How To Stop Worrying About Everything: [Awesome 20 Ways]

If you’re looking for some strategies on how to stop worrying about everything, then you’ll love this article. Now let’s begin!

How To Stop Worrying About Everything:

1. Compile Your Worries into a List

People often encounter worries in groups.

Instead of coming just one problem across your mind, other related problems and thoughts will start nagging at you.

If things like this happen to you, write all your worries on a paper and not in your mind.

Writing them will help you reduce your worried thoughts in different ways.

You will be forced to confront and catalog your worries.

You will rationalize them and group them into smaller sections until you are down into one core problem.

Writing them in the paper will help you visualized the list of items that is worrying you.

They’ll seem to become smaller on paper and you will feel better about whatever it is you are facing.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

A lot of people will tell you this, and it’s even an obvious advice.

But imposing yourself to work on thing while you are worried will help you to make your thoughts go away.

The key is to occupy your hands and your mind with just anything that will drive you away from your problems.

It’s more efficient if the thing you are going to do requires your focus and concentration.

You can get busy with a movie or maybe you can start playing mobile games on your phone until you’re are lost with it.

With the right thing to do, you will surrender in a matter of moments and your worries will slip away.

3. Stop Criticizing Yourself

If we continue to look for what is missing in our life, then we will never be happy.

We will always be looking at our mistakes and worry of about just anything that comes to our mind. We need to feel content with what we have now.

To stop us from worrying, we need to appreciate ourselves and let ourselves know that we are enough and what we have in us is enough.

Whenever there is a negative voice that comes out, we should not react to it. Listen but do not react.

Don’t interact with the voice or try to replace it with something positive.

Saying you love yourself can change your perception and stop you from criticizing yourself.

4. Don’t Take Your Thoughts Seriously

The voices inside our thoughts is loud, repetitive, habitual, negative and involuntary.

Sometimes these thoughts are just there to bug us and annoy us. When you experience things like this, take a seat, listen to them like you are judging them.

When you see it as a noise, then it must be just a nuisance. Don’t take this kind of thoughts seriously or as the truth.

If they are just loud noises that don’t seem to be so important, just leave them.

You need not worry about noises, but you need to ignore them.

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5. Realize that Most of The Things You Worry Never Happen

How many of the things you got worried about is real or have ever happened?

Maybe a few of them.

Most of the things we worry about are things that never happened to us.

Often times we overthink about just everything.

We over think that we have become too fat from eating a bar of chocolate or a slice of cake.

We overthink that our boss will fire us from submitting a wrong report.

We often think of the worse things in advance and we begin to worry.

It may not be very easy to avoid, but overthinking can be stopped if you stop doubting yourself.

Believe that whatever you do will have a positive outcome. Don’t dwell on what has never happened yet.

6. Ask Yourself If The Problem Can Be Solved

When we face a problem we often say, ‘I can’t do it’.

We immediately surrender and just start worrying about something we think has no solution.

In reality, things can be solved, or somehow be given a solution.

We must know how to distinguish a solvable problem and unsolvable worries.

If the thing you are worried about is something that happened to you or is currently happening, then it is solvable.

But if you are worrying about something that is a “what if”, then probably it has no solution.

You can solve something that has not happened yet.

You can give a solution to problems you currently face but your doubts about the future cannot be resolved yet.

7. Meditate

If you constantly worry, maybe it is the time that you meditate.

When we are filled with thoughts and anxiety (1), we always tend to worry.

Meditation will help to dissolve the voices that make us worry.

Meditate every day for the greatest benefit even just for a minute or two. It will help you to focus on what really matters.

8. Breathe

Like meditation, you need to breathe.

This is to calm you and helps you to forget your worries.

When you breathe, you breathe out your worries and helps clear your mind.

Focus on your inhale coming up and let go of your exhale.

Focus on the partial break until your next breath.

Keep on doing this simple process of watching your intake of air come and go, as it naturally does.

If the voice in your mind is becoming too much, just focus on your breathing pattern and that whispering will begin to tone down.

9. Workout

Physical Activities or Exercise is one activity that is scientifically proven to increase the levels of serotonin inside brain and make you feel happy.

You will feel better when you exercise and you will have your thoughts diverted to your routine instead of your worries.

Even a simple walk can clear your mind and separate yourself from your worries.

10. Be Gentle With Yourself

You need not be hard on yourself.

When you have done something that you think is not right or not good enough, don’t worry too much.

If you are trying to reach a goal, try starting small.

Do it gradually and if possible, break it down into smaller chunks.

This way you can manage it properly without forcing yourself to do so.

11. Be Patient

Patience will get you a long way. We worry because of us becoming impatient.

We worry that we won’t be able to reach our goals when we have not given ourselves the ample time to reach it. the same when we worry.

Be patient and it will pass, be patient and your head will clear of worries.

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12. Talk To Someone About Something Else

Yes, we love to talk to other people especially if we have problems and we worry so much.

But as we know, worrying is not good, neither it is healthy.

Try to talk to someone about something else.

Talk about how your day was, your vacation if they have seen the new movie or met someone interesting.

Avoid talking about your problem or the things that worry you.

People don’t like to listen to them. They will give you advises but it is still up to you how to resolve your problems.

Stop worrying and talk about something else.

13. Disconnect from Your Gadgets

There’s a time that we don’t need gadgets to relax us.

Sometimes looking at them can make us worry more.

The fact that today’s lifestyle revolves around technology, using gadgets always can trigger us to worry.

When we see our laptops and phones, we often remember the emails we need to answer, the work that’s needed to be done.

When we are with our gadgets, we are often stressed out and we worry a lot.

Even the news we watch and read on the internet can trigger us to worry (2).

So it’s good to let go of our gadgets sometimes and just enjoy a worry-free time.

14. Have A Designated “Worry Time”

Yes, a worrying time exists. If you really can’t stop worrying, then give yourself the right time to worry.

You should not practice worrying just anytime you want.

Set aside the thoughts that you think will make you worry and concentrate on the present.

If you can make a part of your afternoon as worry time then it will be the time not to literally worry, but to brainstorm on how to give a solution to your problems.

Your worry time will give you the time to reduce your worried thoughts and continue the day without worrying.

15. Talk to Someone Who Can Help You With Your Problems

We can share our thoughts with our friends and family but not everyone can give you a good advice to stop worrying about your problem.

Talk to someone who knows can help you and not just listen to you.

If you have problems with your boss, do not ask advice from your co-worker.

You can ask a friend you know who experienced the same as you do and exchange thoughts.

That way you can help each other to resolve your problems.

Choose the right person you can comfortably share your problem with.

16. Focus on the Small Steps You can do to Move Forward

If you want to stop worrying, take the smaller steps to get out of the worry zone.

Start making actions and solve problems that worry you.

Remember, you cannot finish them all, so you better start with something small.

Improve yourself and later on, you will see that one small step can make a big difference.

17. Stop When You can’t think Straight

Not all the time we have to worry.

Also, it’s not all the time that we can give a solution to all our problems.

There are also times that you want to solve your problems but you can’t think straight.

Stop yourself then.

The more you force yourself, the more you become agitated and stressed.

If you can’t think straight, just stop. Relax and clear your mind.

This will give you time to clear your head and reset. If you have it, then you can start brainstorming again.

18. Spend More Time in the Present Moment

The things that make us worry the most are the things we did in the past and the things we think we will do in the future.

We worry that what we haven’t done in the past would greatly affect the future.

Yes, it’s true.

It has an effect, but it does not mean you have worry about all these things. Live in the present, cherish the moment.

Do not worry the past, it is done. Do not worry about the future, it is yet to come.

19. Challenge Your Worry Thoughts

It’s not only you who should be affected, your thoughts as well.

Ask your thoughts, are the things you worry about is something you have to worry? Is it true or not? What’s the positive and realistic way can you look at the situation?

Put yourself in your friend’s shoes and think how he will handle it.

You need to challenge your worry thoughts. If it can affect you greatly, then don’t worry.

20. Understand That You Are Not Perfect

No one is perfect and that’s reality.

No person in the world who does not worry.

Even the evilest of the people worry if they are still powerful enough to dominate.

There will be a time that you will worry but you need not be hard on yourself.

Understand that you are just human and you are not perfect.

You will experience at some point in your life, you are going to worry.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to stop worrying about everything. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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