How To Keep Positive Mindset And Gain Mental Energy: 17 Smart Ways

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to keep positive mindset.

Addiction is the most dangerous thing in this world. We all are addicted to something or someone. Knowingly or unknowingly our whole life surrounds with our addiction.

Once we are used to of anything, it is very tough to get rid of. Even if you don’t want still your mind process those thoughts again and again. This is where you need to recharge your mind so that you can overcome with those thoughts which are harmful for you and your body.

This text introduces about mind and its behavior. Whatever we think that is exactly how we start feel. Hence for a positive life it is very important to keep your mind under your control and for that we need to recharge our mind time to time. This article will help you to achieve it by explaining different behaviors of mind and how you can deal with them.

How To Keep Positive Mindset

1. When you feel alone talk to yourself

There are many situations occur in our daily lives where we can easily feel lonely. This is because we are not closer to family or friends or partner. We all need someone in our lives may be human or a pet to talk about our day and if we don’t get one, we start feeling alone.

If there is no one to talk then write your own thoughts. This will help you to understand what you want, how your day went and how do you feel. If you are not a writing person or if you don’t have much time to write then start talking to yourself. Nobody knows you better then you then why don’t you talk to yourself. Don’t worry it doesn’t sound stupid. May be people can laugh on you but nothing wrong in that. We always need someone to talk and if you don’t have one, be the one, that too for yourself.

2. When you feel depressed talk to as many people as you can

When you feel depressed or sad talk to as many people as you can but make sure you always don’t talk about you try to listen them as well this will help you to heal while you will be listening others you will start thinking that not only you but so many other people are also suffering from their problems.

While talking, try not to always talk about your problems instead talk about your blessings more.

This will give you strength to fight with your odds.

3. When it is tough to concentrate, think the next most thing you want to do

Sometimes it is really tough to concentrate on your current work. In such cases think about the very next most thing you want to do, may be you have a date in some time or you want to go home and want to take a hot bubble bath or it could be anything like that pie in you fridge which you have waited for entire day. Just think about the joy you will be getting while doing that but before reaching there you need to complete this current task and that’s how it will help you to concentrate.

4. If you feel nervous just keep your mind empty/thoughtless and then you will feel confident

It doesn’t matter whether it is a big presentation or a college viva, a life changing moment or a simple thought to execute, if you are feeling nervous then this is because you have so many positive and negative thoughts there in your brain. Your brain is feeling so much under pressure. Always remember one thing that pressure works only for inside stuff to be cooked and it always should be balanced. More pressure can cause overheated food whereas less pressure makes it non cooked.

So always try to make a good balance in your brain and if you fail in that just try to keep your mind empty. No thoughts at all, just go and give your best without any kind of fear. I can not assure that this will take you on top but I bet that this will boost your confidence and this confidence can help you to top.

5. If there are problems in your work life then take break for a day or a week and go for vacation

A break is always a good way to recharge your mind. This break could be from anything, whether it is from study or from work or from your daily usual life. Whenever you feel like there are problems and you neither want to face them nor are they getting solved in such cases best way to get relief is to go for an outing or a trip.

Plan accordingly to your budget, mood and time. Even I used to have so much pressure during my office days and then I used to take a day off and trust me that used to help me to handle that all pressure. Same thing applies to your college life whenever exams are coming just take a day off without study and energize you to study for next entire week. I know it is tough to implement but I used to do this and it helped me during my studies.

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6. To solve issues between you and your family or friends all you need to do is start listening others too

Whenever there is a fight it is because nobody wants listen. All of us just simply blame each others. We communicate to blame not to understand. First start listening and then you start to see and feel the difference that how this affects your mind in a positive way. All you need to do is to before saying anything from your side just listen what others want to say to you. This helps to save relationships as well as your energy.

7. To deal with short temper try te be quite

Short temper is a very major problem in today’s life. Everybody wants to say but nobody wants to listen and this is why temper takes place. Short temper is very dangerous; one can even kill someone during that. Because when we are angry it is really tough to differentiate between right and wrong. In such cases it is a very good practice to be quite. It will not only save your energy but also it will help you to grow personally. Once you start practicing you will feel the change.

8. Try to mould situation according to you and if you know that you are not that capable enough then ignore

In any kind of difficult situation try to mould things according to you. Try your best to get things under control and if this all is not happening and you know that this could not be controlled anymore then start ignoring things. Just go with the flow as you can not help it anymore. You have done your best and now nothing can be done from your side. There is a limit in this world for everything and after that limit you can not change anything.

9. Stop expecting, start appreciating

Start appreciating as much as you can. People who expect a lot are looser because they don’t do anything on their own instead expect it to be done from someone else. This does not go long way. Firstly stop expecting too much this will not take you anywhere except shame. Start appreciate others, this will cost you nothing but will help you to create a positive environment around you which will give you a new thought process towards life.

10. Be confident enough to introduce who you are

Never be ashamed about your identity. Your identity introduces you and it is very important in any area that people know the real you. There is nothing wrong if you work in a small shop or as a waiter. Also it doesn’t matter if you are disabled or you have some sexual disorder. These are not the parameter to judge you. Always judge a person on the basis of their nature and attitude towards life and other people and if someone judges you on your job or home or lifestyle then make sure then certainly he/she is not the one you should spend your precious time with.

11. No matter how hard the situation is, there is always a key for every lock

Start learning from each and every incident, no matter it is tiny or huge. There is always a learning in everything all you need is to understand and analyze it well. This will help you whenever you stuck in any situation/problem. Problems usually occur due to lack of resources, miscommunications or bad/no planning. Whenever any problem occurs, try to find a solution instead of blaming.

Try to find the reason why it happened as sometimes it may help you to resolve the issue. In some cases the backtracking is not required as it does not matter how much you go deeper it will never give you a solution, in such cases one should always try to find the solution instead of backtrack the problem.

12. Give 10 minutes daily to you to think about yourself

Always try to find some time for yourself. It is very important that you should know about you, your needs and how do you feel. You should always be your priority. No matter how hard it is but always tries to save some time for you. Even 10 minutes on daily basis would be good if you can do that. All you need is just observe your day and think over it that how did it go, is this the way you wanted it to be, are you happy/satisfied your day.

If answers are yes then it is you way to go. You are doing what you want in your life but if answers are no then start thinking over it that how come you can be the one who can make you happy and can make your life the way you want it to be. At the end of the day it should be you who needs to be happy from you. If you are not able to make yourself happy then start working in that direction. It will definitely help you to grow.

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13. Stop comparing, start respecting

Comparison is never good. One should never compare with other. We are not aware about their struggles all we can see is their success. Behind every success there is a story which tell a lot about the situation that person has been through. It is very tough to feel that just by listening. Hence never ever compare yourself with others. Appreciate whatever you have, some may have more than you but some may have less than yours.

Start respecting everyone without any expectation. It is not a good practice that you respect a person just purposely and when it is done you do not respect them anymore. Never have such practice where you are constantly suffering from moral values. We all are blessed with a human being and we should respect humanity.

14. Speak only when it is necessary. The more you listen, the more you save your energy

Listening is the most powerful strength one can have. If you are a good listener, you will gradually develop the power to analyze things/situations quickly. As you speak less and listen more, you gain more and more knowledge about a person or situation and this helps you to understand details about it. The other advantage of listening is that the less you speak the more you save your energy. Also if you speak less and listen more the chances of fight in any communication drastically reduce. So from now choose your energy wisely.

15. Try to help a needy one on daily basis or whenever possible

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is a famous say and it is really justified in all of our cases I can say. We all have so many friends but that one friend who helps us in every difficult situation is the one for us. We usually help our family and friends selflessly but why only them why not the others?

Start to help the needy ones, no matter whether he/she is a human being or an animal. We are humans and humanity is our religion. Follow your religion and try to help a needy one on daily basis. If somebody needs your help in work do it, if someone is hungry, feed them no matter whether they are human or animal. Everybody wants to eat. Hence start with food, try to give food to needy ones.

16. If you have a habit of over thinking then start thinking about over thinking

Ohh yeah, it’s a bit tough to understand here what I want to say. Well let me give you one example, suppose you are on a boat in a full moon night, floating slowly, breezing is relaxing you and now you want to sleep but suddenly one thought about that colleague comes in your mind and you start thinking over it.

Now you are trapped with that thought and now are imagining all negative things he/she did to you. Now you are angry and you are going to ruin your beautiful night just because of that one thought. That single click of fight gave you so many thoughts and then you started floating in thoughts instead of water.

This is called over thinking where you kill your time in chain of never ending thoughts. So whenever you stuck in such kind of situation try to think about this over thinking that why are you thinking about it? Does it really make sense now to rethink over it or it is just killing my precious time. Then you will be free from over thinking and mind will be recharged.

17. Dream high, aim high

Apart from those daily aims which I asked you to take, you also should aim for yourself according to your needs and your dreams. Your dreams should always be big, “the huge you think, the better you get” so it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor you should always dream big so that you can aim high.

You can reach on top with a big dream and a big aim only. If you are aware about your needs and you know how to fulfill them then you should dream for something else. Something which you can not achieve, always dream about that, this will give you inspiration to do something extraordinary. If you are aiming high and you are able to grow in the right direction you should always be conscious about your thoughts, your words and your deeds.

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