Why Appreciation Is Important In Life? (The Key To Self-Esteem)

Today you’re going to learn why appreciation is important in life.

Let us learn to be humble enough and accessible to others so that we can recognize each other and express our appreciation for each other.

We should appreciate both our strengths and those of others. We just need to see and appreciate other people for who they really are.

Why Appreciation Is Important In Life?

We all need a positive opinion and appreciation of our successes or efforts. Such a mechanism is recognition of our qualities and achievements.

First, it comes from ourselves. It allows us to confirm our own skills and self-esteem. Then we can get appreciation from the people around us.

For children, appreciation is the pillar that is the basis for their self-esteem.

In the working environment, it provides appreciation to employees with the much-needed motivation to work even better.

And in the case of a healthy romantic relationship, it is the mutual appreciation of both sides that is the factor that makes both partners feel loved, respected, valued…

But the idea of recognition and appreciation is sometimes misunderstood. Some people even see it as something completely negative.

As a rule, this is because some people are always looking for positive self-esteem from others. And unfortunately they are not able to be emotionally independent from other people.

Many people generally believe that these kinds of personalities build their self-esteem only on positive appreciation from others.

But the key to all this is balance. Because you simply cannot deny it, you need to know that appreciation plays a key role in our relationships, emotional state and social life.

Moreover, appreciation is very closely linked to respect. This, in turn, involves both self-esteem and respect from others.

If you know the hierarchy of Maslow’s needs, you know very well that respect plays a very important role in the life of each of us.

It is at this subtle point in the pyramid, where self-esteem or the ability to increase one’s self-confidence and competence interacts with the importance we place on how others perceive who they are, who we are, and what we do.

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Appreciation as a form of social and self-respect

A lot of people live in a constant split.

We all want to feel valued and appreciated by others. But at the same time we also want to be free and independent.

Therefore, nobody likes to have the impression of being invisible to others, ignored or simply feel that nobody sees or appreciates them properly.

Each of us knows someone who was some kind of outsider in our class. Maybe it was a child eating alone in the cafeteria? Or a child sitting alone in a playground?

If you were one of those outcasts too, you know exactly what it’s all about.

A teenager who is underestimated but criticized instead. Or maybe it is someone who is married, but her partner does not appreciate her enough.

As a result, it is someone who constantly lives in a full loneliness and emotional pain (1).

After all, appreciation is a strong, emotional relationship between people. This is what makes us feel appreciated by our peers and full of dignity as people.

Self-acceptance is the key

Appreciation and noticing someone else is, in a certain simplification, perceiving them as they really are.

It is about recognizing their presence.

We simply let them exist, give them the freedom to define themselves. In general, we know that this person exists, and we let them know about it.

It’s about appreciating someone for who they are and helping them by encouraging them to continue their personal development instead of holding them back and inhibiting them.

This appreciation creates self-acceptance, which in turn helps to strengthen this person’s self-esteem.

On the other hand, however, you must not forget that others see that you too can really influence your own self-esteem and acceptance by others.

You simply cannot separate these two concepts. We are social beings.

This means that what others say or think about us affects us in one way or another. This cannot be underestimated under any circumstances.

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Appreciation is important, but don’t just rely on it.

Everyone knows that rejection is probably one of the most painful emotions you can experience in your life.

The feeling of abandonment or disliking by your peers triggers all your internal alarms and strikes the “Panic” button.

Loneliness and isolation caused by unhealthy, negative or neglected social or emotional bonds lead to the development of a strong feeling of suffering.

However, as mentioned above, we must also balance the appreciation we receive from others with the appreciation we give ourselves.

Balancing the importance of recognition and other aspects

Completely focusing a life solely on the external, positive reinforcement of oneself only causes a strong emotional dependence (2).

Therefore, it is very important to remember one simple yet universal truth. It reads as follows: how others see us depends largely on how we perceive ourselves.

Let us look at a few simple examples. Employees who are confident in their skills and feel comfortable in their jobs and who are extremely confident simply create a good working environment.

They work well, they are productive and, as a result, they receive appreciation from others for their good work.

Moreover, other employees try to catch up with them, which has a positive impact on the whole company or even on one particular department.

Now it’s time to take a look at a slightly different example.

Someone with self-esteem, who feels fulfilled, free and independent, often creates emotionally solid relationships with another person.

This mature and safe personality evokes widespread recognition and admiration, but at the same time does not lead to addiction.

If you are in this state, there is no need to constantly strengthen it. Similarly, in the end, your happiness does not depend solely on whether you receive positive appreciation from other people.

It is the perfect balance between the value you give to yourself and the sincere appreciation you receive from others.


To sum up our considerations today, we cannot pretend that other people’s opinions do not concern us at all. Appreciation from others is the basis of any society for a very simple reason.

It simply connects people. It allows us to really see people as they are.

Regardless of age, wealth or personal status, ethnicity or character.

Knowing how to recognise people for who they really are and not who we want them to be also helps us to love them in an intelligent way.

So let us learn to be humble enough and available to others so that we can praise and acknowledge each other.

We should appreciate both our strengths and those of others. We just need to see and appreciate other people for who they really are.

Thank you for reading this article about why appreciation is important in life and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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