How To Increase Concentration Power When Studying or Working

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to increase concentration power .

A lot of material to remember before the exam – coffee, long drive by car – coffee, important speech at work – coffee. This is the most popular way to improve concentration and combat sleepiness. Is it a good thing? And yes and no. Caffeine present in coffee can indeed stimulate us, but it also contributes to the occurrence of heart disease, increases irritability. Besides, some people don’t like the taste of small black. Therefore, instead of coffee, we recommend… 30 healthy ways to improve your concentration.

How To Increase Concentration Power:

1. Don’t forget about breakfast

Do you ever feel tempted not to eat breakfast? Try not to give in to it. The first meal of the day has a great impact on short-term memory and concentration. Systematic eating of wholesome breakfasts is a guarantee of better learning outcomes. Remember, however, that in the morning there should be a lot of dairy products, whole grains and fruit on the plate. Avoid high-calorie foods. When eating, let’s keep moderation, because overeating worsens concentration.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids

Fish are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, and these compounds are very good for brain function. They reduce the risk of dementia, speed up recovery after a stroke, and keep the mind fresh for longer. In addition, they have a positive effect on memory. To keep your brain healthy for as long as possible, we recommend eating two portions of fish a week.

3. Bitter chocolate

Now, here’s something for the gourmets. Consumption of bitter chocolate has a very positive effect on concentration. The compounds contained in this product, e.g. pyrazine, improve thinking and reduce reaction time. Remember, however, not to exaggerate, a few chocolate cubes are enough to make learning and working more effective.

4. Moderation

Nutrition has a very important influence on our concentration, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of quantity. Both overeating and under-eating impair our ability to learn. Unfortunately, it is difficult for some people to know when they should stop eating. The recipe for this problem is slow chewing, because our brain only sends out signals after a few minutes that we are full.

5. Vitamins

Memory and concentration dietary supplements are good, but in case we do not have the possibility of natural assimilation of the nutrients contained in them. Remember to consult a doctor before taking tablets or capsules.

6. Life-giving water

If we want to be effective at work or at school, let us not forget about irrigation. Sometimes during the day we feel weakened, have a headache and then we reach for a small black one. Don’t be. These ailments may indicate that our body lacks water. Instead of a cup of coffee, drink a glass of still mineral water and you will feel the difference almost immediately.

7. A dream good for everything

You want your brain to function flawlessly? Sleep and don’t feel guilty. After a few nights of sleepless nights, we may even experience short-term loss of consciousness. In addition, our immune system deteriorates significantly, which can lead to disease and, as we know, we are unable to concentrate on even the simplest activities.

Sleep strengthens connections between nerve cells, so it is much better to focus after a healthy night’s sleep. A nap during the day is also a good idea – just 20 minutes of sleep is enough to improve your memory and concentration and with new strength to return to your tasks.

8. Physical exercise

Physical activity improves not only the condition of the body, but also of the mind. It is enough to perform a few simple exercises before an important task, e.g. aerobic or strength exercises, and it will be much easier for us to focus.

9. Take a break.

Have you noticed that while learning your thoughts sometimes run away, you have to read the sentence several times to understand it? This is a sign that your brain needs rest. In such moments, stand up, walk, walk to the window and breathe in fresh air, drink a glass of water. Working without any breaks reduces our concentration and thus reduces the effects.

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10. Concentration exercises

Short concentration exercises are the perfect way to keep your mind fresh.

There’s a lot of them. They are very simple and easy to do at home. What kind of brain exercises can you do when you’re learning or working? First, let’s try to count from 100 to 1. We can also take some fruit – let’s focus all our attention on it, let’s look at it carefully. Then do the same, but only in your thoughts.

11. Set yourself goals

Before we start work, it is good to set ourselves goals, but of course they should be achievable. This will make it much easier for us to focus on action and to reject any temptation to stop working.

12. Play green.

If you want to drink something warm, choose green tea instead of coffee. This drink improves memory and concentration, as well as supporting metabolism, lowers bad cholesterol levels and prevents eye diseases.

13. Tell the others you’re working.

Our loved ones should know that when we work or study, they should not disturb us. Nothing is more distracting than a phone call or a waiting message on Facebook. We probably won’t be able to avoid such temptations anyway, so before work, just turn off your phone or mute the sound. Don’t open any social networks. This way, we can concentrate on the task ahead.

14. Order is the most important thing

If you are in a very important job and want to concentrate fully on it, put your workplace in order. This is very important. Order in our surroundings is order in our heads. First of all, remove objects from the desk that could distract us from work, such as a mobile phone.

15. Alcohol is your enemy.

I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced that drinking alcohol even a day before an important task is a bad idea. The body will be tired and our energy will be used to detoxify it.

16. Forget the drugs.

It’s not just alcohol that’s our enemy. Other substances, e.g. coffee, strong coffee, tea, flush out many important components of the body, without which brain function cannot work properly, e.g. magnesium.

17. Relax.

If we know that a day full of intensive work awaits us, let’s not forget to find in it at least a moment to relax. If we enjoy walks, let’s mark them in our daily schedule. If it is cooking, let’s prepare something delicious. The point is not to think constantly about the task, but at least for a moment direct your attention to something that really relaxes us. Remember that stress badly affects your ability to concentrate.

18. Think about the reward.

Being aware that we do not tire without purpose makes our work much better.

When we are caught up in a decline in concentration, let us think about why we are trying so hard. Maybe we’re in for a promotion at work or we want to avoid later problems. Positive motivation has a very good influence on concentration.

19. Take care of the right amount of iron

Iron is an element that participates in the transport of oxygen to brain cells. Its deficiency means problems with concentration. Therefore, if we want to work more effectively, let us enrich our diet with products rich in iron, e.g. nuts, red meat, legumes, offal.

20. Get yourself all the tools you need to do your job.

It happens that during work or study, it turns out that we are missing something. Maybe we’ve run out of water, we forgot about an important book. This effectively distracts our attention. Therefore, let’s try to take care of everything that is necessary for us to work or study.

21. Consume products with group B vitamins

The presence of B vitamins has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system. First of all, vitamin B12 supports memory and concentration. If you want to supplement your diet with these nutrients, eat yeast products, milk, meat, cheese, potatoes.

22. Avoid simple sugars

Many people use candies or bars to energise themselves. Unfortunately, they contain a large amount of simple sugars, which are quickly absorbed, give a false sense of strength, but then contribute to a sudden drop in energy. This weakness is particularly noticeable in the afternoon. If you want to keep your concentration at a high level all day long, give up the sweetness.

23. Don’t forget the lecithin.

If we want to improve memory and concentration effectively, we should consume more products with lecithin. It can be found in wheat sprouts, peanuts and soybeans. Lecithin is essential for the production of one of the neurotransmitters – acetylcholine. If our diet is poor in lecithin, we are sluggish, we have worse memory and concentration.

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24. Melissa inflorescence

Melissa improves memory and concentration, soothes confused nerves, but also protects against excessive aging.

Melissa is known primarily for its calming properties. But that’s not all. The infusion from this plant improves mood, improves metabolism, strengthens memory and concentration. A cup of lemon balm tea is perfect for learning before an important exam – it will soothe your nerves, brighten your mind and allow you to remember more information.

25. Only one activity

The ability to do several things at once is required in many professions
Multi-tasking is the enemy of concentration. To focus effectively, don’t do more than one thing at a time. Let us be in this one task with our whole body and mind, and we will finish it earlier and with better results, without the need to make any corrections.

26. Write down your thoughts

If a thought that interests us particularly comes back to us during our studies or work, write it down. Thanks to this we will be able to return to it after work. The fight against thoughts is sometimes very frustrating and takes up a lot of energy, and by enrolling, we can be sure that an important thought will not escape us and we will be able to return to it after the task is completed.

27. Don’t get bored.

Ingenuity at work is the basis, without it you can quickly burn out professionally.

Boredom can effectively kill our concentration. If we do the same thing for several days in a row, even if it is very important, at some point we start to do it mechanically. We are not able to focus on the task. Therefore, let’s diversify our work as much as possible. Let’s change the place, order of tasks, etc. Just don’t get bored.

28. Fresh air is a fresh mind

Let us not forget to provide ourselves with a supply of fresh air during our mental work. When we are in a stuffy room, our thoughts are much worse. Therefore, it is worth working with an open window, and if it is too cold, open the window at least for a dozen or so minutes.

29. More potassium.

Potassium is involved in the process of oxygenating the brain. If effective mental work is a priority for us, let us not allow potassium deficiency in our body. The sources of this ingredient include oranges, grapes and bananas.

30. Think about what bothers you the most

Let’s consider what factor will distract us the most. Maybe it’s your favorite music or noise outside the window. Then take decisive action. Try to eliminate these factors or at least minimise their harmful effects. It will probably be difficult, but we’ll get used to it after a while.

+ Bonus Tip

Bulletproof coffee

Which coffee will improve our concentration? It should be an espresso from freshly ground, genuine coffee, no coffee soluble in milk, let alone sugar. A good solution is the so-called Bulletproof coffee, i.e. coffee with butter and coconut oil. Only it gives really noticeable effects in improving concentration.

The ability to focus on the task depends on many factors, such as diet and lifestyle. If you want to increase the effectiveness of work or study, it is worth changing your habits. A proper diet for concentration, workplace preparation, physical activity and a reasonable plan of action are able to work miracles.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to increase concentration power. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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