How To Make a Girl Attracted To You: (New 6-Step Guide)

Today you’re going to learn how to make a girl attracted to you.

This article provides tips, tricks, and tried and tested techniques that ensure beautiful women gravitate towards you.

Not only this but you will also know how to keep them engaged in stimulating conversation, intense eye contact, and have them in close physical proximity.

The wisdom I am about to impart to you within these pages will give you incredible insight into how a woman thinks and reacts, what she’s looking for in a partner, and the little things you need to do to make it seamless, just like you were a stud the whole time.

If, through all the attention, you maintain your humility you will find a far greater happiness with an equal relationship with the woman of your dreams.

However fall into the pit of arrogance and you will find yourself quickly becoming unstuck.

If you can keep that humble and unassuming nature even slightly and take your time to read and understand this text then your life is about to change inexplicably for the better.

A new phase in your life is about to start, a subtle shift that over time will have moved mountains when you look back. It will be an amazing feeling.

How To Make a Girl Attracted To You

1. First Impressions

How a guy is perceived at first glance is all a woman needs to know in order to decide where she will sit on the beach, who will light her cigarette, and who she will later accept a drink from.

You have a split second to make this impression and perhaps an extra millisecond if you manage to catch her eye, to give her a lingering glance.

It is an overwhelming task to completely alter the way you are perceived initially, to somehow engineer the facial expression, so that it conveys precisely what you want it to.

This is why by taking the small steps detailed in this guide as you come across them is important.

You should not skim or skip through sections, thinking you have already mastered the basics, because you will not see results in this way.

Results come through taking up the tasks described with interest and enthusiasm chronologically as they are written.

They are not unnecessary, or simply there to make up the word count; they are integral parts of the process you are undertaking and lay the foundations of powerful attraction.

You will learn how to navigate the dating scene with confidence and purposeful direction so that you will effortless attract the women you want for the rest of your days.

This is not a formula, or a theorem; you will not learn how to categorize women or a step-by-step guaranteed guide on how to get a date.

This is a fully explained process of transformation from you as you are to the best you can be.

Confidence is a huge part of this and I intend to detail to you exactly how to complete the necessary steps to truly feeling secure within yourself.

I will explain what you will need to do to learn for yourself certain things that need to be absorbed subconsciously.

Reading something simply does not carry the weight of undertaking some of your own investigation and working on your own conclusions.

This cements the information firmly into the mind, which will begin to process this information into small but helpful changes in naturally occurring non-verbal communication.

With your subconscious on your side, your conscious efforts will go further, and in time you will naturally do all the right things and seamlessly convey a consistently confident, eligible bachelor.

From this point you can work on how to engage different women in lively conversation.

But for now the focus is purely on what non-verbal communication your body freely gives away and how this is portrayed.

The initial part of the process is an observation of self and a clear identification of where you are going wrong.

Once you become aware of any bad habits then your subconscious will begin to curb them and this acts as a powerful springboard for a complete transformation.

So this step is all about drawing your attention to your non-verbal communications (NVC) from perhaps the biggest betrayer of your levels of security and confidence – your own body.

One thing to be sure of is that women do not want to be in a relationship with a man with more hang ups than they have.

While this doesn’t mean you have to be infallibly secure in yourself, it does mean that you have to be aware of the insecurities that your body screams at women on first glance in order to know where you are going wrong.

Do not panic that you will have to spend hours engineering a facial expression that conveys a thousand words, instead follow this advice and it will occur effortlessly and naturally in time.

Once you have this clarity, built through your own observation of yourself in differing circumstances and situations your subconscious will pick up problematic postures and start to remove them from its repertoire.

Over time and in combination with other important tasks and a little purposeful practice, attracting women will not require any effort at all as your subconscious will be trained to assume confidence in all forms of communication.

You will find yourself feeling more and more comfortable and able to control situations, confidence is reiterated by positive reactions.

They reaffirm your security and will come fast by the time you have finished the process.

SELF OBSERVATION – (NVC) non-verbal communications

At different times of the same day make a point of noticing the way your body is behaving and what it may be communicating.

Rate your mood out of ten; note the circumstance, and important posture and limb movements.

When you walk into a room with other people in it what do you look at first? How are you feeling as you do this?

How do you greet those you know well? What engagement do you get from them, is it encouraging? Or does it indicate that they are only being polite?

When you are being introduced to a new person how do you stand?

When you hear a beautiful woman speak to you how much of the information do you absorb? What NVC do you utilize to indicate you are actively listening?

If you were speaking to someone who displayed your NVC what reaction do you think it would convey to you?

As you go about your day just observe your own natural posture. How much confidence do you think you naturally display in how you hold yourself? Is your head held high? Are your shoulders broad?

Or do you often find yourself becoming smaller as you move slightly around people?

When you enter a room full of people, are you smiling? Is your head held high or hanging low? What do your eyes focus on, the floor or do you make direct eye contact immediately?

Collect together your results in a table and draw some conclusions with a few statements such as….

  • I often forget to smile and have a serious expression.
  • I avoid eye contact with people I don’t know, if it happens I quickly look away.
  • I panic when women talk to me, pay little attention to what is being said, and therefore cannot give her a meaningful reaction to engage her in conversation.
Advice and acknowledgements

Eye contact is very similar to a handshake if it’s not firm and direct in its delivery its meaning is weakened considerably.

However it should not be aggressive in the slightest, instead give eye contact with a gentle smile, as if you just realized how beautiful she is and look upwards so you glance at her chin up.

Lock into her eyes briefly, extend your smile and then glance at the floor.

Give her no reason to be intimidated, or think that she may intimidate you.

Be open with your posture and show her that you are only interested in her smile by not staring at the sexual parts of her body.

Crucially, glance at the ground to show her a little humbleness on your part.

This will indicate that you are no threat, and by looking down it shows a gentlemanly acknowledgment of her beauty, which she will be flattered and intrigued by.

Over all the first impression is a positive one.

NVC has complimented her and let her know your interest. Now she can feel flattered and under no pressure, which is the perfect foundation for the next step.

2. Basic Confidence

Three phases to alter your confidence on a permanent basis and transform your self esteem into a tangible, attractive, and magnetic force that showcases you at your full potential.

Confidence is a state of mind. It occurs when a person feels comfortable in the situation they find themselves in.

When a person feels physically and mentally strong they feel an “internal locus of control.” It can be induced by taking a number of measures to assume the character of a confident person.

Phase ONE – An Observation – Studying the Confident Man

The first phase is all about people watching, it takes a few days of sitting in public places to gain real insight into what it means to be confident.

I can tell you what you need to know but a crucial component is to see it in action. Words on a page can never instil the understanding that learning things for yourself can.

Don’t skip this phase it’s integral to the foundation of the system and cannot be skimmed over.

You will need a laptop on which you can view the following pointers, and a spare day to spend at various different public places. As well as this you need to follow this simple process.

Lunchtime listening

Arrive at a café before lunchtime sit close to the door where you can see people enter and hear orders.

On a scale of one to ten give them a confidence score. Follow this with a justification for that score and any other relevant notes


Man with cap – confidence 8 – called waitress sweetheart, asked how she was before placing his order, kept looking around.

Remember this is a listening exercise, you are listening out for confidence and writing notes on how it manifests itself within speech. As well as this you should also note the NVC instantly as they walk through the door.

Man in suit, confidence 4 – spoke quietly, simple order, no unnecessary engagement with staff, looked down.

As you sit there and build on your observations you will begin to pick up on some invaluable pointers on how to appear confident without any self-belief.

Again sum up your findings, with conclusive sentences such as…

Men I rated as 8+ in confidence all talked more than their order required, mostly called the waitress “darling,” etc., most made waitress laugh/smile/engage in conversation.

Next posture and body language should be observed.

A great way to continue your observation is by propping up at the bar late in the afternoon to about 8pm. This time you are looking to gather information on three separate things:

How confident men communicate without words, what they communicate, and how women react to the confident males and their advances.

The biggest thing to look out for is body language. Specifically the posture, which tends to be open palmed, inviting the interaction of others, and their facial expressions.

Often confident people are more expressive with their faces the more confident they are, extending their smiles, exaggerating their reactions.

If a confident person is taken-a-back they literally back off if they are shocked or disgusted at something.

Big overstated reactions are commonplace with the confident purely because they do not care if they attract attention.

They are comfortable with dealing with whatever situation arises and therefore will makes their view known regardless of the company.

Phase TWO – Practice

The practice phase allows proper practical rehearsal of the simple confidence pointers you have discovered.

Barmaids and waitresses have to engage with customers as part of their job.

So take yourself to a café or bar and see if you can adopt one or two of the observations you made to see if it gets the desired reaction.

Initially you will want to include very few adaptations to your normal behaviour. So that you can appear natural and not preoccupied during conversation.

I suggest begin with the following, making and maintaining eye contact with a genuine smile. You will know you have mastered it if you can get a genuine smile in return.

Second is to verbally engage more than what is strictly required for the situation and assume a deeper familiarity than you actually have.

You can do this with an acceptable term of endearment such as darling, but be careful. This is to have no sexual connotations.

You are engaging with her on a non-threatening basis. So show interest in her smile and her conversation, nothing else.

At a time when it isn’t busy, approach a café with the above two techniques in mind and place your order as if you knew the waitress. Greet her, ask how she is, and respond appropriately.

Repeat this at a variety of cafes and bars adding more additions to your body language slowly until it becomes second nature to act and behave exactly as a confident person would.

You will know you have mastered this because that confidence you have had to fake suddenly becomes genuine.

Phase THREE – Private Rehearsal

Now its time for private rehearsal of short speeches about yourself. So you have a collection of answers to frequently asked questions that you have engineered to engage and delight.

This also gives you ample opportunity to refine those anecdotes into quick, entertaining, roll off the tongue stories that work every time.

Practice placing emphasis on certain words that will help you make a connection. Make the stories succinct and engaging

What do you do?

When a woman asks this she wants an answer that says you are earning enough to support both of you.

If you give her your job title and it isn’t something like fireman be aware she has turned off. If you are unemployed then what are you planning/training to do or what have you previously done.

If the answer isn’t exciting change the way you say it, wording, and intonation. If the answer is really boring don’t be afraid to tell her straight, “It’s a lot of paper work but it pays the bills.”

“I work to live, and live for the weekend,” is a good way of putting it

You need to rehearse your answer in the mirror. Gently flirting with yourself until you have mastered how and what to say.

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3. How to Approach and How to be Approachable

Here I talk about how to approach beautiful women. It also contains pointers on how to make yourself approachable to others.

Approachable people are not intimidating or intimidated. Their NVC is open and inviting to others, they don’t look so busy or preoccupied, but they do look like they have got things to do.

Most crucially the approachable person looks friendly. This can be done with a simple smile, relaxed posture and open palms.

In order to approach someone you need to believe that they won’t mind the intrusion or be angry enough with them not to care.

If you are lurking or are awkward you will stick out like a sore thumb and no one will approach you.

Everywhere you go, consider what you can do to make it clear that you belong.


So you’ve spotted a woman and you would like to ask her out.

This is your goal but in order to reach this goal there are other realistic milestones to achieve along the way.

If it helps you to be methodical then the method is described here, but do feel free to skip straight to approaching her if you feel comfortable in doing so.

Get her to notice you


So you have got your eye on her, but she hasn’t even glanced your way yet. Short of making a spectacle of yourself how will you go about getting her attention?

Free yourself of expectations and get comfortable in your surroundings. Open your posture lean back and engage in an activity that can easily be interrupted such as reading, or a crossword.

Look up occasionally to make eye contact if you can, if she glances at you give her a smile and then look away as if you’re embarrassed. Women find this adorably cute and much prefer it to staring at their breasts.


Once she is in earshot a little trick is to make a pretend phone call. So you can demonstrate your good qualities, intellect, and manners in a short monologue.

Make meaningful eye contact

Now that you have indirectly communicated your caring qualities, alluded to the fact you have money and are generous with it, and made it clear that you are single and prioritise cuddles over sexual intercourse, put your phone away.

Look around the room occasionally glancing her way. Eventually she will glance your way and from that point you need to lock eyes and give her a big smile.

Make her smile at you

If she doesn’t smile back immediately then consider she may be shy or not feeling approachable, this is ok. What is not ok is to push it.

If she hasn’t smiled at you, you are not invited to approach her. This is something you must respect. However if she does smile gesture to the bar and buy her a drink

Finally a little tip, a bold brave move with a high success rate

Select one woman out of her crowd of friends, walk up to her and say

“I’m so sorry to bother you, I just wanted to tell you, you’re absolutely stunning.” Smile and walk away, this random act of kindness is enough to make her remember you.

At some point in the night she is likely to approach you.

4. Attracting the Right One

Identifying and attracting the right qualities in a woman (1) for you is a game of strategy and prior preparation. You need to identify the qualities that you are looking for in absolute terms, do not use ambiguous words.

Make a list of values and qualities beginning with those you feel are essential and ending with what you are prepared to compromise on.

The items at the top of your list should now be checked for any unrealistic expectations. Consider also the chances of finding someone with all qualities you consider to be “essential”?

She may well be out there but the likelihood that she’s close by or would be attracted to you are quite slim.

Humans are incredibly flawed creatures. Love is warts and all, in fact the more warts she has the more accepting she is likely to be of your flaws and inadequacies.

So be realistic in your expectations and maintain an acceptable standard of qualities a person has rather than always base your attractions on looks.

The next step is to link those qualities with a place or an activity. If you’re looking for someone outgoing and confident it may worth joining an amateur dramatics society or a performing arts group.

If you want her to be intelligent you may well find her in your local library.

Be creative and thoughtful.

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5. Intensify Your Interaction to the Next Level

Once eye contact has been made and a genuine smile exchanged, it is imperative that you continue this in conversation.

Questions to ask

The questions you ask her should be engineered to gain the longest response but as to be casual and not in the least intrusive.

Remember you do not know this woman yet and her guard is firmly up. Be sure to slip in some relevant compliments preferably ones she hasn’t heard before.

So she has to think about her answer.

People love to talk about themselves. Show a genuine interest, and she will prattle on for hours.

The basic small talk questions are a good starting point, you can alter them so they are more open ended and engaging.

What do you do? Can become “So do you live for your work or just work for a living?”

That way you have requested several answers in one question and should get a more in depth answer regarding job satisfaction and her general contentment in life.

From this point you can go on to ask her to elaborate and basically try and get her to at least vent to you.

Being a good listener is an essential part of being “relationship material.” It’s a quality most women look for and can be demonstrated with appropriate active listening skills.


To demonstrate that you are taking in what a beautiful woman is saying to you requires you to listen intently and respond not only properly but in a manner that conveys genuine interest.

If you are conversing with the kind of woman that has simple interests and/or core values active listening comes effortlessly (2).

When similarities in values or interests occur in conversation be sure to make the most of them. With big smiles and extended eye contact, “No way!” and “Really?” are the sort of responses to use to draw her attention to what you have in common.

If you find yourself reacting this way a lot this is a very good sign. It shows commonalities in the way you think and the things you value.

For some active listening skills are very difficult to demonstrate when the person you are listening to is beautiful.

Dumbstruck from her stunning appearance, with your brain either totally frozen or focussing more on the “OH my God she’s talking to me” rather than a word she’s saying.

One thing you should know.

Beautiful women know they are beautiful. Why?

Because they experience articulate men melting into blithering idiots. They have been told they are beautiful, and they have had this reaffirmed by the sheer amount of interest shown to them.

What women want is to feel like they are worth their weight in gold. They want every single facet of their being secure.

Beautiful women are not insecure about the way they look in fact they are frightened of they’re attractiveness being all there is to them.

So once you have a beautiful woman talking to you demonstrate you are listening and try to bring the conversation to focus on her “untapped talents.” If she uses a long or not often used word draw attention to it, “that’s a good word for it.”

6. Playing it Cool and Keeping Them Keen

Women want you to chase them, but only to a certain degree. There is nothing attractive about desperation.

So show an interest but back off when it becomes clear she’s moved on.


The two text rule is a good way to make sure you are not bothering anyone. The last thing you want is to cross boundaries or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

If she hadn’t replied on the second text, do not send a third.

The plenty of fish rule is not to get too caught up too soon.

I hope this article about how to make a girl attracted to you, was able to help you attract beautiful women and maintain a long term relationship with someone that shares your core values.

Przemkas Mosky
Przemkas Mosky started Perfect 24 Hours in 2017. He is a Personal Productivity Specialist, blogger and entrepreneur. He also works as a coach assisting people to increase their motivation, social skills or leadership abilities. Read more here