How To Stop Thinking About Someone You Love: 23 Best Ways

In this new article you will discover how to stop thinking about someone you love.

The pain will stop, and you will forget about him or her. Our aim is to give you the strength and clarity to appreciate this pain, this broken relationship, this broken heart, and make you proud of who you are.

Always remember, when one door closes, another door opens… You just need to stop focusing on the closed door and look around.

This is a promise. Every broken heart gives you a chance to wake up that eternal happiness within you.

You will discover inner ecstasy. Trust the process and join the journey. You can use that broken heart to become more disciplined in all other aspects of your life.

After a few weeks, you will have a new person born within you that you can trust and count on.

How To Stop Thinking About Someone

1. Belongings

Remove all of their belongings. Even if you just have a toothbrush or towel of theirs in your place, you haven’t truly started moving on, and those objects will convince you that you still have hope for this relationship.

2. Contacts

Block everything that makes it possible for them to contact you! No, this is not childish. What is childish is fooling yourself by leaving a little door open in your subconscious, hoping they will reach out to get back together.

After every break up, there is a risk you might get drunk and call that person. Remember that there was an important reason why you broke up.

When you can still contact each other, there is a chance you will become trapped in the same relationship and waste each other’s lives.

3. Pictures and messages

All the pictures and messages in your phone, on your computer, on social media, etc.—remove them all.

If you have access to those pictures and messages, you may find yourself going through memories and old pictures when you miss that person.

This will bring up past feelings and make you remember what it was like when you were together. But when that feeling passes and you remember that the relationship is over, you hit the wall—hard.

When you wake up the next morning, it will feel like you just broke up…even if you broke up four months ago. Don’t break your heart again.

4. Time

Give yourself time. It hurts, of course, but that’s normal. Allow yourself to feel that pain and frustration:

You can cry all day long and talk to friends about it as much as you want (friends are there to listen when you are in pain). Be sad, eat as much as chocolate you want, drink, cry for yourself, and feel as bad as you want. It’s ok!

Remind yourself that after every high, there is a low. But here is the rule: you are allowed to go crazy, be mad, sad, and depressed for one week only.

When a week passed, remember the gifts that life brought you—a lesson that can teach your soul and the superpower to heal a broken heart.

After a heart breaks, you have two choices. You can stay in darkness and pain until you get used to it. (There is joy in pain, and you can become addicted to it) Or you can use the pain and the power of the broken heart to fly high above the clouds and watch the rainbow.

After that week of mourning, you will make a promise to yourself to never talk to anyone—most importantly to yourself—about that relationship for this four weeks. Promise to yourself and be disciplined about this.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol makes you weak mentally and emotionally and will have you break your promises to yourself. Avoid it.

6. Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills make you even more depressed because they numb the pain you must overcome and use to motivate you to purify, grow, be(do) better, and move on.

Don’t miss this Golden Time. When the power of pain is gone, then you don’t have the energy to climb higher, leaving you down below where you started. Don’t use them.

7. Friends with benefits

Avoid sleeping with anyone during four weeks. It will be painful! It doesn’t matter how good she or he is in bed.

The feeling is temporary, as with alcohol, and it will only numb the pain for couple of hours so it can hit you harder later.

8. Music

Have great music with you always! Pick songs that cheer you up, motivate, and inspire you. Put the headset on and go for a run. If you can’t run, go for a walk.

Get rid of the playlist filled with old memories and make a new one. This is so important.

Those memories will bring up old emotions, but we want to get rid of old emotions and make new ones. Avoid anything that can spark those old feelings.

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9. Sunset

There is a special feeling that comes when the sun goes down. It reminds you that there is an end to every beginning.

When the sky gets dark, the feeling of heaviness and darkness tries to get back at you, so get out of your place before sunset!

Go for a walk around that time and recharge your soul. This will give you an extra wing and help you to make better decisions.

It helps you keep the promises you made and makes it easier be disciplined.

Every person has a limited ability to make good decisions each day. You see people that are trying to loose weight, have salad for the lunch, and eat ice cream and a pack of chips at night.

Doing activities that recharge your soul will increase ability to make more good decision.

10. Shopping

Don’t go shopping to make yourself feel better! It’s cheating. You should face the pain.

You should move on by yourself. You are not allowed to make yourself happy with materialistic goods.

Facing the pain hurts, but you must do this in order to grow, or you will be carrying it with you throughout your life and into other relationships.

11. Family

Spend time with family and nourish your roots, but don’t talk about the past, even for a second. Don’t let you parents or siblings to bring up that subject. It’s over.

12. Friends

Contact your old friends and try to meet up with them to talk about the good times you shared together.

However, when you talk to friends, remember that even though a glass of wine may seem perfect, stay disciplined and avoid alcohol in these four weeks.

Alcohol makes you loose and makes you to forget all your pain and promises. Before you know it, you’re talking about your ex.

Replace that wine with cup of quality coffee. It’s much better for your mental and physical health. Coffee gives you extra energy to achieve your daily goals.

13. Mornings

Our brains move at an insane pace. We must slow it down to create new thought patterns, and meditation first thing in the morning is perfect for this.

But when I say meditation, I don’t mean sitting down and crossing your legs.

By meditation, I mean that within the first five minutes of waking up (“the golden minutes”), do your best to keep your brain from thinking. This can be very difficult in the beginning, but it gets easier with practice.

Imagine your thoughts as balloons, and every time a new subject comes up, poke it with a needle to make it disappear. Doing this for five minutes before you get out of bed will change your life.

After you have slowed down your thoughts, start inserting positive ones. Start appreciating all you have from the moment you open up your eyes.

Give thanks for being healthy, and feel it by remembering the times when you were sick and you were ready to give up everything to gain your health back;

Put on a smile when you open your eyes, even if you have to force it! Keep that smile for 10 seconds. This affects your brain and makes new neurological pathways.

14. Sleeping

Use an eye blinder and earplugs when you go to sleep. Total darkness increases melatonin levels, which are linked to serotonin, the happiness hormone. You will wake up fresh and happier day by day.

Get big pillows and put them beside you when you go to sleep. This helps mentally and emotionally. When your side is empty, it brings in negative emotions.

15. Social media

Take a break from social media and deactivate yourself for four weeks. The biggest mistake you can make is to spy on your ex in social media.

This will ruin everything we are working on. You go back to feeling desperate and sad like when you broke up!

You don’t want to see the peak happy highlights of your friends’ lives. This four weeks is dedicated for you, for your mental health, for a better version of you—for anything that feeds your soul.

Social media hypnotizes you and blocks the energy that your soul needs to receive. Instead of going and watching the sunset, you just scroll Instagram on the sofa.

You can’t just stop bad habits. That’s impossible. There must be always a replacement for a bad habit. I would highly suggest to replace the time you spend on social media by reading a quality self-help book to keep your mind motivated and sharp.

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16. Remembering

It’s very normal that sometimes the old feelings come back. It’s normal to miss him or her.

Don’t get lost in that feeling. Its is your job not to. By watching your breathing pattern or counting your steps, you can stop the thought pattern. Remember your goal and the reason you are going through this pain.

Remember that you promised yourself that you are responsible for breaking thought patterns about your ex. Don’t let those thoughts grow. Replace that thought pattern with a good memory or daydream about your hopes for the future.

Funny YouTube videos are life savors when you have no power to keep going and control your thought patterns.

As you deal with these dark periods, the pain becomes shallower and will subside. You will understand that every day is better than yesterday. There is greatness on the other side of this pain— keep going.

17. Taking care of yourself

Don’t go shopping, but take care of yourself by getting a massage or a facial. Take care of your appearance as much as you want.

Be fresh and sexy every day, like you are going to meet the love of your life. Even prepare what you are going to wear the next day before going to sleep.

18. Changing diet

Change your diet slowly and make one meal of the day healthier. Don’t jump into a new healthy diet because it will affect your mood. Our goal is to keep you feeling in a good, average state and raise it day by day.

Avoid anything that will crash your mood.

19. Journaling

Pick a journal and write down couple of good things that happened during the day before going to bed.

20. Facing the pain

Sit down and focus on the parts of your body that are heavy and painful and take a deep breath. The pain gets better immediately. You just you need to be strong enough to look at the pain face to face so you can experience it.

Our minds love to repeat the same thought patterns all day long. Your job is to not get trapped in it. This is your ultimate job: watch your thoughts and avoid any that relate to your ex.

In this life, the only thing that you can take control of is your thoughts. Usually our thoughts control us.

Here is a chance to take the control back. Broken hearts have great power, if directed consciously and by focusing in the right direction.

21. Forget revenge

That hot stone burns your hand before you throw it. You should be aware that any feeling you provoke in someone by your actions, will show up in your life, good or bad!

Maybe they cheated and you want to get back at them, but don’t! The pain you feel will show up in their life somehow. It’s a universal law. Karma will take care of it.

Chill and focus on yourself.

22. Forgiveness

Forgiveness does not happen simply by saying, “I forgive you.” Forgiveness means that you can appreciate the pain that person brought to your life.

The only way you can forgive someone is to use that pain and grow from into a great version of yourself. That’s when you will understand and feel the real meaning of forgiveness.

23. Your next relationship

Our goal is that your next relationship will be based on sharing happiness that already existed in you.

A true relationship is when two complete humans succeed in this life by discovering happiness on their own and then share it with each other. A partner should not be someone to fill a hole in your life.

They are not the key to happiness. You are.

Finding happiness means getting rid of negative thought patterns and making new, positive ones to bring you to a higher vibrational level.

First, we must stop using those old patterns so we can make new ones in our brain.

By keeping your promises, you will become highly disciplined and be able to enforce positive thoughts, take control of your mind, and rule your life.

Thank you for reading this article about how to stop thinking about someone and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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