10 Essential Tips How To Be a Good Manager And Leader At Work


I have analyzed a lot of methods to discover how to be a good manager and leader, so in this article, I share my conclusions. You can learn a few techniques of motivation, so you’ll be a better manager. By continually supporting and motivating employees, you can ensure your company’s success. There are several ways to improve employee morale. Below you will find tips on how to do it and become a good manager.

How To Be a Good Manager And Leader At Work

1. Always treat employees with respect, even if they have no respect for you.

Losing control over yourself, cursing and reprimanding employees publicly, you make them stop taking you seriously. Any employee who hears about your inappropriate behavior immediately loses respect for you and wonders if he is your next victim.

2. Showing interest in a private life of employees will make them happy.

Find out enough about your employees to be able to ask them about your family when you meet by chance in the corridor. Try to understand their feelings and treat them as people, not goods. Thanks to that, they feel valued.

3. Make employees feel that they influence decisions taken in their matters.

This is about working conditions, position, dates, and goals.

4. Create a friendly working environment.

Make sure that the area is adequately illuminated, that there is heat and satisfactorily operating air conditioning. Make sure that the whole area is clean and in excellent condition.

5. Remember the basic principles of good education that you have learned as a child.

Use polite phrases such as “Please,” “Thank you.”

What a good manager does else?

6. Create a reward program for the best employees.

Make sure they get a public award. We must appreciate employees whose activities go beyond their duties.

7. Celebrate the company’s success.

Organize a dinner for employees, show them a clipping from the newspaper with the right article or just collect them all together and express recognition of the team, without whom you would not achieve this success. This is one of the best employee motivation strategies. Everyone wants to be praised for a hard and well-done job.

8. Stand behind your employees.

Be their best spokesperson. Although it is vital that the customer is satisfied, you should also take care of your employees and take responsibility for your directives. Give employees the opportunity to make additional actions that are aimed at customer satisfaction. Try to mitigate conflicts between employees and customers or suppliers.

9. Give clear directions and set priorities.

Thanks to this, you will avoid any misunderstandings between what you expect from employees and what employees think they should do.

10. Avoid dismissals and redundancies.

Nothing will reduce the effectiveness of employees, rather than wondering if they will have a job tomorrow. If you need to cut your full-time job, give specific reasons and express dissatisfaction that you must do so. Explain to other employees what steps you will take to get them employed.

If you have ever wondered how to be a great manager and leader at work (in healthcare, in a restaurant, even in fast food or in retail), be sure to follow the above tips.