How To Deal With Difficult Boss: 15 [Brilliant] Strategies

If you’ve ever wondered how to deal with difficult boss, this article is for you.

Bill Gates once said, “If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.” Employees and fresh graduates should take Bill Gates’ words vigilantly. Most of the time, we all get equally nervous and excited in getting a job.

However, employees do not usually expect getting a high level of stress from a difficult boss when they are already hired. Prepare yourself as here are 15 tips on how to deal with a difficult boss.

How To Deal With Difficult Boss:

1. Be Assertive

Know your worth as an employee. Do not tolerate being oppressed by your boss. Stand your ground and keep in mind your rights even if you have to say “No” to the demands of your boss.

2. Keep your focus

A lot of people apply and go to work because they are motivated to achieve their personal dreams and goals. Having a difficult boss may be a part of all the hardships and trials that a person will go through in order to succeed. Just stay focused and always remember to accomplish your goals.

3. Prevent getting into an argument with your boss

As an employee, everyone expects you to exercise professionalism at all times. This means that you have to be objective in getting into heated conversations with your boss.

It is best to listen first and state your point in the most modest and respectful way as possible. Bear in mind that personal matters do not have a room in a work place so make sure to avoid any personal confrontations with your boss.

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4. Learn from experience

Be open-minded and understanding even if your boss has always showed bad attitude towards you. Always put yourself on his shoes and analyze why you have a different point of view on a certain matter.

Take this as a learning experience because you can always take the idea of your boss that may turn out to be the right idea after all.

5. Know how to answer with a Negative Inquiry

Do not lose your cool whenever your boss critiques your work or how you work. Instead, answer your boss by means of a negative inquiry. Asking him back in this certain manner will make your boss think twice of his negative evaluation of you.

It is a way of making things clear in order for the both of you to understand where the negative statements are coming from.

6. Prove your point by showing evidence

It is inevitable for bosses to blame their employees or scold employees for whatever reason. Show evidence in a form of positive evaluations or assessments of your past works instead of pointing a finger back to your boss.

7. Always keep a record of your work

In line with tip no.6, this is your security and arm in case your boss comes up with criticisms as regards to your diligence and performance at work. Keep your work to also remind you of your achievements and hard work. You never know when you might need it for future success.

8. Develop a positive relationship with other bosses

To have one difficult boss does not mean every person in a company is as difficult as your boss. Discovering other nice people in a company will help you develop positive relationships at work.

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9. Ask help from Human Resource Department

It is the job of the Human Resource Dept to ensure the welfare of the company’s employees. This is why you can rely on this department to assist you in your concern. Take into account that this move is risky, so make sure you are professional in dealing with them.

10. Anticipate your boss’s behavior

If you have been dealing with your boss for a long time, it is a good thing to anticipate his actions. It will help you become more rational in dealing with your boss during bad situations at work.

11. Analyze yourself

Be unbiased in evaluating yourself. Be open for changes or slight adjustments on how you work. This might be the solution to having a good relationship with your boss.

12. Analyze your boss

If it seems that there is really nothing wrong about you and your work performance, it is also best to evaluate your boss’s behavior. Probably, your boss needs more understanding because of stress.

He might have bigger problems inside or outside of the company. You’ll never know one day you might learn that he is just responding to the stress he is currently feeling.

13. Stay healthy

Trying to work things out between you and your boss is really stressful and demanding. Still, balance your physical, mental, and emotional health because at the end of the day, staying healthy and enjoying your work is very important.

14. Always be prepared

It is best to make a brave decision to leave the company if all the consideration and understanding that you are giving to your boss still doesn’t pay off. An employee could only take so much most especially if a positive change seems to be the unachievable.

15. Move forward positively

Even after all the bad experiences you’ve had with your boss, it is still a must to show professionalism and appreciation to your boss and to the company.

In this way, you can be able to move on without a grudge to your former employer. Take everything as a learning experience. It will not only make you confident but it will definitely make you more positive. Who knows if you’ll be a boss someday?

At least now you already have an idea on how to be a good boss for your future employees and colleagues.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to deal with difficult boss . I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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