15 Important Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Everyday

Today you’re going to learn why you should eat breakfast everyday.

Myth: Skipping a meal before the day starts will prevent the body from gaining a couple pounds. Fact: Skipping the first meal of the day to enjoy a brunch (breakfast-lunch) will actually induce to eat more calorie rich food.

Let me introduce you to the many facts that will change your mind to sit down at the breakfast table.

Why You Should Eat Breakfast Everyday:

1. Improve your metabolic level

Missing breakfast will only lower your body metabolism instead of increasing it. When you wake up, your body stops fasting and resumes burning calories.

Metabolism, according to one health blog is called the body’s furnace. It is a way for the body to convert calories into energy so the body can perform work.

If you skip breakfast, the body is left with nothing to burn for the day so the furnace burns out or your metabolism slows down.

Breakfast is necessary to keep your metabolic rate up and your energy going.

2. Eating healthy breakfast improves your concentration level

If you are starving during class or work hours, your faculties are more focused on satisfying that need for a meal. Your lack of concentration will directly affect your performance in the things that you normally do.

Don’t risk your job for which you have worked so hard to keep by neglecting your health. You are your company’s asset. So be sure to mind your health as part of work.

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3. Prevent development of gastric related complications

Abnormal eating patterns trigger gastric ulcers and , or a case of hyperacidity. Excessive production of gastric acids in the stomach results to sharp stale breath odor (1).

Eat normal meals and limit intake of alcohol to prevent gastritis and hyperacidity.

4. Maintain high level of energy

You need high energy boosters to get your productive throughout the day. Insufficient energy will make you feel sluggish and weak to even do physical activities.

5. Fill up to for physical activities that require stamina

If you are used to heading out to the gym, you may feel lazy because your body is not ready to burn enough energy to sustain cardio activities.

Breakfast usually consist of calorie-rich foods that the body needs to engage in exercise which is vital in losing weight or building up muscles.

6. Having breakfast ensures that you do not resort to mid-morning cravings.

If you are trying to lose weight, mid-morning cravings will definitely th throw you off from reaching your target weight.

When you binge before lunch because you have missed breakfast, you tend to eat empty calorie-foods that are just rich in fat and sugar with zero nutritional value.

A healthy breakfast consists of foods with low-glycemic index food that are slower to burn and absorb into the bloodstream, therefore delays the body’s signal for hunger.

7. You will have fresh breath while improving cognitive power

If you have eaten breakfast, then you must have brushed your teeth and flossed. All of these daily habits improve cognition and mental faculties.

Brushing and flossing are found to remove plaque in the gums that prevent arteries to transport nutrients to the brain.

8. Set a good example for your young ones

Remember that children imitate what their parents do, capitalize this phase to create a habit of eating right.

Don’t just dash off to work; take the time to be with your family. Share the importance of eating a hearty meal at the start of the day.

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9. Breakfast is a great way of bonding with your family members.

The breakfast table is a place where you can ask how your child is doing or simply assess his or her mood for the day. You can encourage and motivate them for whatever things they are engaged in.

10. Choose to have a happy mood

People who do not eat breakfast are lethargic, weak, could not concentrate, unproductive and unmotivated throughout the day (2). In short, missing breakfast makes you short-tempered or grumpy.

11. Burn calories early in the day

Eating healthy food in the morning jumpstarts your body into the metabolic process by being active in the morning. Unused calories are stored as fat and may take months and a lot of self- motivation to do work-out.

If you skip breakfast, your body will lose its drive to get active.

12. Children’s developing brain need nourishment

Poor memory and problem solving skills are more apparent with school children who come to school without breakfast.

13. A chance to enjoy and perk up with a cup of coffee

Coffee contains flavonol which acts stimulant to the sleepy brain. Breakfast is an excellent time to sip coffee. Enjoy it with a plate of scrambled eggs, strips of turkey bacon, cheese, tomato slices and some toast.

14. Feed your tummy, feed your mind, and feed your heart.

Satisfy your body’s need for nourishment while you nourish your mind great conversation with your loved ones.

Thus, you are making your heart happy and healthy. Your heart will feel great when your basic needs are met, and when you are able to meet the needs of those whom you love.

Breakfast is a simple everyday routine but is plays an important in strengthening family life.

15. Eating breakfast will let you be prepared for what is in store for the day

You come to the office in confident, energized, optimistic, and happy because your one of your basic needs is satisfied. You are ready to battle the deadlines and face angry customers with a smile on your face.

Breakfast does count.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about why you should eat breakfast everyday. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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