How To Reset Yourself Mentally: [In-Depth Guide For Tired People]

In this new article you’ll learn how to reset yourself mentally.

The feeling of exhaustion is declared by 75 million working Americans, and at least 1 million of them are diagnosed with a disease called chronic fatigue syndrome. For the others, another term was coined: tired all the time.

Fatigue is a serious problem. Tired people put more effort into everything they do, so it’s a never-ending cycle of effort and a waste of energy.

And the worst part is that when you go to the doctor with this, the doctor will probably look tired as well. The doctor will ask you: “who is not tired?” and send you back for basic research.

The research shows that everything is fine, which is also frustrating because nothing is right, because you are still tired of even the basic activities.

You can find fatigue not only in yourself and other people, but also in animals.

For example, a circus comes to your city: wild cats, elephants, bears, camels. All these wild animals have something to do with you.

They are tired of the perpetual noise, the constant change of location and the lack of space to run, poor quality food and constant work for human income.

So, to sum up, the animal has left its natural terrain to live and lives on principles that evolution has not adapted them to – they are constantly stressed or intimidated by such a lifestyle.

Now ask yourself, “How do you reset such an animal so that it no longer becomes tired?” Well, you have to let a wild cat be a wild cat, you have to let the organism find itself in the place and circumstances into which it evolved.

The metaphor of wild, weary animals in the circus is obviously a metaphor for a man placed in times for which he was not made.

If you want to reset and stop being tired then you have to look at your genes and ask yourself “what are you made for?” I will answer this question in this article.

How To Reset Yourself Mentally:

1. Noise

The first thing is noise and its effect on life.

Hearing is active around the clock and even when we sleep, it is often the first to alert us to danger. Contrary to appearances, hearing is a very sensitive sense, and its organ – the ear is susceptible to damage, not only sudden damage.

More or less noise accompanies us from the morning – a barking dog, a walking washing machine, a dishwasher. If you open the window you will hear all the sounds from the street. On the way to work or school, in a car or bus, on a crowded road in traffic jams. Often also at work, in an office building full of people or on a construction site.

As in a wild cat listening to screaming children all day long, it will tire. Likewise, a person bombarded with sounds of varying intensity and source will be tired.

Contrary to appearances, a sound that you cannot see or feel, can have a very strong and destructive effect on the human body. It affects not only the hearing organ itself, but also the entire physical system and mental health.

Noise is a stress factor.

Not only does it cause irritability and problems with concentration, but it stimulates the secretory system to produce stress hormones, adrenaline, nor adrenaline and cortisol.

The brain still thinks that we are in the savannah and any noise can signal a threat. Interestingly, depending on the intensity and origin of the noise, the increased production involves a specific hormone.

When the noise is known, for example in the workplace, and does not exceed ninety decibels, nor is adrenaline released.

When noise is previously unknown to us, the production of adrenaline increases and a sudden and unexpected sound with a volume of over 120 decibels causes a cortisol discharge.

Such disturbances in the production of hormones can affect the entire body. There are problems with the circulatory system, such as an increase in blood density and blood pressure, as well as an increase in sugar levels, which can disrupt metabolism.

People who come into contact with noise for a long time often have high blood pressure. The risk of hypertension increases when the daytime noise level exceeds 65 decibels.

High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. This risk increases in people who are exposed to noise for a long time, especially in men.

In order for the body to function properly after a day of activity and dealing with noise, time is needed to recover. Its best form is sleep, which affects not only the body but also the mind.

Proper sleep is the successive cycles of deep sleep and dreams. The fact that the majority of society is exposed to noise even at night and sleep is already affected by sounds of more than 30 decibels does not help.

2. Food

The second thing is digesting your food.

People going to the gym and gaining mass know it best – they have to eat a very large amount of food in terms of volume, so after a while it is simply tiring. In order to digest food, the body must initially invest energy in it.

New food patterns are constantly being developed: five or eight meals, which is basically invented by culture and not out of biological need. The food industry has to sell this whole food hypermarket, which is why new templates are constantly being created so that we eat as many meals as possible.

We appeared as a rational man about 200,000 years ago and this environment dictated our conditions – what we would eat, that is our diet, not ourselves. Either you ate what was available or you voted. At worst, you were dying.

If you bombard your body with a lot of food that it needs to present and you don’t give it a moment to rest, it’s no wonder that the organs and the brain will be tired.

Fasting is very healthy.

Eating in the 16 hours rest and eight hours eating regimen is made for us because the body can digest, clean itself, rest and prepare for digestion.

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3. Work

The third thing is the hard work culture. Slave mentality.

You’ve probably seen it with your parents when they start renovating the apartment instead of resting, or they tell you that you will sleep your whole life and have to get up to work. Just for the job.

This is a very serious problem. That is, underestimating the rest.

If you study or work a lot, you need rest. Even the muscles you work out in the gym grow while you sleep and rest.

The knowledge you acquire is consolidated while you sleep and rest. Rest is a game changer for all areas of life. After all, it allows for easier focus, reflexes, and more adequate reactions. It’s easier to make decisions and remember new things. Short-term memory problems are much less.

Working for the sake of work means that just as a wild cat works in a circus for a man, we become our own perpetrator. A self- flagellator in the pursuit of nothing.

It is worth noting that the animal in its natural environment will rest after the challenge, because it is an element of preparation for the next challenge.

4. Walking

The fourth thing is walking.

Walking and human existence are inextricably linked. Friedrich Nitsche wrote that he did not trust the words appearing in his mind when the body was not moving, because such thoughts could not be healthy or vital.

Walking actually made it possible for man to conquer the entire world. And combined with the fact that we sweat through the skin, i.e. cool the body, it allowed us to catch up with the animal over a long distance and eat it.

The fact that people who regularly walk or play sports complain of fatigue much less often than those who avoid exercise is obvious. It has been proven in research. The body is better appreciated and nourished, and thus works better.

The problem comes when your only walk is from apartment to car. Then the whole organism, which is made to work while walking, becomes disturbed. Walking is rooted in thinking.

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6. Closed rooms

The sixth thing is to be indoors.

A man, like a wild cat, needs terrain just to walk on it and show dominance. For example, space is related to the feeling of freedom, and freedom gives a sense of security and psychological freedom.

There is no case here that when fall or winter begins, depression or other illnesses recur. When you spend most of the time in one room, in one position, your body, including your brain, feels like a cage, just like that wild cat in the circus.

If you feel that it is immoral to keep a cat in a small cage and it hurts him, then why are you locking yourself up to your own freedom. Good question that you have to ask yourself.

7. Stimulants

The last thing is to poison yourself with everything you love – alcohol, coffee or energy drinks. It is literally poison for the body.

The organism realizes that a foreign substance has entered it. This is because alcohol or caffeine is treated by the body. It begins to break it down to get rid of the unwanted substance as quickly as possible.

If artificial arousal is part of your habits, you are not arousing yourself at all, but poisoning yourself regularly. How the body is to be refreshed when it is constantly fighting poison, for which it must additionally spend energy.


Imagine you have energy in your body, but instead of using it to live you are using it to fight the world. No wonder you are tired when you live in noise, your only walk is from home to your car, you don’t take breaks from eating, you are your own self- flagellator, or you abuse masturbation.

To reset, you have to try to go back to habits that are closer to what you have in your DNA than to what culture is trying to squeeze into us.

I would recommend spending 1-2 days in a forest environment, away from things that waste your energy.

Thank you for reading this article about how to reset yourself mentally and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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