How To Make Someone Feel Special: (15 Everyday Tips)

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to make someone feel special.

Perhaps you’re attempting to cheer up a mate who is having a tough day. Perhaps you’re attempting to entice someone to love you.

Making somebody feel extra good, in any case, is a simple and successful way to strengthen your relationship, particularly when done with tact.

There are many ways to make others feel unique, all of which are dependent on your friendship with them. There are, though, certain general tips and suggestions that can help everyone feel welcomed.

How To Make Someone Feel Special:

1. Make a happy face.

Smile as you greet your special somebody, and smile more when you’re with her (without faking it). Smiling not only makes you feel better, but it also makes you look better and more optimistic.

It would also communicate to her that you are pleased to see her and are involved in what she has to say.

2. Pay attention.

Pay attention to the details of the person’s existence, such as her interests and what she does at work or college. Take notice of the individuals she references frequently; they are likely to be significant to her in any way.

Don’t mess on the phone or tablet when talking to others. Giving others your undivided attention increases their sense of being seen and valued.

Siblings, parents, grandparents, and good mates are some of the most famous individuals.

She might also bring up pets, kids, or even classmates and coworkers. Know as much as you can about these individuals and their connections to your unique friend.

It’s also better to simply listen rather than give advice.

Avoid doing something like, “I know just how that sounds,” because you really don’t appreciate what she’s going through and that might make her feel worse. Instead, demonstrate sensitivity by being kind and giving attention to the other person’s wishes.

3. Inquire into the person’s background.

Now is an excellent way to review what you’ve heard about your mate. Inquire regarding a particular individual or incident that she brought up the last time you spoke.

Asking questions demonstrates that you are interested in what she does and enjoys. Pay attention to her tales and attempt to recall the specifics. Ask her how things are going the next time you meet.

4. Tell a story from a time when you were young.

Not only would the experience be a pleasant and enjoyable remembrance for you and your mate, but it will also demonstrate that you are aware of her and enjoying your time together.

It may be a childhood flashback or one from the night before. Maybe you spent the whole night talking or doing something insane.

Reminiscing about your time together is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how unique your time with her is.

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5. Slightly contact humans on a regular basis.

Touching has been proven to improve satisfaction and help people feel more social (1). It doesn’t have to be personal. When you first see her and when you say farewell, offer her a hug or a kiss on the back.

Keep in mind that the volume and kind of touching you do depends on the friendship with your special somebody.

When the special one is a significant other versus a peer or family member, there can be somewhat different boundaries.

6. Get to know the guy.

Take careful note of everything she does. Make a list of significant individuals, nostalgic items or locations, and hobbies.

It may be as easy as discovering her beloved drink or sweets. Any of these items may be picked up simply by listening, but some will need observation.

7. Keep the present a treat for the recipient.

Try to keep the present a mystery for the recipient as far as possible. Someone who receives a present that they did not expect or is unaware of may feel very unique.

If you’re bringing them out to a pleasant meal, for example, you might act as if you’re heading to a work event before you arrive.

8. Give a nostalgic gift.

Make something remarkable out of what you’ve heard about her. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or outlandish; just something you realize she enjoys to show her you care.

Giving her a little gift, such as her favorite treat, would make her feel unique and help her relax if she’s had a bad day.

The following are a few examples of positive gifts:

A favourite dish or beverage. This one is simple but effective in making the recipient feel loved.

Anything related to your pal’s favorite football squad. A team uniform, t-shirt, or even game tickets are all great ways to start.

It’s a collectible. Coffee mugs, cards, and a variety of other items are common collectibles. Adding to your friend’s list is a wonderful way to express your concern.

You might even create anything for her. Invite her over and prepare her favorite dinner, or sketch her a portrait.

Make something that proves you think for her with your skills.

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9. Pay anyone a compliment.

Giving a compliment is more complex than giving a tangible present, but it’s a great way to convince her you care.

The following are the most critical tips for offering a positive compliment (2):

Be sincere. Consider what your friend is proud of and repeat the thought. A sincere compliment is more substantive and much more straightforward to produce.

Have your eyes peeled. If your buddy is wearing something different, such as a new wardrobe or dress, now is an excellent time to compliment them.

Complement the nature of the individual. Thank your buddy for doing something good for you and add a line or two to let them realize you think they’re a genuine nice guy. Make an effort to smile when you offer a compliment.

10. Take the person to a specific place.

Perhaps there’s a spot in the woods where she used to go as a child, or her favorite musician is performing in your town next month.

This will not only give you a chance to meet her, but it will also show her that you care for her.

Restaurants, holiday spots, and sports activities are several more good places to visit.

11. Keep in contact.

When you have some free time, call them. If you’re still busy and finding it difficult to make time for each other, set aside some time to chat.

You may also communicate by text or email. Send them posts you think she’d want or things that remind you of her.

Inquire about important individuals in her life. All of this would demonstrate that you are concerned about her and the essential aspects of her life.

Try to follow up on subjects she discussed earlier in your conversation. This demonstrates to her that you recall what she said and that you care sufficiently to inquire about her life.

12. Pay heed to what’s going on on social media.

You’ll have a particular question for her as you speak with her. Comment and like her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts as required. You don’t want to make her nervous or be clingy, so don’t go overboard.

13. Introduce the person to a mate.

If you don’t see her too much but realize she’s searching for friends in her new neighborhood, consider other friends you have in the city.

Introduce the two of them whenever anyone comes to mind. This will not only show that you are thinking of her, but it will also show that you care about her happiness even if you are not dating her.

14. Make plans for the next get-together.

Setting aside days in advance, whether it’s tomorrow or next month, can demonstrate that seeing her is a priority for you.

Planning ahead will motivate you whether you need to save money or take vacation days to meet your significant other.Inquire into her interests and make suggestions that you believe she’ll like.

If you meet her good friends or have mutual friends, try to include them in the planning.This is a simple way to remind her that you care for the ones who matter in her life.

15. Make sure you follow through.

Backing out of plans would make her feel unimportant, and that will erase a lot of the effort you’ve put in to make her feel unique.

If you make arrangements, stick to them! To avoid this, make a note of the next occurrence in your calendar and, if necessary, set reminders.

Put post-it notes on your desk or bathroom mirror, or devise your own method of ensuring you don’t make any more arrangements on the same day or at the same moment.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to make someone feel special. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.