How To Wake Up Early In The Morning: 25 Tips of Waking Up Early

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to wake up early in the morning. Now, let’s begin!

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning:

1. Wake up a minute earlier each day.

You can’t go from zero to ten just like that. You need to try and wake slightly earlier first and be successful at that. Only then can you try and increase your target incrementally.

2. Motivate yourself by chasing small wins.

It’s the little things that make up life (1). Achieve realistic small targets to keep yourself on track and motivate for the next target.

3. Use peer pressure to wake up on time.

Get your friends to bug you when you’re not meeting your targets!

4. Change your surroundings to wake up easier.

Make it easier for yourself by making a more inducing environment. For example keep the curtains open so the sunlight comes through at sunrise.

5. Solve the problems that cause your faulty morning wake-up routine.

If it’s a very comfy pillow that’s keeping you asleep, change it! And buy a less comfortable pillow.

6. Find an irresistible and desirable reason to wake up early.

Want a reason to wake up early on a weekend (yeah, I said weekend), wake up to go to the early football kick-off.

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7. Track your progress.

A very good way to see that you are improving each day. It’ll do wonders for your motivation.

8. Focus your mind with a morning person’s mantra.

Sometimes called an incantation. It’s like your special sword that puts you into the ‘zone’ when you recite it.

9. Drink 2 glasses of water before going to sleep.

The Native Americans used to do this to prepare them for enemy attacks. Guess what, it works.

10. Remove any stimulants from your diet.

Quite obvious, cut out anything that is artificially forcing you mind to stay awake.

11. Reward yourself every time you wake up slightly earlier.

Always a great way to keep the motivating fire alive. Nothing keeps a person going like rewarding progress.

12. Create a schedule for the next day that cannot be changed.

Put yourself between a rock and a hard place. Make it so that you have no option but to wake up early because of an early appointment.

13. Get someone to call you or an automated morning calling service to call you.

Everyone has a friend who is an early riser, ask them to give you a bell when they rise. Or you can have one of the automated morning call services setup. Isn’t it strange, when a phone rings, you’ve just got to answer it?

14. Partner up with someone else to achieve the same goal.

I personally love this one. Working with someone else to achieve the same goal is one of the best motivators. You have bounce ideas and challenge one another.

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15. Quite simply, go to sleep early.

Yeah, I going there. Get what you need to get done during the day, DONE DURING THE DAY. And stop watching Netflix and YouTube so late at night.

16. Have multiple alarms set up.

Two-heads are better than one! If one fails, the second will make sure you have nowhere to run.

17. Place your alarm clocks far away from you.

Have you ever sat on the toilet and tissue was just too far? Neither have I. But having to stand up and physically walk over to the alarm clock will surely wake you up.

18. Use an annoying alarm sound.

Nice trick that works. Get the most annoying noise you can find and set it as your alarm ringtone. You’ll be angry when you’ve woken, but at least you’ve woken.

19. Set up your alarm sound slightly earlier than your intended wake up time.

This is designed to beat the snooze button. Plan your time by factoring in your anticipated actions and you’ll wake up on time.

20. Try and stand up immediately out of bed when you hear the alarm.

They do this in the Argentinian cadets. It ever so slightly shocks your body, enough to wake it up completely.

21. Create a daily habit.

A habit is hard to break. Create one!

22. Avoid eating a large meal before going to bed.

A full stomach is proven to put you into a deeper sleep making it harder to wake up.

23. Maintain a consistent sleep pattern.

A routine system of going to sleep on time (2) and trying to wake up on time will train your body to do it easily, day by day.

24. Reduce the noise in your sleep environment.

Do you know anyone who wants to sleep with a baby crying in the room? Didn’t think so.

25. Get an alarm clock that uses natural light.

Natural light is proven to make it easier for humans to wake up. Not only that, it makes waking up more pleasant and easy on the eyes.

Thank you for reading this article about how to wake up early in the morning and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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