How To Increase Brain Power: 15 Ways To Think Like A Genius

In this new article you’ll learn how to increase brain power.

Studies show that old age naturally decreases the level of overall brain activity because it has begun to stop acquiring for information necessary for survival and daily needs.

Neurons stop replacing themselves with new cells because of inactivity in the area where it used to be very busy.

Brain neurons are like muscle tissues which tend to decrease in the ability to function if left inactive for too long.

However, it is also proven that new neuron cells grow when a new skill or ability is learned or acquired. Mice that learned to navigate new pathways showed higher percentages in brain cell reproductions compared with mice that haven’t.

Why should brainpower be increased? Greater brainpower means greater creativity, greater ideas, and greater possibility of succeeding at whatever things you pursue

Here are effective ways and natural ways to boost your brainpower:

How To Increase Brain Power:

1. Get into the right diet to keep your brain healthy and happy.

Drink plenty of water and you begin to think clearly and creatively. If your body is dehydrated, your brain slows down to conserve electrolytes from running out.

Studies show that liquids from fruits and vegetables help in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Nutrients from green leafy foods like vitamins and minerals are essentials in keeping the mind in shape.

Instead of snacking on junk foods, like potato or corn chips which are mostly deep fried in hydrogenated oil munch on nuts and seeds.

They do not pack up so much air into plus while they give off brain boosting minerals like zinc, and vitamin E which improves cognition.

Eat plenty of fish which contain Omega -3s, which are also present in walnuts and flaxseed oil.

Spices like cinnamon, sage, are great in helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive illnesses. Cumin and cilantro also increase brain power. Gingko Biloba is an herb found out to stimulate new growth of brain cells.

Your favorite stimulants such as tea and coffee are also runners-up in perking you up if you need heightened mental capacity. Chocolate comes also as a short-term mind booster with it’s’ flavonol content.

Choline is a nutrient said to enhance mental functioning. Chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, liver, and fish are rich with choline.

An apple a day keeps the brain okay! The natural chemical called quercetin found in apples, oranges, grapefruits, parsley, and sage protects the brain from deteriorating.

2. Exercise.

Get physically fit. An alert body means an alert mind. If the body is active, blood is able to circulate more easily in the body and distribute oxygen to the brain.

It is of utmost importance that the brain gets enough oxygen to function properly.

Aerobic exercise or even simple calisthenics after an hour of sitting in front of the computer will definitely improve your work output. Learning coupled with a simple physical activity (running or skipping ropes) is used to help children improve in memorization tasks.

Weight Lift Training can also help in increasing levels of “brain –derived neurotrophic factor. These are responsible for controlling the development of brain cells.

Stimulate your brain with music, classical or jazz, or popular music. Music while working out or writing, can improve work outputs. It even motivates to go on you when the work becomes unlikable.

Yoga, dancing and gold are also great activities that involve using cognitive functions and much of physical – mental coordination. One is able to enjoy while stimulating the brain.

3. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new language or new sport or hobby stimulates the brain into building new bridges and connections. It is never true that once you have started growing gray hair, you can never learn a new thing.

There are many old people who are computer savvy, they pride on being able to adapt to the ever changing technologies.

Many people have also discovered their real passions by venturing to learn a new job like cooking, or gardening, or writing.

Once we stop learning, we stop growing as a person. We continue to grow into the person we ought to be till we have fulfilled our life’s purpose.

4. Create a goal in everything that you do.

Having a goal before beginning an activity or a project focuses your faculties into a single idea in order to create the best output that satisfies your goal.

The mind is an amazing thing, it can churn out the best masterpiece if you plan and gear towards something.

However, your efforts might go to waste if your goals are unclear. As Alice has asked the Cheshire cat, “Which way should I go?”

To which the cat replied with another question, “Where do you want to go?” She replied, “Anywhere”. “Then, anyway will get you there.” the cat replied, grinning.

5. Doodle.

Try this while brainstorming: get a piece of paper and a pencil.

Start drawing circles, rectangles, lines, or whatever comes to mind. Do not even try to draw a picture just let your hand make marks on paper and let it roam freely on the paper.

Think and draw. Brainstorm and draw. Turn the paper upside down. Draw. Doodling keeps the brain active and stimulated. Ideas will flow and start to take shape.

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6. Have a change of environment.

You may feel suffocated with being cooped up in the room. Go out and get a breath of fresh air.

Take a brisk walk to a nearby park or the garden.

You may also need a vacation after a year of working non-stop, even in holidays. It is healthy to take days off from work and away from work.

This will allow your mind to not be bothered with work matters and tackle other things.

Getting mind off from thing will also give you a better perspective and resolve on things that you are handling.

7. Engage in Games, Puzzles to get those brain muscles running.

There are so many games that you can try and enjoy for brain enhancement.

Sudoku and crossword puzzles are supplied in newspapers or you can download from the net for Ipads and Android phones.

Get your family together for a game of Jan go or Monopoly or Scrabble. Put up a grand prize for the top scorer to motivate players. You can also create two teams and beat each other over a funny game of charades.

The Wii has also exciting games both for physical training and for cognitive improvement like bowling, skiing, hoops, etc.

Interactive social games are much better in stimulating release of dopamine because it involves other people while having fun. Laughter is beneficial (1) in creating and encouraging a happy mind.

8. Write a blog or journal.

Most of the world’s intellectuals are prolific writers. I am not saying here they are good writers, but they do have a habit of writing down their thoughts and their ideas.

Writing is pouring out what is in your mind only to be tickled to be give birth for more. Writing does not involve editing out grammar lapses and spelling but of building up a world from your mind.

As you churn out more ideas, more are prompted to come to your mind because you think more. Written words are like portholes.

One word will lead to another that you are bound to produce an idea, then a scene, which becomes a story.

Writing is simply walking, your pen is your pair of legs, and your letters your footprints on your paper. Take a walk and follow where your feet lead you.

9. Associate with an age group other than your own.

If you are young, seek out a person older and wiser than you, more experienced than you. Look up to that person as a life mentor.

Everyone is looking for someone to share his / her life legacy, although not everyone finds his or her mentor or mentee. If you are sensitive, being associated to one will be like having found a buried treasure.

Great minds look out for like minds.

Be friends with the younger people, you will be able to realize a lot of things from your life because you can see yourself among them.

It is also learning a new skill, the skill of understanding the psychology and thoughts and emotions of those other than your age bracket.

Associate and learn thoughts and emotions of those people who do not belong to same economic level as yours.

10. Get plenty of sleep.

Missing precious hours of sleep can actually decrease level of mental efficiency.

An average person should sleep for 8 hours at least. Your body needs to repair tissues to regenerate new ones. Successive sleep deprivation may lead to early development of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are unable to get enough sleep for the day because you had to work on an urgent report due the next morning, be sure to get power naps. Power naps are 20 minute quickie sleeping break to regain lost hours.

11. Trying new things that are out of your routine can encourage your brain to think more differently.

Try this:

Instead of riding to and from work, walk or bike. You will notice or realize so many things like how many houses there are before your own or your neighborhood have a newly opened bakery.

  • Be a leftie for a day.
  • Blindfold while eating
  • Use a different bus route going home
  • Pour your coffee on your oatmeal bowl

12. Get social.

Touch therapy is proven to promote wellbeing to babies as well as grown-ups. Good hormones like oxytocin are released with touch and physically demonstrations of affection which aids in problem solving.

The elderly also benefit in positive relationships through quality time and pleasant conversations.

Laughter as a reaction helps in the release of dopamine. Dopamine is essential to the development of fresh neurons.

Trace down your family tree, up to your grandmother’s grandmother. This will give you a sense of confidence because you know your lineage.

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13. Think positive.

Wallowing in despair or self –pity will not get you anywhere. It will only make you tired, unhappy, and even unhopeful of things in general.

Being positive about things maintains your good disposition to find alternative solution to your problems or situation.

Being positive is not being afraid that things will turn out according to your plan. Being optimistic towards things is entirely dependent on your mindset.

If you think that it will be alright, the universe will conspire and help you to attain it. You must keep a prayerful heart that it will happen.

14. Think of ways to help your country.

Know what goes on around you. Be aware and vigilant of the changes in your society. React to the issues that are happening in your country.

How does this affect you as a person? What can you do to help and improve your society’s condition?

Think of ways to reduce waste (2). Make new things out of things. Create gift items from used things. This will help people be encouraged to reuse old things instead of throwing away.

Help out in charity and donation drives and invite others to join or contribute amount or goods.

15. Create a new makeover look.

Adopting a new look can inspire you to think creatively and be confident of your appearance.

Actors actually cut their hair or slim down to get to the role they will play. Young professionals display confidence and excellent capabilities to their prospective employers by wearing power suits or executive clothes.

Put on make-up to highlight your positive facial features. Use jewelry earrings to lend a sophisticated aura.

Shoes play a great part in completing the look. It’s all about harnessing the confidence inside for you to think you are capable of doing great things.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to increase brain power. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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