17 Practical Tips For New Parents From Someone Who Has 4 Kids

If you’ve ever wondered what are some good tips for new parents: this article is for you.

So you just took your test and it came back positive?

Usually a positive test in the medical field is bad news, but in your case you’re kicking with excitement


You’re about to be parents.

You call your mom and dad to tell them the big news. You call your friends and other family so you can celebrate. Everyone is excited for the new member of your family and you can’t wait for him or her to arrive.

But hold on a minute.

You think to yourself “What do I need to do or know to prepare for this little person who is about arrive?”

Your friends and family by now probably have already overwhelmed you with unbelievably bad advice.

The fact is, your parents and most definitely your friends will either be in your face and in your way or out of sight with nothing to contribute.

Being a new parent is tough and you need all the help and support you can get but at time’s those who help too much don’t help at all, and those who don’t help enough probably aren’t as good of a friend as you thought.

I wrote this text because I was once a new parent. I have 4 kids who are all school age, I remember what it was like to be stressed out.

Being a new parent is supposed to be exciting, not stressful. With the right tips and advice.

I want to help new parents.

You may have a large support system or a non existent one. Either way I wrote this article to help anyone enjoy the powerful and amazing experience of being a parent.

Here we go…. 17 Tips for new parents.

1. Health

A healthy mom is a happy mom.

Have the best balanced diet you possibly can. Eat plenty of fruit and raw vegetables. I suggest you blend smoothies and or juice twice a day. This will give you the energy you need without caffeine.

2. Prepare ahead of time

Whether it’s preparing for the arrival of your new baby or just packing your diaper bag the night before.

Preparation reduces stress.

After the completion of packing your diaper bag leave it by the front door. Its also important you keep a back up. I suggest keeping your back up bag inside the trunk of your car for emergencies.

3. Relax

Being relaxed while with your baby may seem impossible but that’s not the case. Just because you’re a new parent doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

My husband and I, even with our baby still went to movies, dinner, walks in the park and anything relaxing you could think of.

If you want to see a movie and are uncomfortable with taking your child to the actual theater, check to see if your city or town has a drive inn.

Drive inn’s are more convenient, a mother can breastfeed privately and you won’t have to worry about the noise.

4. Create a support team.

Discuss with your friends and family ahead of time. After you first give birth many things may need to
be handled by other people.

It’s important you have a support team who are reliable. Not to take over but assist you in any duties that can be delegated.

I strongly suggest you pay a Nanny or a personal support worker. There are plenty out there who are willing to work for an affordable price.

5. Maintain your social life.

Time with friends is important. No matter what, make time for your friends. A friends sole purpose is to be there when you need them. Go out once a week, have a drink, sit down and have a conversation.

No matter what, make time for socializing, you’ll need it.

6. It’s okay for your baby to cry

Let’s face it.

At time’s it’ll seem impossible to get your baby to stop crying. We love our kids, crying and seeing them teary eyed isn’t a sight a parent loves to see.

Try to understand that sometimes your baby will cry for pretty much no reason.

When your child seems overly irritated and you’ve tried everything to sooth him or her. Put your baby down.

Its okay.

Place your kid in their crib or playpen and leave the room. This doesn’t make you a bad parent. Just turn on your baby monitor, sit down, watch TV and try again a few minutes later.

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7. Play soothing music.

Studies have shown that babies respond best to soothing nature sounds and soft music (1).

Play a soothing song 45 minutes before you rock your baby to sleep. This will make the process easier.

8. Don’t wake your baby to breastfeed.

Your baby will let you know when its time to eat. Never wake up a sleeping baby unless you have a concern or doctors orders. Its equally important your baby gets a good nights sleep.

9. Take warm baths before bed

Another trick for helping your babe get a good nights sleep is taking a warm bath with baby an hour before their bedtime.

Warm baths release tension in the muscles, making your little one feeling fresh, relaxed and ready for bed.

10. Swaddling

To comfort a fussy baby you can try swaddling. Swaddling is like wrapping your babe in a blanket like a burrito. This mimics the womb, making baby feel comfortable, safe and secure.

When putting baby to bed, swaddling him/her and rock back and forth.

You’re welcome.

11. Ask for help/ Accept help

This is one of the most important tips.

Being a new parent can be tough

sometimes and good help is hard to find.

Ask for help, not a single person who matters will mind and anyone who truly loves you will at least offer their help sometimes.

12. Let dad get his hands dirty.

All my husband wanted was to be more involved with our first child. Foolishly, I treated my husband as if he was a child, as if he could break our baby.

I was wrong, and because of this I caused a strain on our relationship.

Remember, Dad wants his time with baby and it’s his right to have that.

13. Stay out of Dads way.

So you finally trust your partner with the child you both created together. Great, now here comes the challenging part.

Staying out of the fathers way.

Let him take care of everything when its his turn. Don’t judge, criticize or nag. You’re ruining valuable time for both dad and baby.

Let him handle everything, leave the house for an hour. Enjoy your time off mother duty.

Hint: If he needs to lock the nursing room door just to change a diaper….. You’re doing it wrong.

Take a step back.

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14. No kids? No advice needed.

The first thing you’ll notice is suddenly all of your irresponsible friends suddenly know everything there is to do with raising kids.

Don’t bother listening to their advice or criticism. Trust me, it will happen. Your friends will offer you the worst advice. I’m not saying it’s all bad advice but take it with a grain of salt.

Only you as the parent knows deep down what is right for you and your baby (2).

Brush those friends off, replace them with friends who have kids. You can thank me later.

15. Ignore housework

The house is fine!

Leave it alone, you’re a new parent and getting into the groove of things after giving birth can be exhausting.

Don’t mind so much about the mess, as a new parent you better get use to it now before your kid is old enough for you to step on small Lego pieces walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Trust me, it happens

16. Hire help

Help isn’t hard to find in this economy.

I suggest you look for an experienced Personal support worker who may not only help out with your baby but can also take care of other duties around the home such as laundry, dishes and meal preparation.

You can always find a psw who is at an affordable price and is willing to negotiate.

17. Buy used and hand me downs

Exactly what it says, buy used and hand me downs.

Why waste money buying brand new on baby clothing and supplies that you can easily get from your friends, family and neighbors.

Thank you for reading this article about tps for new parents and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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