How To Live In The Moment: Consider This List Of 27 Top Tips

Nowadays, many people do not know how to live in the moment.

They just can’t simply focus on doing a single thing most of the time. In other words, they are just too busy to do and think of only one thing at the moment.

They are always in a hurry doing this and that without actually focusing on finishing one task first after doing another task.

Thus, the effort and concentration they put in a certain task are divided, and this could actually affect their performance and the quality of their work.

In today’s fast-paced society when almost all people must do two or more things at the same time so that they can pay all their bills or get ahead in the rat race, living in the moment or being fully present is simply impossible for most people.

Multi-tasking has actually become a way of life for most people. They have become used to doing many things at one time as their way of coping with the demands at their work, in their social life or in their family life.

As a result, they tend to get stressed out more often and lack the zest to live a more meaningful life.

Contrary to what most people think, you can actually accomplish more things efficiently, effectively and faster if you only try to be truly mindful in every moment.

There are tremendous rewards in being mindful in every moment that many successful people have adhered to this concept.

In fact, you can cope better in life and have a peaceful mind if you learn to focus only in the now. With determination and practice, you can actually learn to truly live at the present time and experience more joy in your life.

Here I will simply show you how to focus your mind and energy on every moment of your life so that you can learn to appreciate the present moment more.

By mastering the 27 tips, you will learn to truly live not only your life per se but also every moment of your life well.

How To Live In The Moment:

1. Do Not Take Things Too Seriously

Life is too short to take things too seriously. You will definitely agree that what usually rob you of joy are your unreal problems.

Certain things or situations only become a problem when you consider them to be so. If you can find humor in your own troubles, you will actually begin to see them in a different light.

Instead of dwelling too much on your troubles, be mindful of the solutions you have to take to solve them.

2. Accept the Things that You Cannot Change

Acceptance is a main component in attaining peace of mind. You should know that there are just some things in your life that you cannot change.

You are actually doing yourself a favor if you only try to muster your courage to accept those things that are beyond your control.

You must know that no matter how you want a person or a situation to change, there may be times when the best way to do is to accept that person for who he or she is or the situation.

However, always remember that you can change the way you react to the person or to the situation.

3. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

You will attain some sense of wonder and ease as you spend some time enjoying the beauty of nature. According to research, being outdoors can help improve attention, memory and energy levels.

You can go river rafting, zip lining, hiking, mountain climbing or simply go on a picnic with your family or friends at the nearby mountain park to explore nature.

What’s more, enjoying the outdoors can also relieve stress.

4. Try Some New Experiences

Living mindfully does not mean living on autopilot in which you do not need to think to do a certain task.

Doing the same things without even actively engaging in doing these things day in and day out is not the way to live well. You need to have some new experiences every now and then.

You can start simply by making some changes in the way you do a certain task for instance. If you have always been eating the same food for breakfast, you can change the menu from time to time.

5. Avoid Doing Two Things at the Same Time

It is perfectly all right to get busy. However, this does not mean doing two or many different tasks in one sitting. Killing two birds with one stone does not always guarantee a more effective result.

In fact, studies show that people who tend to do two or more things in the same moment actually use up to 50% more time in finishing their task and are even 50% more prone to making mistakes in what they are doing.

6. Focus on Your Breathing

Those people who are truly engaged in what they are doing are also mindful of their breathing.

You can improve your overall mental and physical state simply by breathing properly. When you are feeling tensed, you will discover that you are either breathing fast or you have stopped breathing for a moment.

You should develop the habit of breathing calmly as this will help you relax your mind and body.

7. Do Something Creative

When you engage yourself in doing something creative, you are actually increasing your levels of consciousness and awareness.

Regardless of the activity you do, whether you are baking or painting on a canvas, you can experience something sublime and a sense of calmness as long as you are doing something creative.

Other creative activities include writing a story, composing a song, inventing a new recipe and knitting a sweater.

8. Pay Special Attention to Every Task That You Do

Accomplishing your daily tasks can be quite boring especially when they become a series of endless routine.

However, you can do something unique or different in order to make your day more interesting. All you need to do is to put a little more conscious effort in the household tasks that you do on a daily basis.

For instance, be sure to focus only on cleaning the tiles until they are thoroughly squeaky clean when mopping the floor.

9. Take Some Leisure Walks

You do not only lose weight when you take a walk regularly every day but you also obtain a peaceful mind.

People who have learned to consciously live each moment of their lives believe that walking is essential not only to obtain a peaceful mind but also to develop greater awareness and a new perspective.

Thus, try to walk every day for at least 30 minutes. Whether you walk on the treadmill, walk to buy some stuff at the nearby store or just walk in place as you watch TV, you will feel much better after doing so.

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10. Try to Be More Conscious While Cooking

Oftentimes, cooking is considered by most people as another mundane routine that they usually try to prepare their meals fast without even noticing the aroma of the food they are cooking.

What’s even worse is that they feel exhausted after cooking and wind up devouring their food without even taking the time to savor what they have just cooked.

Try cooking in a more relaxing way. Be more conscious as you mix all the ingredients and look at how the colors change as you mix them altogether.

When you prepare your meals this way, you will never consider cooking as another boring task anymore.

11. Talk and Listen Attentively to Someone

In a very busy society, you cannot help but think about your next task to do or mind about what you see around while talking to another person in front of you.

However, if you are mindful of the words you are saying or the things that the other person is talking about, you will not find it difficult to be all ears and look at that person straight in the eyes while you are having a conversation.

Totally focusing your attention to the other person during a conversation will actually help you understand each other well.

12. Try to Be Silent for Five Minutes Daily

More often than not, what most people lack amidst the hustle and bustle of the day is only a few minutes of silence.

I can clearly recall those times after work when I would spend a few minutes of my time sitting in silence as soon as I arrived home, and I felt a lot better afterwards.

Oftentimes, the 5-minute silence is all we need to recharge our batteries.

13. Create a Feasible Daily Schedule

If you wish to accomplish your goals, you must set realistic ones and stick to your schedule day in and day out. But how can you stick to your schedule?

You must simply create a feasible schedule that you can follow every day. Your goals will become part of the tasks that you will need to do on a daily basis.

Make sure that you allocate a reasonable time for every task. Include a break time between your tasks. This will give you some time to take a rest before doing the next task.

By doing so, you are actually training your mind to focus only on the task that needs to be done at a particular moment.

14. Do Not Go Overboard

When you try to do too many things in a day, you will have less time or no time for yourself at all. What’s worse, you will feel very exhausted by the time you reach home.

Also, if you bite off more than you can chew, chances are, you will always be rushing, and this can actually affect your concentration while you are doing a particular task since you will have a tendency to think of the next task.

15. Take the Time to Slow Down

Today, we have become so much accustomed to living in a world where speed is of the essence, and at times you may be dubbed as someone who is so laidback if you can’t keep up.

In today’s time when people expect instant coffee, instant noodles, instant delivery or instant messaging, taking the time to slow down is just so hard to do.

However, you will be doing yourself a big favor if you only try to find some time to slow down. Don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses as this is always good for the soul.

16. Think Before You Act

“Why didn’t I think of that?” is what you often hear from people who have either committed an error or failed at something.

Since the beginning of time, many relationships have been broken and unexpected failures have been experienced by many people because of their failure to think before they act.

When you are mindful of what you are saying or doing at a particular time, you will have more chances of keeping a more meaningful relationship or making the best decisions in your life.

17. Focus Only on Doing a Single Thing Each Time

There is a deeper sense of fulfillment in accomplishing a single task in a particular moment each time.

When you focus all your energy and concentration only on doing a particular task in a certain period of time, you can expect a more effective result.

For instance, you will definitely eat some great-tasting cookies if you only strongly pay attention to baking your favorite cookies alone at a particular time one weekend before making a list of what to buy for your menu for the entire week.

If you do both at the same time, you will most likely spend more time again reviewing your list to make sure you did not miss anything while you were writing the ingredients for the menu as you were baking the cookies.

18. Say the Right Words to Yourself

Are you the type of person who criticizes yourself too often ? Have you ever realized why you have been doing that?

More often than not, people tend to criticize themselves (1) because they expect too much from themselves. You must be mindful of what you say to yourself as this can affect you psychologically.

If you are going to talk to yourself, you will benefit more if you use some words of encouragement instead of criticizing yourself.

19. Focus More on the Feelings of Others

You must bear in mind that no matter how cold-hearted you might think a certain person is, deep inside that individual is still a human being who is innately emotional and can get offended as well.

If you only try to be more conscious of this fact all the time, you will always try to be more tactful and understanding when dealing with any person you meet.

When you do, you will have a greater chance of developing more meaningful and lasting relationships in your life.

20. Observe Moderation in Everything That You Do

Living each moment with greater awareness has been associated with living in moderation since the time of the western ancient philosophers.

Anything done in excess is not always good. You will actually benefit more from living in constant moderation. If you do so, you will most likely try to live only within your means, which is really a good thing.

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21. Evaluate Your Past and Present Achievements

When you only try to enumerate and assess all your past and present achievements even just once right after reading this article, you will direct your thoughts to your past and present achievements alone.

This is a good way to remind yourself how far you have achieved the things that you most want in life.

Being aware of these achievements again will actually keep you more focused on working your way toward achieving your other goals moment by moment.

22. Try to Be Considerate of Others

Being mindful is not only limited to paying attention to everything that you do or say moment by moment.

You must also learn to recognize the hardships, needs and achievements of your colleagues, friends, family and the people you meet each day.

Just like you, they too need a healthy dose of appreciation and approval every day. You can help make the world a better place for them to live if you can show some acts of kindness and empathy toward them.

23. Find Time to Really Enjoy Your Hobby

When was the last time you really enjoyed your favorite hobby? Just a while ago…? Yesterday…? Last weekend…? Last year…? Some people who have been caught up in their work have put their hobbies in the back burner for too long.

However, those people who truly live in the moment still find some time to enjoy their favorite hobbies because they believe hobbies help break the monotony (2) of their lives.

24. Continue Learning

Those people who truly know how to make the most of their lives moment by moment never really stop learning. Regardless of their age, they simply love to learn new things as this gives them a sense of fulfillment.

They take up a new hobby, learn a new language or learn some new cooking recipes each time. Also, they keep themselves updated on the latest strategies or breakthroughs in their field.

25. Value Your Relationships

Relationships can be compared to a plant that needs constant nurturing.

If you wish to have a very lasting and meaningful relationship, you should be conscious enough to be able to show respect, care, love and understanding to the other person.

Also, as time goes by, you will meet a lot of people, but your true friends will always remain.

If you are mindful of keeping your true friends in your lifetime, you must also find time to communicate with them, especially when you rarely meet them since you live miles apart.

26. Be Open for Changes

Through the passage of time, there are just some things that are meant to change in life. You can cope much better when you are fully aware of these changes. You must learn to accept and adapt to these changes so that you can move on.

27. Explore All the Possibilities

When you are truly conscious of the moment, you tend to find more ways to better deal with the situation on hand. You also begin to think outside the box and try out something new.

As a result, you will have more chances of finding new solutions and greater opportunities to advance yourself.

Thank you for reading this article about how to live in the moment and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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