How To Turn Failure Into Success And Learn From Your Mistakes


Today you’re going to learn how to turn failure into success.

People who strive for something and have a specific goal, undertake certain actions towards achieving this goal. These activities, however, can bring different results: positive, negative or lack thereof. Once on the cart, once under the car, I would like to say. However, you can turn the fiasco in favor. To do this, it is necessary to realize something.

And what do you need to realize? Each failure carries important information and teaches us. Proper insight into mistakes and failures gives the opportunity to change the state of affairs. For this, however, you need a proper mental and emotional attitude. This is the hallmark of successful people who, despite their stumbles, keep going, achieving the results they wanted from the beginning.

Interestingly, everyone is able to break through and use failure in their own favor. There is no such thing as a group of the chosen ones to be successful. Everyone has a chance to succeed. And it’s worth keeping. One should only look at failure in a different way.

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How To Turn Failure Into Success

Use your defeat and do not let the defeat use you

We can define success in various ways – for everyone it means something else. Regardless of what we want to achieve and what is most important to us, one thing is certain. We are emotional beings, and so in successes and failures, emotions can overwhelm thinking. When we respond to success, we enjoy, smile, shout joyfully, jump, and have a lot of positive energy in general.

This is okay, because positive energy does not cause disturbances, but it has a positive and motivating effect. It stimulates us. And after the first recuperation of joy, we usually start to think specifically about the next goal and eagerly take on new challenges. No wonder that such a state is happy.

Interference causes failure. When we did not succeed, we start to panic, think in a negative way and misunderstand ourselves. Frustration, anger, disappointment or regret are the most common emotions that come with failures. We are so “tuned” that it is better not to approach us. We also have enough and often say to ourselves that “I will never take it again” or “I never get away”. Often the failures that happen to us are the cause of total surrender.

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Falling into the vortex of negative emotions, we do not think rationally. These negative emotions obscure common sense. Overwhelmed by negative emotions, we do not want to think too much about failure so as not to increase our own sense of guilt. We try to displace negative thoughts in order to minimize the already nasty internal state. We give up and we do not want to come back to it. We run away, leaving it behind.

Meanwhile, this critical moment in which it would seem that everything is lost is also the best moment to turn 180 °. This is the moment in which we can decide what defeat means to us. Will we give in to her, will we accept her and look at what information she brings with her? Of course, the second option is more reasonable. By accepting failure, we have the opportunity to use it for our good and success. I warn you that it does not automatically mean that by accepting defeat, we will start jumping for joy. We will probably still feel less well, but we will not be apathetic, incapable of making decisions and actions. Anger at what happened when it is targeted and used for creative action to reverse this state of affairs can change everything. A transformation will take place then.

Anger, being the starting point, it gradually turns into joy. It’s like moving from cold to warmth. The reason for this is the proverbial raise of the glove again. It improves well-being and does not deprive anyone of a good opinion about themselves. High self-esteem remains, without drowning us in the depths of negativism.

Therefore, it is forbidden to allow the presence of negative emotions and thoughts on failure. Of course, it’s worth giving out to those emotions somewhere. Of course, without hurting anyone or anything. Suppressed emotions are not healthy for a human in any way. Sooner or later, the effects of suppressing them will make you aware of yourself. And it will not be pleasant. They should be “shaken” of themselves. Also let them stay for a while, only that it does not last longer than it is needed. However, after mastering it is good to take a look at what really happened. And make the flick of a flick in the nose without being used. It’s better to do the opposite and get her to work in your own favor.

How to use failure?

When “the water stops”An important part of the process, which is to turn the fate into a more advantageous one, is to accept the fact that if the failure took place, it happened for a purpose. Perhaps it was a signal that it was going in the wrong direction? Maybe the end goal is wrong and it is not really something that a person really wants and wants somewhere else in the depths of himself? Or maybe you were not prepared enough to take action?

It could also be that everything was going too fast and at some point something happened in order to stop the man and learn something so that in the future he would bear the burden of success and be able to maintain it. The reasons may be different and insightful look at failure, analysis, give an answer. It can be done by anyone who has not been able to pull it down and instead take it and face it.

Failure is a lesson. And it does not show that everything is lost, only that something is wrong. If something is wrong, it means that there was also a mistake somewhere. And this error should be removed. She throws out what needs to be changed, corrected or eliminated. Looking at it in a different way, one can say that it helps us find the right solutions and directs us to the right track. The fact that it is painful and often unpleasant, but it is up to us to decide whether we give it up or use it. I can even suggest the statement that failure is a test for the brave. She tests a man and checks to what extent he is ready for his success. If a man succumbs to the first defeat, it means he is not ready yet. A good term for failure will be: the obstacle course. The winner will be the one who runs this track and reaches the finish line,

Success consists in moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.- Winston Churchill

These wise words of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain speak a lot. It is true that to success we go from failure to failure. It is not always light, easy and convenient.  Sometimes it is difficult and unbearable. As people, we have our moments of weakness and sometimes we think about giving up on what we intend to achieve. It’s normal, it happens.  We are not robots; we think and feel. Only that it depends on us whether we will recover from these weaknesses. In each of us lies the seed of the winner, so success is possible for everyone.

I encourage you not to treat your failure as a final judgment. Failure is a valuable guideline for you. It informs you that you need to look at something before moving on. Therefore, look at what she tells you. It may indicate that your actions do not bring the desired results and it is time to change them. It may also tell you that your goal is not what you want 100%. Or maybe you have to learn something by the way?

As I wrote earlier, the reasons may be different. As we have different goals, we undertake various activities and aim only at known directions, locating the cause of failure should be considered individually. For a conscious person, this will not be a problem. He knows that failure is not the end of history and knows that it gives better opportunities to continue the adventure. Such a man knows more, understands and has more experience. Wisdom and experience are irreplaceable and one of the most important ingredients of success. So do not be afraid of failure, use it.