How To Improve Yourself In The Next 3 Month: 20 Life Hacks

Here you will find proven steps and strategies on how to improve yourself as a person in different aspects of your life: physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. In this way, you will be a better person that can handle every situation in life.

You will not only gain knowledge about physical improvements, but also other parts of your self. In every aspect, you will be stronger and wiser.

How To Improve Yourself As a Person:

1. Eat Healthy

It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you enough energy and strength. It provides enough energy so that the mind and body can do all the activities for the whole day.

Some people skip breakfast because they think that it is just a waste of time to cook in the morning. It also makes them late for appointments and other schedules. But little did they know that it is what they need to face the day.

Some illnesses are developed if you won’t take your breakfast. It can be diabetes or heart disease. It also might be an increase in bad cholesterol levels.

Skipping breakfast will make you weak and tired for the whole day too. It may also push you to eat more during the day so it will increase your calories. These are just some bad effects of missing your breakfast.

It is not only necessary to take your breakfast, you must also have a “healthy” one. People might say that they eat breakfast, but does not actually consume the right vitamins and nutrients needed.

2. Be Fit

Exercise is rarely done at night because it will just keep you awake. It is hard to wind down after that.

You must do it every morning to prepare your soul, mind, and body for the tasks and activities for the whole day. After you have established a good night’s sleep, you are now ready to start your day right. A few movements and stretches after waking up have a lot of positive effects on your body.

3. Get Enough Sleep (Go to bed early, Wake up early)

Many people think that a good morning routine starts when you wake up. Actually, it begins the night before you go to sleep.

Studies show that the ideal amount of time required for every person to sleep is seven to nine hours. If you sleep below or beyond that time, there will be negative effects.

That is why, if you want to be productive in the morning, you should start to plan the night before.

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4. Always Have a Positive Thinking

To be a happy and successful person, you must be a positive thinker. Everyone experiences negative situations in life, but they can be solved and handled.

Having negative thoughts is your mind’s way of telling you that something is wrong or needs attention. It is your choice if you deal with it positively or negatively.

5. Never Stop Learning

If you think that learning stops after you graduated in college, then you’re wrong. The world is moving and growing in a fast pace every day.

With this, you cannot just sit still and do nothing. You have to cope up with the changes happening around you. You have to include continuous learning in your goals.

Successful people are still working hard and learning continuously (1) even if they have reached their top positions. They know that there are still more to do because life never stops even after you have experienced triumph.

Remember that there is always room for growth and improvement.

The best thing that you can do for the society is to be a good influence to other people and inspire them to be better. You can encourage them in your own simple ways or you can also share your experiences and learnings throughout the years.

That is going to be a special moment because now that you have overcome the difficult times, you can already guide and motivate other people to achieve success in their lives.

6. Stop Procrastinating

If you keep on thinking that you always have time to do everything, then you will not get anything done. Start doing your tasks and activities right away because “now” is the best time to do them.

The more you delay them, it gets harder to accomplish. You might get lazy and bored to work on them as time pass. Having a long list of unfinished tasks makes you more stressed and pressured.

So, if you want to accomplish more things, then stop delaying your to-do list.

7. Be open-minded

Keep your mind open for obstacles and failures that you might experience. At some point in your life, you will learn that you can get everything easily.

There will be hurdles and bumps along the way. And during those times, you should accept whatever happens to you. In that way, you can still stand up and move forward to your journey.

8. Be Kind to Others

In this life, the things that you give to other have a way of coming back to you. And sometimes, they are bigger and greater.

So, if you want to receive positive results, you should give positive inputs. And in this world, you cannot live alone. You need others to get through the trials and challenges given to you.

But first, you should know how to help and be kind to others. In that way, you’ll receive their love and care for you too.

9. Smile Often

Experts say that smiling can make a person happy. Even if you forced your lips to smile, your body will react to it and you will actually feel lighter inside.

So, whenever you see other people, smile at them because it will benefit the both of you.

10. Be Thankful in Everything

If you know how to be content and satisfied in everything, you’ll be happier. Appreciate the things that life give you because the more you treasure them, they increase their value.

Being grateful in everything is what happy people do differently than the others. As long as you know the importance of the things you have right now, you won’t have a problem appreciating them.

You won’t need other unnecessary things because you already have what you think you need to be happy.

In the same way, appreciate and give thanks to the people who are always there to help you. All the things that they provide for you, may also hold an importance for them, but they chose to give it to you.

These may not all be material things, but these can also be their time, strength, and effort. So, learn to be grateful to other people to show your appreciation.

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11. Set a Challenge with other People

There are things that you want to do, but can’t because you don’t have enough motivation. Why not try it with someone else?

Many people nowadays are up for the challenge of losing weight. They want to be challenged, so they ask other people to join them. In that way, it will be more fun and daring.

You will be more determined to win and succeed in the challenge given.

12. Request for Advice and Feedback from other People

As you aim for improvements in your life, there will still be things that you won’t notice. You may ask your family, close friends, or people you trust what other things that you can do to improve yourself.

They may have perspectives that you haven’t noticed before. You can also trust them to give feedback objectively.

13. Learn from the People who Inspire You

There will be people that you will look up to. In your chosen career, there are persons that have already reached their successful position.

You want to reach what they have achieved too, so you work hard like them. Of course, they didn’t become successful in a short time because they’ve also gone through trials and challenges to get there.

You can take their experiences as a lesson that you can apply to your own journey. So, when difficult moments come, you know how to handle them like the people that inspired you.

14. Learn to Deal with Difficult People

Wherever you go, there will always be people that are hard to deal with. They can be at your workplace or a part of your friendship circle.

At times, you may want to avoid and get away from them, but you have to face them eventually. On the positive side, they can teach you patience and self-control.

15. Learn to Forgive

Do not let the hate that you have for other people grow inside you. It will destroy your ability to love other people because of that bad experience with a certain person.

Forgiveness is not about forgetting that bad things they did to you, but it is about letting go of the hatred and pain you experienced. It doesn’t erase the past, but it will help heal the wounds it created in your self.

16. Learn from the Good and Bad Situations you Experienced

Every circumstances in your life teaches you something (2). There will be good and bad times, but both of them can make you a better person.

So, whatever happens to you, try to discern what it taught you. In that way, you will be a better person. And when a bigger challenge come your way, you will be able to handle it.

17. Stop caring about other people’s opinion of you

Not all the time, you will get positive feedback from other people. They may say things about that are not actually appropriate for you.

Remember that you know yourself more, so whatever they say doesn’t matter. As long as you know the truth, there’s no need to worry about other people’s opinion of you.

There will also be times that people will try to control your life. They might say that some things are better for you than what you have now. Stop thinking about them because you know exactly what is the best for you.

18. Do not Fear Failures

Everyone is afraid of something. You may have fear of failure or changes that may happen in your life.

But the thing is, failing at some point in your life is normal. Not all the time, you can succeed in the things you do. But, let it be a lesson for you for your next task.

The worst thing that failure and changes can affect you is the fear of making another mistake. Never stop trying. A lot of successful people failed a thousand times, but failures didn’t stop them from trying again.

19. Be Open to Changes

Change is the only thing constant in this world. Do not be content in being in your comfort zone. There are so much more to learn and experience outside of it.

Do not be afraid of the things you don’t know because that is when you can learn and grow.

20. Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Life

All the best things in this life are free. So, you don’t have to worry about having not enough money because happiness can only be felt inside, not by the things you have.

Learn to appreciate the small things that you have because they are the ones that can give you true pleasure in this life.

I hope this post about how to improve yourself was able to help you to be a better person inside and out. Take these tips in your heart and mind, so you will be guided on how you can improve in every aspect of your life.

Share them to your family and friends too, especially if they are also aiming for a better and improved life.

Przemkas Mosky
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