How To Make Your Life Better And Happier: (New 5-Step Guide)

If you want to know how to make your life better and happier, you’ll love this article.

It focuses on five simple things that will make your whole life better. They’re simple to do.

It’s not long, you should be able to read it in about ten minutes. Read it a couple of times before you start putting the ideas into practice.

This text has a simple message. There’s no complicated actions that need doing, but you should get in the routine of following the steps every day. The more often you do these then the better your life will be.

If you repeat an action every day for at least a week then you will find it has become a habit. You need therefore just will power for a week to change your life forever.

Everyone can do this. It’s simple. You’ll enjoy these simple steps.

If you would like to have a go at making your life better then this is an easy way to make a start. The action plan is simple and for the most part involves a little thinking.

There will be some written work required of you, but it is simple and requires nothing more than pen and paper.

Following the actions will take about ten minutes a day.

Would you like your life to be so much better for just ten easy minutes a day?

How To Make Your Life Better And Happier:

1. Accept who you are.

Accept your mistakes and move on. Nod to the past, but look to the future.

This means accepting your weaknesses and dealing with them. Plan to improve the skills you need to overcome any weaknesses you feel you have. Educate yourself if that will help.

Don’t dwell on the things you’ve done wrong in your life. Plan to do things right in the future.

If you remember something you’ve done that upsets you, then you could look at taking steps to make up for whatever things you consider so heinous.

If you have hurt people, then saying sorry can help.

If you have been rude then apologising can help.

If you have been unkind then trying to be kind in future can help.

You don’t always need to try and repair damage you have done. Sometimes it is ok to step back and move away from something without trying to make amends or heal wounds. This is a decision for you alone to make.

Don’t ever feel forced to dwell on the past. It’s past and you can not change things, only try to make the future better.

As Frank Sinatra once sang: Regrets, I’ve had a few; But then again, too few to mention.

Don’t get bogged down in regrets. Move on. Move towards a better life.

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2. Plan your day.

Every night before you go to bed make notes on what you want to achieve tomorrow (1). Make the list as full or short as you want. But include things you need to do too. Don’t just put in nice things.

You can use any notebook or diary for this.

If you want to plan your work day you can; writing down all the tasks you have to do in the day ahead can be a really interesting way of looking at your day. What jobs spring to mind first: The parts you hate or the bits you love?

Plan any activities you’re going to do outside of work. This gets you start thinking about your non-work life. This is good!

You don’t have to pack your life with exciting trips out to be enjoying time with your family. You can schedule in time on your own to do the hobbies you love.

Scheduling in simple things like catching up on reading, knitting, chatting with friends. This sort of thing is good for you. It boosts your moral and gives you something to look forward to after work.

Have a balance with friends and family that suits you. If you can find time once a month to catch up with your mates, then that’s great.

Book time in advance with friends and make sure you go!

If you have small children then make sure you schedule in time with them during the week too!

Do this planning exercise as close to bedtime as possible. Sit in bed and write it before you nod off.

This process gives your brain the time to work on what you’ve written whilst you’re sleeping and can mean you wake up raring to go to work to get to the nice treats you’ve got lined up for after work.

Plus your brain might come up with brilliant ideas to make the work go by faster!

3. Review your day.

Look back at the day you’ve had. What could you have done better?

Ask yourself: if you could relive the day is there one thing you could change that would have made the day better?

It could be something as simple as smiling and saying hello to the person on the checkout, or ensuring you had the right change for the bus driver in the rush hour.

You can learn a lot from thinking through your actions. Ask yourself whether you were happy with the day just gone.

You don’t need to write this thing down, but sometimes it can be helpful to almost underscore what you’re going to do better next time!

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4. Do not be afraid to bite the heads off frogs on a daily basis!

Metaphorical ones only though! Deal with the things you don’t like doing as early in the day as you can. By taking control and acting on the issue that bothers you, then you are being brave.

Being brave is good!

Make a promise to self-improve to help you deal with the things you don’t like. Read something educational that can help you in those situations.

Research, take an interest in the subjects you’re not keen on. Take part in an online course. Go out of your comfort zone to meet with brilliant people.

Seize opportunities.

If you are frightened of something it is controlling you. Take back the control by tackling it. If there is a person who is rude to you, then smile at them and say hello.

If there is a bit of work you’ve been putting off for ages then get on with it and get it over and done with.

Biting the head off a frog can be tough! But you should aim to do it once a day!

5. Be good to yourself.

By writing lists and preparing yourself for the day ahead, and by reviewing the day you’ve just completed, you’ll start to realise that you need to schedule in good things.

You need to reward yourself (2)! Especially if you’re biting frog’s heads off! ensure you fill your life with the time for good things.

Share time with friends and family. Schedule time to spend with them – don’t just rely on things happening. Plan something nice every day.

You can make this as simple as ensuring you have a coffee break after you’ve done a section of work. Or treat yourself to a new book from the library.

Even simple things like ensuring you get out for a walk in the countryside can be a real treat!

Exercise more and eat well. You are what you eat, so you should aim to eat as healthily as you can, as often as you can. That doesn’t mean cut out all chocolate or give up sugar, but work on improving your diet.

Exercise can really help your brain too! Going for a long walk or a swim can let your brain wander about. All that extra oxygen is good for it too!

So there you are.

Five simple steps that you can do every day to make your life better fast!

Try it for a week!

Thank you for reading this article about how to make your life better and happier. I hope you have found it useful.

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