Top 15 Reasons Why You Won’t Achieve Anything At Work

Admit it. You are wasting your time and energy. And you move around like a hamster, but you don’t move forward. Frustrating, isn’t it? You burn yourself out, but you don’t know how to change it. So let me show you why you don’t achieve anything in your work. Let’s start a new, better working life. Now I will present you with 15 reasons why you will not achieve anything at work, and certainly not succeed. Enjoy.

Why You Won’t Achieve Anything At Work

1. Work is your obsession.

You take it to your home. You can’t get more emotionally involved outside of work. You do not have time to relax, such a real relaxation, without a phone call and business emails. And it is precisely this inability to rest that prevents you from achieving success at work. Relaxing with your family, friends, your pet or just being alone after working hours will allow you to mentally refresh yourself and continue with new energy.

2. You don’t spend too much time at work REALLY working.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. Ask. Anything else? All social media reduce your productivity at work. Effort in tasks for a few hours, and then enjoy browsing your friends’ new statuses, shopping online, or trolling bloggers.

3. You’re still rebelling against development.

Your employer is changing the system of work. It introduces modern tools. It improves the system on which you have been working for so long that your laptop’s glory days were somewhere around the previous era. You do not like changes. After all, the comfort zone is so comfortable. Let’s make an appointment, you won’t be able to pull like this for long. Stop resisting and accept that sometimes (also at work) you have to keep up with the spirit of the times and allow yourself to use new technologies. They are designed to make life easier, not more difficult. Just open yourself up to it.

4. You work with limited awareness.

I love to sleep. You probably also do, but it’s possible that you don’t sleep long and deep enough, and you wake up every now and then. Do you charge the phone next to the bed? Doesn’t every “peak” and backlit screen wake you up by accident? To sleep a little more “consciously” (however strange it may sound), try charging the phone in the other room, and if it is your alarm clock, in the other end of the room. You’ll wake up faster in the morning when you have to get up from the warm embrace of the duvet to turn off the squeaking machine at 6am.

5. You’re over-trained.

You participate in training after training. Workshop after workshop. You barely find the time to actually do your job, because in the calendar, during working hours, you have another training. Come on, you don’t need ONE training to do your job well and have satisfaction from it. Relax and start using what you really know.

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6. You are not the right person for the task.

You learn and train, and you still do everything wrong. Frustrating, isn’t it? Admit that this task is not for you. It doesn’t suit you. It does not answer. Solution? Give this job to someone who can do it/does/has time, while you do your job where you’re good.

7. Or do you let others take advantage of you?

Everyone uses your mind, and you just let them use it. You help everyone around you by forgetting about yourself and your own responsibilities. Thanks to this, they will achieve success, and you will watch it. Maybe it’s time to take care of yourself and then others?

8. It’s also possible that you’re working in a mess.

Researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute say that the chaos in your work environment significantly reduces your concentration and information processing. You don’t have to work in perfect order, but at least throw away the rubbish and take the cups into the kitchen, from which new life forms will soon emerge.

9. You don’t take challenges.

You work quietly in your box and are afraid to expose your nose from your comfort zone and take up some interesting challenge. Realize that no work can be done well if you do not break through the patterns of action. Start doing more and see how you can succeed.

Perfectionism is also an effective killer of spectacular achievements. Why? You leave no space for any mistakes. Your desk is arranged in a straight line. And, surprisingly, you achieve far less than you expect. Focus less on fine-tuning all the details and more on learning from possible mistakes. Let go of perfectionism and be more forgiving. It will pay off.

10. You’re a master of procrastination.

You start a project, but you don’t give it back on time, you start another one hoping that you will go back to the previous one or that you will do it yourself. You put it all off for the last minute and then you go crazy to get it back on time. Do you manage to achieve a lot in this way? I doubt it. Stop postponing things to everlasting tomorrow or everlasting Monday. Work when you have to and finish the tasks before the time. Surprise yourself.

11. Your work bores you.

Boring. Boring. And even more boredom. From time to time you have to light the fire of motivation and willingness to do something interesting that you will fulfill yourself and do not burn out after 3 months. Maybe it’s time to think about changing your job or tasks you do regularly?

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12. You keep your head down.

You sit in your hole and watch the work get out of hand. You don’t say anything, you don’t react until you get to the wall and you can’t keep working. Don’t let it happen. You deserve to be heard. Ask questions, react and speak respectfully about things that don’t suit you. Share your problems and start succeeding.

13. You want to do everything yourself.

You avoid teamwork. And while independence at work is highly valued, a good teamwork from time to time can give you a good productive kick. Learn to work with others, the group is there to support each other and complete the tasks. Give it a chance.

Or maybe the opposite is true? Maybe you are a follower and are still waiting for someone to tell you what to do? If nobody C makes it clear, you rarely act. If you want to achieve something, don’t be afraid to take risks and sometimes make easy and difficult decisions yourself.

14 You are addicted to multitasking.

You think that multitasking will allow you to perform several important tasks at once, but in fact, you do much less than if you dedicated all your attention to one challenge. You spend more time fixing bugs when you’ve done everything at once instead of working on something new. The fact that you’re not multi-tasking is ok, nobody is. Do one project at a time. You will achieve much more.

15. You don’t know how to organize your time.

This is one of the biggest problems. You forget about important meetings, because they are out of your mind. You run as if you were on fire to get as many things as possible, and it still doesn’t work out for you. You talk to your friends about bullshit instead of doing your job. Learn to plan your day. Make a list of tasks to do. Check out your achievements. This will allow you to have control over yourself and time at work.

Change starts with you. You can achieve a lot if you want to. Don’t be like the others. Don’t be a sheep in a blind herd going to slaughter. Start working wisely, and wisely, it doesn’t necessarily mean heavy.

What do you recognize from the above points?

Przemkas Mosky
Przemkas Mosky started Perfect 24 Hours in 2017. He is a Personal Productivity Specialist, blogger and entrepreneur. He also works as a coach assisting people to increase their motivation, social skills or leadership abilities. Read more here