How To Become More Intelligent And Smarter: 15 Strategies

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to become more intelligent. Now, let’s begin!

How To Become More Intelligent?

1. Make a Youtube Video.

This is a lot of fun. And also gives you great satisfaction in starting and completing a task.

Pick a topic that you know very well. Go to your computer and start the webcam and just speak about your subject matter. Learn how to open a youtube account and then upload the video.

This is relatively easy and the benefits are wonderful. You can share the videos with your friends.

2. Expand your horizons.

Every week download a book on a subject that you have never read up before.

If you are an English major than download a book about Albert Einstein. If you are a math wiz then every week download a book about art or music. Make sure to choose a book to read that you have no previous exposure to.

This will help you use your brain in a whole new way.

3. Get into a great sleeping habit.

Going to bed the same time every night and waking up the same time in the morning creates a routine. Be sure not to drink a cup of coffee before bed.

Caffeine takes 6 hours to get out of your system. So even if you can sleep after drinking a cup of coffee your body will not get the optimum rest that it needs.

1/2 to an hour before going to bed log off your computer. Having a back lit reader like kindle is ok but a laptop makes it harder to fall asleep.

Ask yourself a question before heading to bed and see if you have any creative dreams in the morning about it. You will be amazed that sometimes solutions come to you during the night in a dream.

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4. Eat a healthy diet.

Limit the sugar intake and eat foods naturally rich in Omega 3 like salmon. Vegatables like broccoli are also great for maximizing your nutrition. Drink plenty of water during the day.

A good healthy diet will do wonders for clarity of thought and keeping you calm.

An unhealthy diet on the other hand takes a lot of energy way from your thinking ability and uses it to digest the food in your body.

5. Challenge yourself with Soduko or a puzzle.

Puzzles and quizzes are great for stimulating the brain. The brain likes to be challenged and active.

These puzzles are great when you have spare time on your hands such as waiting in line. This is also a great way not to get frustrated when waiting in line or on the phone for a customer support representative.

6. Exercise every day.

Your body needs exercise. That is the way the body is designed. You can avoid lots of health issues which will relieve stress.

If your body becomes unhealthy your mind has to work harder trying to tackle health issues. Some of the best sports that don’t take a lot of time is swimming and just plain walking.

Walking is great exercise!

7. Learn to play the piano.

The coordination needed to play the piano is greater than any other instrument. It requires that you use both sides of your brain at once. You can take piano lessons or you can learn on you tube.

The coordination required is tremendous and playing the piano is something you can improve on throughout your life.

8. Take a trip somewhere.

If you can’t afford the time or the expense then watch a travel guide video or read a travel book. Seeing other places expands your experiences which directly impacts your mood which makes you smarter. Navigating in an unfamiliar place challenges your brain which makes you smarter.

9. Make life an adventure.

For instance When grocery shopping see how much you can remember without the list.

Try to visualize the items you have to buy. I like to create a story about the groceries I will need. And inside the story the items will appear. This is a great brain exercise that you can really enjoy.

Kids are great at this and it really helps them develop.

10. Listen to classical music.

The studies show that classical music composers such as Bach,Mozart actually develop your mind. There was a study where the experimenters placed plants in different rooms with different music played through a speaker.

Days later they checked up on the plants. In the room where rock and roll music was being played the plants were leaning away from the speaker.

The plants in the room where classical music was being played were leaning toward the speaker. These are plants so the interpretation is pretty clear.

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11. Make sure to see 2 sides to every story

In a dispute the smarter person is the one who can see 2 sides to the story. Your brain is freezing if you can not understand the other persons argument and you think that your interpretation is correct.

If you are having a disagreement with someone this is the perfect opportunity to see if you can see their point of view even though you might not agree with it.

I have seen people that won’t even listen to another person’s point of view because they are so sure they are correct. Try this exercise. It really will expand your intelligence and create more harmony in your life.

12. Learn a foreign language

Most people only speak one language. Pick a language that you would like to learn and start listening and learning how to read in that language. There is so much material available today to learn a language.

If you feel you don’t have time for that then how about just expanding your vocabulary in English. That is also helpful.

13. Utilize your time

Once there was a very learned man and people asked him how he became so smart. He answered it is very simply. It only takes 15 minutes every day. People laughed at him. But he continued. He told them he studied 15 minutes every day! Every day!

Can’t you find just 15 minutes a day to devote to any subject that you want to master? Of course you can. Consistency will bring great results.

14. Cut the stress out

Stress is a KILLER. Stress puts your brain under pressure and it does not function well. If you see something that is causing you stress get out of that situation.

For instance if you are under pressure in your job see if you can’t resolve it some how or find yourself a new job. Daily stress will absolutely zap your resources and not allow you to grow.

Some stress is good. Too much stress is harmful to your mind.

15. Believe in yourself

If you have a perception that you are not getting smarter you won’t progress very far. You have to think you can improve. The brain can become much smarter as long as you take care of it.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to become more intelligent. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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