What Can The Brain Do: Find Out How Amazing Is The Human Brain

Want to know what can the brain do ? Then you’re in the right place.

The human brain is amazing! It still fascinates and astonishes. It is like a computer that takes care of thinking, speaking, remembering, feeling, seeing, hearing. His abilities can be exchanged endlessly. Since the dawn of time it has been the subject of scientific research. Although we already know so much about it, we still have a lot of amazing discoveries ahead of us. In this article I will share some amazing facts about the human brain that few have ever heard of! Here are some amazing facts:

What Can The Brain Do:

The brain has its requirements.

“I have a heavy head.” How true this term is in relation to the weight of our brain. It really is quite heavy because it weighs between 1.3 and 1.4 kilograms. This represents about 2% of the total human body weight. A heavy weight is an equally high requirement of the brain. It draws about 20% of our energy and the oxygen we breathe. It constantly needs glucose, without which a hypoglycemic attack could occur. Diabetics are well aware of this fact and they have to regularly check the sugar level in their bodies.

The brain is also a specialist in connections

Imagine that the cerebral cortex can stretch to a size of four A4 sheets. Try to place 100 billion points on each sheet of paper. This is not the end of the story. Now connect these points to 100 billion dots. The very thought of it is spinning in the head. It is in it that our mind has just such a number of connections. The length of blood vessels in the brain is about 161 kilometres. See how wealthy we are all!

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The brain doesn’t feel any pain.

It is free of the receptors responsible for pain. The strange thing is, however, that it is in the brain that the pain of other parts of the body is detected and interpreted. Therefore, doctors do not use anaesthesia during brain surgery. Moreover, patients undergoing such operations do not need to be unconscious. But around the brain, as well as on the scalp, there are already pain receptors, and every injury can be extremely painful in these areas.

The brain is a real strongman.

There is no time pressure on our mind. The fact is that it can transmit information at speeds in excess of 400 kilometres per hour. Moreover, the brain is able to produce up to 25 watts of energy. This is enough power to light a low watt LED bulb.

The brain can eat itself.

Are you on a restrictive diet and feel that your mind is working against you? It is true. If you eat too little food, you get a message from your brain that your cells are hungry. Without enough food energy, the brain cells begin to eat themselves. They need it to release fatty acids. This is the so-called autophagy, partially necessary for the efficient functioning of the human body. However, a prolonged and excessive hunger strike can have a negative effect on the functioning of the brain.

The brain and its amygdala are an explosive mixture.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that is the command center for our emotions. When we feel good and relaxed, the more rational part of the brain, the new cortex, works. But if someone gets us angry and nervous, then the amygdala enters the action. It sends out a number of signals, which makes us feel anxiety, anxiety, anger and pain.

If the activity of the amygdala reaches a high level, searching for empathy in us is a waste of time. From now on, there is no way we can be merciful and gentle. This emotional storm passes when the almond body reduces its activity and the new bark takes control of us.

The brain distinguishes three states in which the human body is located

The first state is bliss and relaxation. Then a person feels perfectly well with himself, is happy and loved. The world seems to be a paradise. The second state is activation, in which the mind identifies threats. As a result, you can feel anger, anxiety and many other negative emotions. Here the world becomes a terrifying place. The last state is “staged death”. When the danger is already very overwhelming, we have no way out, it is blocked. We are accompanied by apathy, withdrawal or depression. The world is an empty and hopeless place.

But the brain is plastic!

American scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have proven that when the synapse gets stronger, its neighbors weaken. By introducing new habits and learning new reactions, we make our reason create paths for itself. However, the older paths that we have used up to now become weaker.

The role of the brain here is to discourage us from using established patterns that are not beneficial to us. This happens when we try to introduce new patterns in order to cope better in life. Therefore, skillful development of emotional intelligence is needed to create brain paths.

The brain can also surprise you!

Reading this article now, you use your precious eyes to do so. What I am about to say now may sound absurd. The part that is responsible for the smooth operation of your eyes is far from your eyes. The occipital lobe in the back of your head is responsible for your ability to see. So watch out for this area of your head. Problems with vision, or even loss of vision, may be related to the occipital impact.

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The brain is better than the most modern computers and systems.

It’s true. First, it has unlimited capacity of billions, processing 1016 data per second. Secondly, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology claim that Apple’s supporters are different from the owners of Android. In the human brain there is also a part activated by faith, among other things. Interestingly, Apple’s devices work on this part of the users’ brain.

Does this mean that someday someone will really create a zombie? All you need is a mutant virus with the ability to spread rapidly and you’re done. The potential of the human brain is inexhaustible. Therefore, it is worth being aware of how powerful an organ we have at our disposal.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about what can the brain do. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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