How To Be More Elusive In a Relationship: [10-Step Guide]

This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to be more elusive in a relationship.

Being enigmatic has the potential of being elusive in itself.

The goal of an enigmatic person is to remain beyond the reach of predictability, interpretation or understanding!

There are many ways to build an enigmatic aura around yourself, depending on your hidden goals.

According to research, being seen as mysterious by your peers or colleagues will make you more beautiful and elusively fascinating.

How To Be More Elusive In a Relationship:

1. Use a “less is better” strategy.

While this may be counterintuitive to you, being deliberately ambiguous, vague or ambiguous in your interactions can increase your impression of elusiveness

You don’t have to hide any of your information from your parents, classmates or co-workers, because in a social environment, people always assume that everyone else is just like them.

Take advantage of this by encouraging your partner to be creative to spice up life in the relationship beyond what they already know.

2. Understand the importance of declining invitations.

Accepting or declining an invitation but not an opportunity is the secret to this approach. Tell your partner or friend that you would be happy to accept their proposal at a later date because you currently have plans for that date.

Don’t turn down offers too often, otherwise you’ll come across as cold and distant.

If you have any urgent tasks or errands to run, this will help. It’s also a nicer way to postpone arrangements with anyone, as it’s less blunt (and cold) than simply saying ‘no’.

3. Diversify your focus.

In a group of people, you might consider splitting your attention between different people, which is a very effective tactic to reinforce your elusiveness.

However, you can use your body language to show that you are thinking about something other than the current conversation.

To suggest a diversion, look up subtly without completely losing your line of sight with the interviewer.

Repetitive behaviours such as tapping your toes or cursorily checking your watch often indicate that the other person may be busy with other things.

If you don’t want to offend someone, try to make discreet movements.

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4. Associate with those who have a lot of power.

This is not to suggest that you should leave your group of friends for another group, but you should take the time to form relationships with others who are well-liked in your community.

This will give you the impression that you know a lot of important people, which will only increase your enigmatic status.

If you are asked about your friendship with someone of high status, be secretive or say very little.

5. Use names frequently

Language can have an amazing effect on people, for example making them unable to tear a paper in half with the names of family members written on it.

When you don’t say your name in a discussion, the thing you’re talking about seems hazy and unclear, making it harder for others to understand what you mean.

6. Recognise the difference between avoidance and rudeness.

Being elusive is a strategy to avoid being physically or emotionally exposed, but rudeness is hurtful to some. Your friends may perceive your actions as offensive or rude if you constantly refuse to meet people or disappear during meetings.

Remember that maintaining family ties and relationships takes time and commitment on your part.

7. Create rituals and stick to them.

Rituals have been found to be useful for improving mental health.

People may believe that you have some enigmatic insight into the inner workings of the universe if you perform well on a final exam after performing a routine before the exam.

Get a rabbit’s foot, lucky coin or game piece as a good luck talisman. These are easy to carry with you, are a great discussion starter and can be relaxing to look at or stroke with your fingertips.

Consider making your own specific good luck gesture (1), such as knocking on a stone instead of wood or tapping on a door frame before entering a room.

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8. Have a ‘private calendar’ on your computer.

There’s no point in spending time alone (2) just to appear enigmatic, so be prepared and look for opportunities that will keep you occupied while you wait.

A private calendar is full of activities that are fun but can be put off.

This includes, for example, an activity like a walk in the woods that is adaptable, while the doctor’s appointment you scheduled months in advance is not. If you provide a raincheck, a soft calendar can even be seen as a means of justification.

9. Be aware of your surroundings.

You never know if you might have to run away to keep your enigmatic aura alive among your peers. If you’re spending time in a public place, do some discernment the day before or look up a map online.

That way, if you need to hide quietly, you can hide in a hidden alcove.

Use your knowledge of the area to your advantage.

10. Maintain a large group of associates.

This is a way to surprise others by expanding your influence in unexpected ways. You can express your support by attending less successful sporting activities and making new friends during this time.

Having a large circle of friends will provide you with many ways to invest your time that are compatible with your enigmatic disposition.

To maintain your partnerships, make sure you spend a lot of time with the people in your life.

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