How To Deal With Angry People: [15 Best Strategies And Tips]

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to deal with angry people.

How often do you encounter people who easily go ballistic or act like a crazy machine mowing down everything in their path?

When people easily lose their cool, you can take some of the following 15 strategies to deal with them:

How To Deal With Angry People:

1. Stay calm and composed

Anger is a normal part of people’s lives.

When you encounter angry people, you shouldn’t let it get to you.

Breathe deeply if you do encounter extremely angry people, speak in a calm voice, and find out what’s causing the other person to feel distraught.

2. Put yourself in the angry person’s shoes

Anger may stem from many things.

The angry person may have had a difficult or traumatic childhood, or may have experiences physical or emotional pain inflicted by another person, like an immediate family member.

Try to understand the triggers or causes of the anger.

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3. Do not antagonize

Losing your temper when dealing with a very angry person is a no-no.

Do not antagonize the angry person by losing control and uttering negative statements.

It will only worsen things. Use tact and patience, instead, when dealing with irate customers (1).

4. Maintain eye contact

Most people who are angry are focused on the reactions of the person they are airing their sentiments to.

Maintain eye contact so as not to be regarded as rude or unfeeling; speak in a calm voice, and then try to handle the situation in the most civil way.

5. Find ways to reduce conflict

Try not to meet anger with anger and other negative emotions, like criticizing, using expletives, or stonewalling.

If the angry person is a family member or close friend who acknowledges her anger issues, email him tips on anger management along with a kind message.

6. Avoid humiliating the angry person

If a family member easily blows his/her fuse, one thing you should avoid is to make humiliating statements or making false assumptions.

Avoid labeling.

7. Avoid statements that provoke

Avoid uttering profanities or sarcastic remarks. Instead, use phrases or questions that show the other party some respect.

Most angry people may be letting out steam due to stress or frustrations.

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8. Show reassurance and affirmation

Most people need to be reassured and affirmed.

It’s important to understand why a person is angry, and once you learn the reasons, offer some reassurance and affirmation.

9. Get professional help

There are cases of extremely angry persons who have violent tendencies. In such circumstances, get professional help.

You need to prevent harm that may come to you or your other family members arising from such violent outbursts.

10. Remember that it’s not about you

Most angry people are simply expressing themselves for needs that have been unmet, like being dissatisfied with service.

If you are a frontline staff serving that angry customer, don’t take it personally. Instead, explore what has caused the anger or disappointment and find ways to help.

11. Offer a shoulder to lean on

If one or two of your immediate family members is given to angry tirades, understand why they may be feeling constantly angry (2).

Are their career aspirations and dreams fading away? Are money issues or medical problems troubling them?

Converse with them to learn gradually the reasons for the angry outbursts, and reach out to support.

12. Embrace anger

If both you and your partner have become incessantly angry or prone to flying into a rage, the best thing to do about it is to open up.

Acknowledge physical or psychological problems and, if necessary, seek professional help.

Find out your unmet needs and find ways to deal.

13. Reinforce proper behavior

When a person flies into a rage, he or she may do things on the spur of the moment, like throwing things, shouting, or mouthing expletives.

When the person calms down, show through your body language and the right choice of words that that is the more appropriate behavior.

14. Move with the person to another physical location

One way of dealing with an angry person/customer is to convince that person to go with you to another physical location like a corner of the store or your office.

A change in behavior may occur with such a move.

After the details of the complaint or angry outburst is known, shift to another mind-calming topic.

15. Respect the person’s point of view

A good way to deal with the anger of a person with normally astute reasoning ability is to show some respect for his/her point of view.

Offer solutions to remedy problems.

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