How To Avoid Awkward Silence On a Date: Here Are 10 Helpful Ways

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to avoid awkward silence on a date.

The most awkward situations arise during casual dating. You might be trying dating after a very long time because of a breakup or a divorce. You might not be interested in a long-term relationship, as of now.

There can be millions of reasons for trying casual dating and there is a million more reasons to why casual dating has a higher probability to end up with a drink thrown on face. We talked with relationship experts and couples therapists to learn about the dos and don’ts in a casual dating session.

How To Avoid Awkward Silence On a Date:

1. Be honest

The main reason you wanted casual dating is to try out different personalities and styles of dating. You are not here to impress anyone. You are not here for any emotional attachment. If you have to stumble over to a serious relationship out of a casual dating, it is two mangoes in one stone scenario. So, do not oversell about what you are looking for.

Be very clear about your intention of keep it as a causal relationship from the start. Be clear that you are not allowing yourself into anything serious as of now. Mostly people might consider that you are playing hard to get. Be obvious when you talk about your intentions. If the other is still interested, the date can continue or, he/she might walk away. There is no big harm done there.

2. Do not kindle jealousy

You both might be fine with casual dating and both of you would be seeing other people. This does not mean that you can kiss and tell. You are not in high school anymore. No one is keeping a tab and it is not a competition to see who has more dates. If you are dating more than one person, (You should be dating more than one person or, chances of casual dating to become a serious one is very high.) be upfront about it and keep it discrete.

Bring up the other person only when it is necessary in a conversation. While dating other people, try to put down some ground rules to make it simpler.

3. There is a difference between date and sex

Casual dating is not the same as casual sex. Just because the other one is fine with casual dating, this does not mean that casual sex with no strings attached is on the menu. If you are looking for casual sex, dating is not the route for you. This does not take sex off the table when it comes to casual dating. When it comes to most people, physical intimacy can induce emotional investment, which would take the ‘casual’ part out of your dating. If you want to cut down drama in your dating life, it is better to hold off sex for the time being.

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4. Show respect

Just because they are fine with casual dating, this does not mean they are easy or you can push him/her as you please. Do not treat your date like he/she is one is a dozen. Go on actual dates, try to woo them, have fun, introduce to your friends and enjoy being with each other. Casual dating takes out of the serious talks and commitment out of the dating part and not the entertainment and dating out of your life. Do not manipulate or show control over the other.

5. Be true to yourself

Sometimes, one of you might get some deeper emotions for the other, accidentally. If you feel that you expect more than what he/she expects from the relationship, have the talk. Express how you feel and let your date take the decision. If your date gives you that talk, ask for some time to think about it. If you are letting him/her go, do it politely rather than jumping off their fire escape and disappearing.

6. Know your type

Casual dating does not infer to date anyone who is fine with this style. Know your type and analyze what you need. Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping machine with whom you could have an energetic weekend doing exotic activities or a lazy couch person with whom you can enjoy Netflix? Be true to your expectations.

7. Break up in good terms

Just because there was no emotions attached, it does not mean you can stop calling to attending calls from your date when you plan to end it. If you feel like the relationship is doomed to failure, make a proper break up. Give out all the cliché conversations of breakup and end it in good terms. The best part of casual relationship is that there will be no drama during breakup. If you find love with someone else, be upfront about it.

8. He/she matters

There is no strings attached to the relationship. Therefore, you need not worry about where the relationship is going or where you would live to see both in five years from now. This does not infer that you need no know anything about your date. Talk and have a legit conversation. Learn about your date’s job, family, hobby, past life and so on. Your date can turn out to be a good friend.

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9. Keep married friends out of this

Do not ask for dating advice from married friends or friends who are in a nurturing long-term relationship. They might end up convincing you to leave the casual dating or, their ideas would suck. There is so much to learn from couples in a good relationship but casual dating is not one of those. Do not lie to your friend about your casual dating and at the same time, and do not expect them to understand what you are doing.

10. Showcase as a potential date

No one wants to date a psychopath, even casually. You need to showcase yourself as an admirable person during your every date. If you let yourself go, your date might end up breaking up with you and moving on with another. Dress modestly, be on your best behavior, show chivalry, share the bills and most importantly make him/her enjoy being on a date with you.

The logic of this style of dating might look simple and practical but, not always. Things can get complicated and you might be tied up by social rules of relationship. If you feel like casual dating is not your style, you can always back up from it, as you are not emotionally attached with your date. If you do it right, you can enjoy the best time of your life with casual dating.

Thank you for reading this article about how to avoid awkward silence on a date and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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