that these meditations could truly help you clear your brain and increase your focus. By feeling greater, your brain additionally performs greater.

In case your Outlook is Better, Your Brain Performs Better

How good do you truly think of your self psychologically? If you ask your self if you are intelligent, do you answer with a nod and a smile, or with an ashamed “maybe”?

In answering this question, you ought to know that there are plenty of things to consider, and your IQ score is just one of those. The reality is that if you think of your self as greater, your brain will perform greater.

Your outlook and perspective on things like this will certainly influence the performance of your brain. If you truly believe that you are good enough, then your brain might just start performing to level with your expectation.

A number of might say that fundamental intelligence would never change
after the childhood stage of your life, but then there are still a few who believe that psychology has an influence in this.

The Influential Psychology in Brain Function

You might have heard of stories wherein the protagonist, who never even stepped into high school, was capable to work his way from rags to riches. He just used his guts and determination as he climbs his way to the top.

His childhood might have shown him that he could be as rich as his friends if he would only work hard for it. Simply because of this, he followed what he knew, and since he knew that he too could be rich, he did work hard for it. His outlook was that he could do if others were capable to do it.

He never received any money from his rich friends, and he never received any assistance as he worked his way. But what he got from his friends was his expectation.

If he never met his rich friends, if he never knew that it is potential to be rich, he would not have worked hard to be where he is right now. He had a goal when he met them, and all he had to do was to just work hard to reach that goal – and so he did.

See, expectations of your self could play a big role in your life. It serves as your motivation. It makes you feel that you are on to something feasible, something that is just within your reach if you just work hard enough.

This is the influence of psychology. Don’t you think that it is potential that by just thinking that you could think harder and learn quicker, your brain may just do the same thing for you?

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Experiential and Evidential Learning

After you have viewed your self with greater perspective, then it is time for you to be more attentive to the things around you which could serve as an evidence that you are about to reach your goal.

After you have done all the affirmations, you need hard proof. Take note of your progress regardless of whether they are too little or too big. Concentrate on these developments.

You will soon comprehend that the more you appreciate your little developments, more of them would soon follow.

So, in applying to your brain development, if you think hard enough that you could improve your brain performance, and then your brain would soon perform greater. The improvements might not be as drastic as you expect, but there will surely be a number of changes.

Take note of these changes, and soon you will comprehend that the cumulative effect of these tiny changes will amount to a big alteration to your brain functioning. Think of your self as greater, your brain will soon live up to your expectations.

Your Brain’s Exercise

As you might have known, your brain works in a complicated manner (2). The left portion of your brain controls the decisions and movement of the right portion of your body whilst the right portion of your brain controls that
movement of the left portion of your body.

Thus, it might be potential that the side of your brain which controls you dominant hand is more used than the other side. So, if you use your non-dominant hand into doing quite a few of your daily activities, would it greater your brain’s performance?

If you are a right handed person, then most of the time you are stimulating the left portion of your brain. Now, if you use your left hand in doing specific tasks, then you are capable to stimulate the right side of your brain as well.

By doing so, you are awakening the portion of your mental faculties that is intuitive and creative. On the other hand, if you are a left handed person, and you use you right hand in doing basic tasks, then you are stimulating the side of your brain that is rational and structured.

This idea is supported by Tony Buzan, the author of a book entitled Using Both Sides of the Brain. According to him, doing basic exercises or cross-trainings like this bring in additional features to one’s mental functioning, and all at once there will be a total improvement in one’s brain power.

By doing so constantly, a person might stay psychologically young and fresh.

Other activities which could stimulate the other side of your brain might be done without truly straining your self.

You could just basically walk around your room with your eyes shut close, or you could get dressed and strip of them with closed eyes.

You could additionally revisit your childhood games; the game whenever you rub your stomach with one hand whilst your other hand is tapping your head is additionally a good brain exercise.

Basic tasks like these already constitute physical exercise for your brain, and they could already bring good effects to your brain, regardless of how trivial they might be.

So, you might start to wonder regarding the mental condition of those people who are blessed to be capable to use both their hands for complicated tasks such as writing, or merely put the ambidextrous.

You might think that since they are stimulating both sides of their brain that they are more intelligent than others. This is a misconception; there are no reports or researches which could attest to this idea.

There are people who are capable to teach and train them selves to use both their dominant and non-dominant hands to do tasks, and sports like the cricket players. But their training does not essentially turn them into academic geniuses; so maybe, this is just too much to ask for.

So, whether or not these basic exercises might make you a bit bit more intelligent, these physical exercises are still believed to have good effects on your brain.

Academically, the results might just be minor, or even unnoticed, but there could be other aspects which are affected, such as your creativeness, organization and other features.

One thing worth noting is that by doing these exercises, you are stimulating the portion of your brain which is not utilized as usually as the other part. Don’t you think it is always greatest to keep them well-balanced?

If you would like to greater your brain’s performance, you may as well try to stimulate you whole brain, and not just a single portion.

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