How To Become a Well Rounded Person In 17 Foolproof Ways

This article has everything you need to know about how to become a well rounded person.

Many people want the benefits of being well-rounded in all aspects of their lives.

Finding the right path to becoming a more well-rounded person can be a challenge, but by actively following your interests, expanding your experiences and continuing your education, you can become a more well-rounded person.

How To Become a Well Rounded Person:

1. Allow yourself to enjoy the sights and sounds of the world around you.

One of the best ways to become a more well-rounded person is to nurture your curiosity by allowing yourself to explore the world around you. Traveling, as well as exploring new cuisines and activities, can help you broaden your views and see things from new perspectives.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can allow you to grow as a person and broaden your views.

2. Experiment with new interests.

Trying new things that interest you or that someone asks you to participate in can broaden your horizons and diversify your experience. Even if you don’t ultimately enjoy an activity, you’ll have more knowledge and flexibility than you did before you started it.

You could take part in creative activities such as painting, dancing or making music; learn a new sport or just play a social game; or pursue a hobby such as bird watching or coin collecting.

Be willing to try new things, even if they don’t seem appealing at first. If a buddy invites you to see a science fiction movie, go to it, even if you’re not a fan of the genre. Seeing something through another person’s eyes can give you a fresh perspective on it.

3. Get involved in your community or neighbourhood.

Getting involved in your neighbourhood or local area, for example through politics, can expose you to a wide range of people and perspectives. Coming into contact with different viewpoints in your community can help you develop as a more well-rounded person.

Consider participating in the politics of several political parties to ensure that you are exposed to as many viewpoints and opinions as possible.

If someone starts talking about something you are not familiar with, resist the urge to leave. By staying longer, you may learn something fresh that will help you grow.

4. Travel as much as possible.

You can learn an incredible amount from different places, especially other nations and cultures. Travelling exposes you to different views, history and points of view, which makes you more well-rounded.

Travelling will teach you that the world, even if it’s just a local city, is multi-faceted, and that you too can gain new perspectives.

Travelling to other countries is the best way to see things from different perspectives, but local travel is also a great way to do this. If you live on the east coast of the United States, for example, you may be shocked to learn that the lifestyle on the west coast is completely different, which can help you change your perspective on how you live your life.

When travelling, try to get off the established route. Sticking to well-known tourist spots can perpetuate preconceptions or reduce the value of seeing a new area.

5. Experiment with new foods.

When you have the opportunity, try different foods and cuisines. Trying new cuisines and flavours can help you appreciate different cultures and people, and improve your health.

It is easy to try different foods and cuisines if you live in a city. Walking around the city, you can discover eateries from all over the world.

If you don’t live in a city, try preparing dishes from other parts of the world. You can often find recipes in cookbooks or on websites that are simple to prepare at home.

You can also use napkins, cutlery and other accessories that match the dishes you are tasting

6. Meet new people.

Everyone has their own unique point of view and opinions, shaped by life experiences. Meeting new people and learning new things can help you become more flexible. 

To meet new people, you must first recognise that your point of view is not the only and correct one.

Meet people of all colours, ethnicities, ages, socio-economic and faith groups, as well as people with disabilities.

You can ask new people you meet about their opinions and what influences them.

The more you talk to others, the more effective you will be at doing so, which will make you more well-rounded.

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7. Become a volunteer or give a helping hand to others.

Simple acts of compassion and helping others can open you up to many new experiences. Volunteering can help you see things from a different perspective and broaden your horizons.

Consider volunteering in a kitchen or hospital. This can not only result in more good feelings, but also conversations that will help you learn.

Even helping friends and relatives can help you become a more well-rounded individual. Do you know someone who has a sick family member or a child with special needs, for example? If so, you could offer to look after the child or run errands for that family.

8. Continue your education.

Educating yourself by studying or using a wide range of sources is an important part of becoming more well-rounded. You cannot grow or develop without educating yourself, and expanding your education will help you become more well-rounded.

You can use many sources to educate yourself. Taking courses, reading books or major newspapers, watching documentaries or even just talking to another person can give you new knowledge that will help you grow.

9. Enrol in courses or other forms of continuing education, such as distance learning.

Take courses, attend lectures or further your professional training to continue your education and training throughout your life. Developing your intellectual abilities will expose you to different viewpoints and help you develop as a well-rounded person.

Courses, lectures, seminars or other forms of continuing education can be attended in person or online. Many institutions now offer public courses or lectures online, and you can even use an online learning platform such as Udemy (1).

The training and development that occurs through practical experience can also be very beneficial in terms of expanding your knowledge and skills.

10. Use a variety of media and information sources.

Reading a variety of magazines will give you exposure to different points of view. This can help you develop as a person and become versatile.

Use a variety of sources such as newspapers, magazines, websites and books. Documentaries are a great way to familiarise yourself with fresh material.

Even 20 minutes of reading each day can have a significant impact on your knowledge base.

Make sure that the sources you read represent different points of view. To learn all sides of an issue or debate, read something from a liberal politician or news source and then read something from a conservative politician or news source.

11. Visit a museum or cultural institution.

Visiting museums and cultural institutions can give you new experiences and knowledge. Museums and cultural institutions, whether you visit them in person or online, can help you become a more well-rounded person.

Every museum or cultural centre has something to offer, but you should visit one that allows you to explore your interests and curiosity.

If you are unable to visit a museum that interests you, check to see if it has a website. Most museums now have websites where you can preview their collections.

Keep up to date with information about new exhibitions at local museums so you don’t miss anything that might pique your interest.

12. Expand your perspectives and ideas.

Expand your views and perspectives based on new experiences and knowledge. The ability to integrate these aspects into your life demonstrates versatility.

When integrating new knowledge and experiences, keep the bigger picture in mind and focus on building a well-rounded perspective.

Recognise that you don’t have to agree with every person’s point of view. You can choose which of their views you prefer based on what you have discovered in your learning.

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13. Focus more on your life than on your work.

If you are happy with your personal life, chances are you will also be happy with your work life. Find time to spend with family and friends so that your ability to concentrate at work is not harmed.

Keep a consistent schedule at work and at home. If possible, come to and leave work at the same time each day. Make sure you leave time in your schedule for overtime work, as well as some personal time for a long lunch or a walk.

14. Delight in your work.

You cannot be truly successful or achieve harmony in your professional and personal life (2) if you do not love what you do.

If you don’t like your work, it will feel like a chore. You will be more likely to be sloppy in your tasks and not make any effort that would help you achieve anything more in your career.

15. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Changing your career or personal path to achieve success and happiness requires taking some risks. However, this does not mean that you should make rash choices; rather, you should take moderate risks.

Take balanced risks rather than risks that could jeopardise your career or personal life.

16. Take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you don’t take care of your physical and mental health, you won’t be well-rounded. Learn to focus only on yourself sometimes. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and increase your endorphins and energy levels.

A short walk twice a day can help you prevent job burnout by refreshing your body and mind.

In a world where mobile phones, email and social media make it easy to reach us, time alone is key to staying healthy by reducing the amount of information we have to absorb on a daily basis.

17. Take breaks and holidays.

Taking time out from work, whether it’s 10 minutes a day or an entire holiday, is also crucial to productivity. Time off relaxes you, prevents job burnout and can help you focus on your goals.

Take time out during the day to relax. These will allow your mind and body to relax and rejuvenate.

Make annual holidays a priority to help you recharge. While a ten-minute walk or run during the workday can help you relax, an annual leave where you completely disconnect from work can rejuvenate your body and mind.

If you don’t get paid leave, take a weekend trip instead of a paid holiday.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to become a well rounded person. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.