How To Attract a Girl To Like You: Psychological Journey Into The Female Mind

In this new article you’ll learn how to attract a girl to like you.

Here I will take you on a psychological journey into the female mind! If you want to start using my tips right away we obviously need to keep this short and sweet. Below you will find individually numbered steps that you can understand and use starting today. Females may seem complicated, but once you fully understand their chemical makeup you will have more stable ground to stand on.

How To Attract a Girl To Like You:

1) Why do girls act like I don’t exists, I am not ugly!

First off while you may not be ugly ever person in this world is attracted to a certain “type”. While the girl you like may not assume you are her “type” doesn’t mean it’s over. Did you ever see girls who change their style based on who they are into for the year – such as the girl who likes this hot punk rocker then all of a sudden shows up in a odd new hairdo with pink highlights. You need to become like the girl.

Conforming is not always a recommended idea, but when it helps break the ice why not give it a try? I am not telling you dress like the girl you are into, but analyze the past guys she dated or had a crush on. Were they preppy? Were they goth? Were they skaters? How do they compare to you?

Start mimicking their dress, actions and interests. If you do not know her past boyfriends the best starting point is social media. Search her pages, what is she into and how does that relate to her past relationships. This is a hard step, but if you are not her type the odds are against you from the start!

2) I am her type, but why does she think I still don’t exist?

Well good, you are covered on the being her type area – So why doesn’t she still like you? Obviously one of two things are happening here. Either you have not made a move or you made a move and messed up.

If you came right out and let it be know that you like her – you have already lost. 99% of girls turn the other way when there is no game to play, unless you are Brad Pitt you have no chance when you beg or put it out there. You need to be subtle about your flirting skills!

For example: Sally, the girl you like, is playing basketball outside her house as you are walking by.

What should you do? Lets test your skills….

A) Do you look down to the ground and walk away quickly?

B) Do you look at her while saying “You are so hot”… then run away?

C) Do you tell her she is hot while staying in one place and staring at her?

D) Do you walk by like you are heading to your destination and smile gently at her, just enough so she notices?

If you said D great work! Easier said than done I know, I know! You need to remember that being forward can and WILL ruin things for good, the best type of flirting is “girl” flirting.

You know how girls bat their eyes and twirl their hair with a cute “hehehe”. No you personally don’t need to start twirling your lovely locks, but you should start with confidence and slight flirting the way that they do. (Slight smirk while walking by or by looking straight into their eyes then looking straight ahead, Never look down that’s a sign of lack of self esteem)

The worst thing you could do in this situation is NOT have confidence, ladies are looking for a strong counterpart someone who will protect them, not someone who is afraid to talk. So remember confidence is key (not being a jerk, however, that will get you no where contrary to belief) this is accomplished by holding your head high while your posture is not in a submissive manner.

You need to have a stable voice and most of all use your eyes! The body speaks from the eyes and you can always tell what someone is feeling through them. You need to push the fact that you her without pushing it at all, after a week or two of subtle hints she will start noticing you… NOW WHAT?

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Now that she knows you are her type, confident and have amazing flirty eyes you need to start “hanging out” with her a little more. Join groups she may be in, check her facebook page to see if she will be at the mall tomorrow night. She is??? Well I think you need a new pair of shoes if you know what I mean. Try becoming friends with her on facebook if you aren’t already. Once you become friends with her, do not message her a single thing. That is an obvious give away that you are into her! Keep pushing and pushing without her noticing. Make it a point not to talk to her or to be clingy in any manner
what so ever! This step is for her to see how wonderful you are so she starts falling for you.

4) Once you have established the “hang” out with her without “hanging” out with her step.

Its time for phase two, this usually should happen within one to two weeks after you start “hanging” where she is. Now you need to make a move, this is not a full blown move where you ask her out, but we are getting close. If you have been hanging with her after school with the drama club, try telling her that you need some help learning your lines.

If you have been showing up at her place of work or her hang out ask her next time if she would like you to give her a ride or walk her home. If you have been walking past her house while she plays her daily game of shooting hoops, ask her if you can play her a game. Get on Facebook and write a simple “Hey, do you know when the next basketball game is?” these are called opening questions. They are NOT pushy, but reassure her that you are a nice guy.

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5) After the above is done either you will be totally rejected for matters that are beyond your control (like she has a boyfriend, she doesn’t want a boyfriend, or you blew it in the past) or she will be thinking about you every night before bed wondering if she likes you or not.

Continue making it a point to see her or to hang out with her, DO NOT do this constantly make sure you give her some breathing room too. Being overly friendly could lead to just being friends or being overly pushy will lead to her not wanting to be near you. Keep pressing on SLOWLY and it will work out!

Please understand that these steps are NOT fail proof, but they do work with NORMAL girls and NORMAL guys. There are exceptions to every rule, but the chemical makeup of the female mind is simple… all they want are three things which include; someone “cute”, Confident and interested.

Even if these steps are used correctly sometimes it’s just the wrong time, in this case it’s called repeat and repeat and repeat. Whatever you do make sure you don’t make the four moves that will end it all….


Do not smother her at all


If you are checking her facebook page, DON’T BE OBVIOUS ABOUT IT!


Girls like the game, they want to play it. Whats more fun, going fishing and collecting dead fish from the shore or throwing in your rod and pulling out a huge bass fighting you the entire time? DUH!!! Girls want a fight, they want to earn what they have it makes them feel worthwhile and like they “don’t deserve you”. They want to feel special and by them thinking that they won your over and that you could be with any girl in the world



Contrary to belief, girls don’t want a jerk they want love. If you trying to attract the type of girl who does like jerks then your relationship is over before it even started! Girls love having someone who treats them like gold, they have a need to be loved.

The only reason girls fall for jerks is because it still feels like they are playing the “dating” game. Trying to fight for the jerks love, even if they are in a “relationship” – this is not a good choice by any means.

Simple, but yet complicated… I wish you the best and I will continue putting more short guides out there so you can get your flirt on. These are the “simple” steps of getting a girl to like you. Each step can still be broken down into a million other reasons and I will work on each of them as we create this series. Thank you again for reading my book, now go get your girl!!!

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