When To End a Relationship: 33 Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

In this new article you’ll learn when to end a relationship.

Tired of all the non-sense alibis and unanswered phone calls? Your gut feel is telling you that your relationship is going down the drain.

Imagine what a relief it will bring you when you experience the freedom from the chains of a relationship that has turned sour.

It will be painful at first but you have to understand that the pain is easier to bear if you have found about it yourself than if you hear about it from other people.

There are 33 signs for you to recognize that your relationship with your special someone is not going anywhere.

Know what these signs are and see if you can save yourself from getting hurt in a relationship that is doomed to end sooner rather than later.

When To End a Relationship: Signs That a Relationship Is Ending

1. Hidden Excessive Phone Bills

It is a known fact that under the confines of wedded bliss, you share everything and they are openly exposed to you.

All of a sudden, the phone bill gets shielded from your view?

Ask yourself why the list of the numbers needs to remain a mystery. It is because your partner is trying to hide a pattern of calls made over the past month.

Yes, it will drive you crazy but that will tell you at point blank that your number was called just a couple of time as compared with the particular number – just make sure it is not his mother.

As the saying goes, ‘it starts with one hello.”

2. Night-Out with the Boys is Every Night

It is but normal in a relationship to respect the moments with family and friends.

The famous night-out with his buddies does not give a dent to your relationship for it his own time to relax – but not sow his oats!

Always remember that when this situation happens, it is time for you to draw the line.

Do not wait for that moment when he introduces you to his new son. Keeping all of his friend’s numbers will not do you any good.

Keep track of his hours after work and how he smells like when he comes home. Just hope he did not take a shower somewhere.

3. Intimate Times are Over

Do you remember when he just opened the TV and waited until you fell asleep?

It is not because he was tired from spending all day at work and needed to relax. He is spending his time and energy cuddling up with someone else! When your partner loses the magic touch, you will immediately know that someone else is receiving those love touches that used to be reserved for you.

Sooner or later, he will completely avoid any chance to be next you – act now before that happens.

4. Insecurity Killed the Cat

Being proud of each other’s achievements is a good sign of a loving couple but when he starts to turn green with envy every single time that you get bonuses and awards at work, it is time to take a sudden stop.

In a marriage, there are indeed challenges especially when the wife gets to earn more than her partner. This is the first sign of insecurity in a man that goes way past his ego.

Do not allow your partner to sulk in a corner and wish you were dead for him to rake in all the praises and be noticed.

Once he starts giving you the cold shoulder, it is time for you to give his final order.

5. Bonding means Family not Colleagues

Vacations are often the most awaited time in a family’s life but how come you are often left behind?

If your partner is saving his money for a trip to a place where you have not visited, it is very exciting to spend quality time with him there but wait – why are his officemates doing the itinerary?

The plus one in the trip should always be you and not someone else trying to be you.

6. Special and Important Holidays Spent Apart

It is time to do some serious thinking when he forgets not just your birthday, the day you got married, your kid’s baseball practice but has planned for weeks what shirt to wear on his secretary’s weekend party.

When you feel as if you are a single parent whenever his presence and attention is required then it is time for you to set the date to call it quits.

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7. Nothing New at Home but Maxed Out Credit Cards

When was the last time your partner bought you anything for the house? The next thing you’d find out is that his credit cards were cut into two the other day. What is he spending for?

There are times when it is not another woman. It is not always to the direction why most marriages fail. Have a long look at your partner.

He may be addicted to the following: explicit adult movies, illegal drugs or gambling. Keep an eye at your jewelleries. It may come next.

8. Arguing 24/7. Holidays Included

What happened with the wedding vow that said, “for richer or poorer till do you part?” All the days of your lives, there is nothing to start and end it without arguing.

Do you find yourself wrinkling your forehead every time you try to settle an issue with your partner?

Even the smallest of things to talk about ends up in fighting. It affects your health and the stress that you experience may end up giving you several medical problems.

When you find it difficult to meet in the middle or even co-exist, there is no other way but to file for an indefinite leave – from each other.

9. Pointless Views

Spending a few hours with your mother during weekends cannot be tolerated by your partner. It is not rare for this to start couple wars.

There used to be a time when he flared up when he had to miss a basketball game since he had to drive you to your family’s party.

Every single day, you have to get into a fight without winning any rebuttals. When you cannot stand each other, there is no point in staying together.

10. Failing Health, Unresponsive Heart

Men will try to be unfaithful. If they win, they will continue and if they get busted, the will stop but still try to continue anyway.

This is the start of abusing your body with alcohol or even illegal drugs. Do not find ways to push him away and lose the battle in the process.

If your heart no longer beats for him, do not abuse yourself until you flat line at the hospital.

11. 6-pack Beer to 6-pack Abs

A sudden change in your partner’s lifestyle is often one of the telltale signs that he is doing something fishy.

All of a sudden, he shaves, cuts his hair differently, and heads off to the gym.

It does not take Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery.

12. Alone Time without You

Majority of the married couples do plan a weekend getaway just to be alone and have some private time to bond and reminisce.

Why is it that you are staying at home?

You do not have to read between the lines and figure out that your partner does not want to share some intimate time with you.

13. Driving on Reverse, Psychology That Is

Just because you had a new haircut he is telling you that you have changed? He is giving you hints that he thinks you are betraying him.

Think again.

He is switching the tables on you. His accusations are meant to keep his own indiscretions under wraps.

14. Reflections at the Lying Mirror

He keeps on lying about having to go out to buy something. The problem is that what he comes home with is not something that takes five hours to shop for.

Think again, he might be making excuses so he can spend time with the wicked witch.

15. Too Sweet for Comfort

It is time to get to the bottom of things when he is overly affectionate with you. He is trying to give you a false sense of affection to take your mind off his new routine.

He is not affectionate at all, so it’s time for you to think about why he is really being extra sappy these days.

16. Diamonds for His Dame is All But a Game

Buying you a rock when it is not even your anniversary is questionable especially if you know how much he earns. He is making you feel special so he can go about his wicked ways.

How big is the rock again?

If it is small, the bigger chunk resting on someone else’s finger by now.

17. No Entry at the Office

Wives usually pay their partners a visit especially when they have good news to say that cannot wait another second.

Why is his secretary telling you that he cannot be disturbed all of a sudden?

Is he scared that you might see a different person sitting on his lap in one of the photo frames on his desk?

18. Luxury Cars for Rent

Your partner owns a 10-year old automobile he calls “baby.” Why is he suddenly scanning through the papers for rentable vehicles?

He might take you somewhere posh. But how come he is not telling you anything about it?

He is trying to lure another woman to in his trap.

It’s a good thing that the computer browser’s history can lead your right to the information that you need to find out about this.

19. Friends Gone for a Break

Your partner’s buddies always drop by your home for no reason at all.

How come they suddenly vanished into thin air? What are they hiding from you? Are they scared about accidentally spilling the bills in your presence?

Or maybe they are afraid that they might suddenly call you by a different name?

20. Sneaking Tom

Is your partner sneaking off (1) in the middle of the night for no reason at all? Do not wait until he sneaks off permanently though. Always make sure that you are half awake when he leaves.

Does he come back as if he got out of the shower?

Unless you want to spend the rest of your life watching him sneak out and then waiting for him to come back, it’s time to put an end to the waiting game.

21. New Gadget on Top of the Current One

You know that your partner only needs one mobile phone. And yet he just recently bought a new one.

He said it’s for business but his work entails that mobile phones are to be left at the locker. This is unusual, of course, since the only meaning here is that he is messaging and calling someone in the sly.

Too bad he showed you his gadget. Now you know who is at the other end of the line.

22. Hair Loss Apart From His Head

A balding head comes with age and you have come to love the man you have lived with. Now that he is in the best times of his life, a need to have his southern regions waxed will definitely raise your eyebrow.

Why in the world will he need one? Is he going to the French Riviera to work on his tan?

Surely, this is not the answer that is popping in your head.

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23. Clothing Stains and Smells

Do not search for lipstick stains since it is the lip gloss era already.

There are times when you pick up his shirt and a peculiar smell is picked up by your nose that sent shivers down your spine – a faint hint of a woman’s perfume that is not even part of your collection.

Two things can cross your mind: he visited his nieces who came for during their college spring break and horse-played with them or he is seeing a woman their age.

24. Expensive Online Purchases

You let go of the ring he purchased since you found out that his sister was getting married and your future brother-in-law requested you to purchase it for him.

He was off the hook but not today. You discover that the credit card bill that the two of you share has numerous online purchases. The products in question were certainly not delivered to you.

It obviously means that they were delivered to someone else. It is time to start surfing the sites where the products were purchased.

Do not faint when you find lubricants, massage oils, and handcuffs in the process.

25. Erase All Trails

Since when did your partner delete his computer’s history?

He is hiding now and this is a new thing for you. Previously, even his visits to adult sites did not matter to you since he even talks about his “discoveries” with you.

Now, even his email chat threads have been deleted!

Has he done this on purpose?

Remember that there are applications that can recover them. He has to be really scared. When you find out what he his hiding, he will be facing the trial of his life.

26. Advices Do Not Matter to Him

Keeping a steady eye on your partner does not mean you are smothering him with unreasonable attention.

When he starts reacting defensively to the advice that you have always dished out to him, he could be refusing your help and giving more value to someone else’s advice and opinion.

Someone else might be more significant to him now. It is a painful truth to bear but even if the truth hurts, it shall set you free.

27. Silence is Not for the Lambs

A once interactive and engaging man, you fell in love with him because of those traits.

Conversations used to be enjoyable for the two of you. Now, your house is like a monastery in silence.

Where has his colourful nature gone?

There might be problems that he could be unwilling to share with you. Or, there might be something in the relationship that is bothering him.

If you cannot talk about it, there is very little chance that you will be able to solve whatever it is. Staying in this kind of relationship could make you regret every minute spent with each other.

28. Trips to the Hospital, E.R. not included

Now that you may have an idea that your partner is indeed two-timing you, it is helpful that you share the same hospital benefits and the same doctors.

When your partner complains of an off and on fever and has lost a good amount of weight lately, he is not on a weight loss program – he may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

He will need to be an in-patient for a day or two so the doctors can run some checks.

29. It is a Weekend. Where are Your Kids?

Waking up to an empty house is excruciatingly unnerving only to find out that your partner took them to the mall with his new friend.

Once the kids come back, they can tell you bits and pieces. Once you find out the gender of the new friend, then you can choose your decision – welcome new friend or welcome updated divorce papers.

30. Your Home Turns into a Mere Physical Structure

What will happen to your family when the sanctuary called home has been reduced to a gloomy physical structure?

Devoid of the cheerful presence of your kids playing with your partner or any other family interactions, an empty home should be an indication that things are about to hit a dead end.

31. Unemployed and Vulnerable

When your partner becomes unemployed (2) and vulnerable and is unwilling to do anything about it. Ideally, this is the time when he needs you most.

You should be able to support him emotionally if not financially.

If you cannot handle this situation, you will end up resenting each other and hurling ugly accusations.

32. Promises are Meant to be Recycled

You should be able to trust your partner’s word. Whatever promises he gives, he should be able to follow through. Breaking promises is similar to lying.

How can you trust that he will do something that he promised he would if he keeps on breaking all of his other promises?

How can you trust him to stay true to his promise of faithful love if he keeps on looking left and right for “fun” on the side?

Anyone who keeps on making the same promises and keeps on breaking the same promises is not worthy of being trusted in a relationship.

33. Very Young Nanny to Care for the Kids

After finding yourself pregnant and forgiving, you searched for a nanny to look after the other kids while you recuperate in the hospital.

The kids are safe at home and sound asleep, but why is the master’s bedroom fully occupied?

Your partner has found a new diversion this time. A stay-at-home father with a young and accommodating nanny; is there any room for you in this picture?

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about when to end a relationship. You have seen the 33 signs your relationship is ending.

These signs are not etched in stone. There are other things that you have to consider in your relationship.

The bottom line is that you have to open your eyes to the obvious signs that your relationship is not going anywhere.

And when you do find out for certain that you cannot patch things up with your partner, you have to be able to make the right decision without inflicting more emotional pain in anyone. You deserve to live a happy life with your partner.

But, this is not likely to happen if you are suffering inside. After reading these 33 signs, are you sure you are staying in your relationship for the right reasons?

Think about it, there is no use hanging on when you are about to hit a dead end anyway.

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