How To Overcome Boredom And Make Your Day Exciting: 6 Surefire Tips

If you want to know how to overcome boredom, you’ll love this article. One of the problems of this century is boredom. That feeling when everything just cant make you stand up and you have no desire to do anything because everything just looks not interesting and it actually gets tiring doing those things.

Boredom has a lot of effects in your life and even before you know it it may destroy a lot of what you enjoy in life. Slowly it can introduce in your life the static element of non-existentiality, your wife starts to not kiss you when you come back from work, your kids don’t ask question anymore because they see you with no energy, your friends will stop asking you out in town because you became somehow in the last few months, weeks or year a party destroyer.

Your boss will not make jokes with you and your colleagues will stop engaging in conversations with you because you are all negative and grey. These are the general effects of boredom, in other cases of boredom it might be even worse or maybe better.

In the next few pages I will present a few steps on how to overcome boredom and why causes it.

How To Overcome Boredom

1. Routine:

Is defined as a sequence of actions regularly followed. Every day you are doing the same things as yesterday and even before you do some of them you know what to expect from the next day and the day after and so on.

Having a routine is not that bad, but like all things in life, what is too much becomes too bad, because no matter how good can a routine organise you or a program, you must not become dependent on that schedule or get stuck in routine. This is our problem in this century because nowadays everyone looks for a more globalized order in society which can become addicting and corosive for our spirit.

It depends on every human being to put away boredom and live your life even in routine, because many people learn to adapt and they live an active life even if they do the same thing over and over again, but they always find a new way to spend their day at work or at college or at any place they are supposed to go or work.

2. Lack of interest:

We live in an era of information, and everything is meant to be interesting, otherwise is worthless reading or doing stuff that are not interesting. When did we became so addicted to the idea of interesting and who gets to define interesting? The answer is of course media. In the last decades we are told what to wear, what to do, what to feel, what to love, what to hate, what is interesting, what is not interesting, who we should avoid and so on.

If we take a person that grew up in this era of media kingdom and my grandfather, I will hear him say: “so what if they say that’s a sad topic, live your life and go swimming today, no matter what the others say about water or that swimming is not a thing today or anything they say”.

What got my attention from my grand father words are not his arguments about swimming, swimming is just a random example, but this phrase : “live your life”, and that is what we should always do, live our lives and not others life, because if we always do what others say it means we live how they want and that is not living your life, but theirs.

Getting to know yourself and what you want and even people around you will eventually lead you to the conclusion that people always wanted and always will want to control others people.

In history you will see example of a lot of people who tried different ways to control people and nowadays it got to the best level. At first people tried to control each other by power, physical power, but that kind of control is risky and temporary and it doesnt guarantee you that that person is controlled.

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In time people realised that if you want to control someone you should control what he receives, as a person so they hided information from him, they told him, even forced him to learn things, but that didn’t work so well, because one day, people started wars for information and freedom of self opinion.

They changed the game in the last century, they put a lot of information to people, so much information that they won’t be able to handle it. In this way people will feel that they have everything they want and what they did after that was to prioritize information, make it look how they wanted to look and a lot of people don’t verify information, don’t doubt it, take it as truth and they go on a dangerous path.

When people realise that they don’t want to live that kind of life that they was introduced to, they start to feel weird, everything seems so pointless and they wonder why are they doing what they are doing, sometimes they cant stop and keep on doing those same things, but with no energy, with no cause, with no desire.

If you don’t want to get bored and realise after you graduate colelge and get a nice job that you don’t want to be a doctor, get yourself better informed of what you are, what you want and who you are.

3. Physical causes.

Maybe some of you will laugh at this one, but hear me out before you laugh, or maybe even after you laugh :)).

When you are hungry, thirsty, sick, too hot or too cold your body enters in a state of protecting itself. This is why you don’t see a lot of sick people jumpind around laughin out loud because of something, they are sick and they will do those things after they will get better.

In life you sould always take care of your body, treat it as the Bible says, like a TEMPLE, because its not yours, it was given to you.

Taking care of yourself will make you a full of energy husband, brother, father, mother and so on. Having breakfast will help you at lunch to have the biggest energy to take in your kids jokes and your wifes question of why is the card broken again, but you know she did something to the car, but you have the energy to just smile, kiss her, and tell her that eveything is going to be fine, because in the end, that is what she wants to hear, she doesnt want to see you coming and say, “the car is broke? Again? What did you do this time?”.

Be a good husband and father, or mother, HAVE BREAKFAST haha :)). It looks like I’m joking but, this is what I know about body health, I follow a program for my own, but I can not explain it so I wont put it in here, I just think that everyone should look out for whats best for him, in the perspective of health and then put it in motion and that will make you a more not bored person.

4. Chaotic life

There are a lot of ways to live your life. You can choose to party your entire life or work your entire life.

In life there is one thing that everyone should seek for, and that is balance. Have balance in everything you do. Working too much, partying too much will put you in an addictive spin and when you will wake up from that spin you will realise that you acted by automatic pilot, not even realising what you did, and even doing those things will lead you at a certain moment to an activity you do but you don’t see why, how, you just do it because you do it, there is no reason, there is no light in your doings.

Having an organised and a good sense of what you are doing in life helps you be more active and more focused on what you arre doing. Not doing the same thing over and over again, switching from work to partying and from partying to readin and so on you will realise that there are too much things in this world to be stuck in a single activity.

In that moment you will be a curious person, you will want to try new things and that is good, this is why we are here, to try, to live, to experience new and old things, not to become a mechanic for the rest of our lives.

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5. Staying in the same place.

Staying in the same place for your life or for the most of it makes you a person that is shocked of how things never change. It makes your perspective limited and limitations to our mind is very harmful in big doses.

Travelling is the perfect cure for this, you don’t need to go to Greece or to places too far away from your place, but don’t just stay there, just go out, take a walk to that beautiful lake you heard that is near you, go there, see the lake, go to the sea once a year, watch the waves hitting the shore, stare at other people walking and enjoying in the water.

6. Yourself!

I put this at last because this is the most difficult to aproach. There are moments in your life when you become your own boredom cause, when you trip yourself.

The cause of why we do that is unknown for most of us, because we don’t know ourselves.

When you fully know yourself well, you know why you have some reaction to what is happening arround you and you know how to deal with yourself, but when you don’t know who you are and what you are, you will start to see that your decisions are not making you happy and what you do in life doesnt get along with what you feel or what you feel is not what you express, and you get bored of what you will call “luck”, get bored of trying again and again to do things that you will see just so hard to do, when in fact you are not getting along with yourself, you cant see that what you do harms you.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to overcome boredom. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.