How To Make Him Want You: 10 Must See Tips To Make Him Fall In Love

Today you’re going to learn how to make him want you.

What do women want in life? We want it all: love, affection, passion, conversation, jewellery and chivalry…the list doesn’t end. What every woman wants, but won’t admit, is a man to drool over her (hypothetically). We want them to sit down when we tell them to and come when we call (literally).

What do men want in life? They want a woman that takes care of them, loves them, and wants them. We’ve come up with foolproof ways to have him begging like a dog in no time!

How To Make Him Want You:

1. Be confident.

This is first and foremost. You must be confident inside and outside of the bedroom. Confidence is a major turn-on and implies your ability to take charge and please your man. The minute you start complaining about your love handles, covering up your body or turning off the lights, his man parts will go into hiding.

If confidence is an issue for you, start focusing on yourself a little more. Make the time to get a manicure, a facial or a massage. Treat yourself to some highlights and a spray tan. Taking time for yourself will give you the boost your confidence needs. You must feel comfortable in your own skin; confidence is a hard thing to fake.

Without confidence, he won’t be begging like a dog; he’ll be a dog with his [limp] tail between his legs.

2. Take pride in your appearance .

Men want a woman that looks good. More importantly, a man wants you to want to look good for him.

You don’t have to spend hours each day doing your hair and make-up, but maintenance is important. If you’re hair is ratty, and your highlights have grown out, it’s time for a mini makeover. If he gets home everyday to you eating ice cream and lounging in your flannel pajamas, he’s probably not going to give you a second glance. Frumpy is not sexy.

Try to dedicate 15 more minutes a day to your overall appearance. Brush your hair, put on mascara and lip gloss, and paint your nails. You’ll feel better about yourself, and he’ll notice the difference.

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3. Be yourself.

He chose you for a reason. He loves your laugh, your smile and all your quirky idiosyncrasies.

Don’t compare yourself to other women. Make him laugh, make fun of yourself and don’t take life too seriously. If you second-guess every move, so will he.

Remind him every day why you are the woman for him and, in turn, he will remind you why he is the man for you.

4. Pay attention to him.

It’s not always sexual. His mind is the key to his soul…and it’s also the key to his penis. Listen to him. Praise him. Compliment him. Brag about him. Love on him. Don’t be afraid to be affectionate with him.

It’s so easy to bicker over the small things with him and be sure to show him you care and want to be more intimate with you. Try to remember, every day, why you fell in love If he knows you hear him, he’ll feel closer to you

5. Tease him.

Tease him in life, in bed, and while’s he’s at work. Build the anticipation by being the sexual temptress he secretly wants you to be.

Tease him while you’re out with friends or at a company function. When he is deep in
conversation with a c-worker, lock eyes with him and then shift your gaze to his package. It will send a clear message that you’re thinking about what you want to do to him later. Don’t be surprised if he wants to leave the party early.

Tease him while you’re at the movies. Let him know you’re having difficulty focusing on the movie. Whisper in his ear, “We need to get out of here before I jump your bones.”

Tease him in bed. Right before he’s about to get up and shower, back up into him so he’s spooning you. Slowly rub up against him. Tell him you know he doesn’t have time right now, but you can’t wait for him to get home so you can finish what you started.

Teasing him while he’s at work will be a welcome distraction for him. Business is so demanding and stressful; foreplay, in the form of teasing, will give him something to look forward to. Text him throughout the day, sharing with him your sexual fantasies, the new position you want to try or what you’ll be wearing when he gets home.

6. Send him naughty pictures/text messages.

Everyone’s naughty scale is different. Whatever your threshold is, go a little beyond that.

If you’re fairly shy, send him a picture of you sucking on your fingers. Follow it by a text message telling him you wish your finger was something else.

If you’re really kinky, snap a selfie of you masturbating or using your favourite toy. Send it to him and tell him you wish you didn’t have to do it alone, but that he was nowhere to be found. He’ll be home before you know it.

As long as you exit your comfort zone, the shock alone will get him hard. Men are visual creatures. You’ll make the rest of his workday unbearable.

7. Show him that you want to make him happy.

As much as you can turn him on with your body and your dirty talk, let him know you think about his happiness and are committed to finding new ways of pleasing him. Making it all about him will make him feel like a man.

When you’re about to start fooling around, focus on his pleasure. Let him watch you touch yourself. Ask him what he wants to see you do next.

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8. Be adventurous in bed.

Ask him what his fantasy is and share yours with him. Make a deal that you will fulfill his fantasy if he fulfills yours. In acting out fantasies, there’s no room for guessing. The person has told you what they want, so there’s an immediate confidence and excitement building up to the act. If you don’t have a fantasy, make one up.

Tell him you want to try roleplaying. Describe to him, in detail, your fantasy. For example, let’s say you tell him that your fantasy is to be a flight attendant who has an affair with the pilot. Tell him you want him to be your pilot.

9. Give him a massage.

Men love it when their woman is sensual and tender. They want to be taken care of and treated with compassion.

Be sure to create a calming ambiance. Turn on soothing music and light some candles. Using aromatherapy oil will heighten his senses and remind him that you care about his well-being.

While you’re massaging him, keep the talking to a minimum; let your bodies do the talking. As you’re nearing the end of the massage, take your clothes off while he’s faced down. Begin rubbing every inch of your body against him. Keep massaging him, telling him that he can’t touch you until you’re done. Make him wait as long as possible until he forces his way on top of you.

10. Talk dirty to him.

Use your words. Say all the things he wants you to say and don’t be hesitant. He wants to know that you want him to do dirty and unthinkable things to you. There are not a lot of boundaries with dirty talk. Remember that the purpose of talking dirty is to paint a sexual picture for him.

Always start off with mild dirty talk and build as you go. During foreplay, for example, tell him you like it when he bites your nipples. Tell him to bite them harder. As it gets more heated, let him know what else you want him to do to you. Use words you wouldn’t usually use. He’ll respond by being just as dirty, if not dirtier. Reciprocate his level of dirty and don’t stop until you each reach your climax.

Not only will these tips have him begging like a dog; they will improve your relationship and bring the fire back to your sex life. Remember, you are his treat…make him beg for it!

Thank you for reading this article about how to make him want you and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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