How To Overcome Social Anxiety: 10 Tips To Deal With Anxiety

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to overcome social anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder is very common. You are not alone if you have this kind of disorder. However, there are ways to cure social phobia.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety:

1. Set an appointment with a therapist

You need to consult an expert.

She or he is the best person who can diagnose your disorder. You need to let the therapist know your reactions during social interactions. He or she will explain your individual issues and help you start coping with them. How

ever, if you cannot avoid the professional fees, you can do it on your own through research but this is not highly recommended.

2. Work slowly and gradually

Treating any disorder cannot be done in haste. Use cognitive methods or re-thinking. This will provide you the foundation of brand new thinking skills.

This is the best way to begin in sinking down in your brain which will later on be a part of your new behavior. A therapy will be successful once you learn and deeply understand these cognitive strategies.

A therapist might ask you as well to join social anxiety therapy in order to see improvements on your behavior. Remember, therapists will not force you to do anything that you do not want to do such as joining a group activity.

3. Write down social activities that make you anxious

Then rate it, 10 makes you panic and 1 makes you more comfortable.

Writing will help you to become aware that you are anxious on certain activities. Work on these activities by starting with what makes you comfortable. Go on your own pace but do not let it stay for so long on your list.

For instance, speaking in front of an audience is your number 10. Work on it slowly through making a speech in front of your friend or someone whom you trust. Then invite a number of people to listen to your speech.

This activity is an excellent practice in preparing for your big speech day.

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4. Do self-talking

You need to do self-talking as well whenever you face situations that make you anxious. This is also being aware and accepting it.

5. Self-acceptance is important

Love yourself and your anxiety. It may sound weird but it will help you once you embrace it. You will not realize that you are conquering your anxieties if you embrace it. In case you commit mistakes, do not ever hold any grudge on yourself. Allow yourself to commit mistakes (1).

6. Practice, practice, practice

It will help you a lot to overcome your social phobia if you will practice relaxing your body. If your heart beats faster whenever you encounter a challenging situation, take deep breaths or do breathing exercises.

7. Pull yourself out

For challenging situations, bring yourself back to the real world where you feel comfortable being yourself. Do not allow yourself to stay in an uncomfortable situation.

8. Change your image

People may have thought negatively about you or have a perception that you are shy and cannot even speak up during meetings.

Do something about it.

Do not allow people to have this perception for a long time. Change your image. Start slowly. For instance, during your department’s meeting, raise your questions or concerns if you have. Do not let the meeting pass by without speaking.

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9. Do not overanalyze or misinterpret what people say about you

People around you might have expressed their feelings regarding your anxieties or might have commented about you.

Shrug it off when you hear it. Do not get affected by it. Instead, look at the positive implications that it can bring to you. Look at it as a challenge.

For instance, your colleagues say that you cannot even say what you want and you only say “ok” once asked. When someone asks about your opinion, simply express what is on your mind (2).

10. Accomplish your personal goals

One way of overcoming social anxiety disorder is to try to achieve your goals in life. Once you have accomplished your goals, you will feel confident. As a result, you will also overcome your social anxiety.

It is very stressful to suffer from social phobia because it is part of your daily life that you need to interact with people.

However, if you will not help yourself and will deny your fear, you will start to feel uncomfortable and have unpleasant feelings. You can avoid this through following immediately the above ways to fight social phobia.

Thank you for reading this article about how to overcome social anxiety and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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